As the Vikings arrive in Paris, Emperor Charles and his daughter prepare to safeguard their city. Photo stills and recap the Vikings season 3, illustration 7, “Paris,” which an initial aired Thursday, April 2 at 10:00pm ET|PT ~ above HISTORY.

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“Paris” began v Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), and also the various other Vikings on their ships, sailing down the Seine and approaching Paris. Ragnar quiet wore Athelstan’s crucifix, maybe as a good luck charm.

Within Paris, the bells rang come alert the city the the Vikings forthcoming arrival. Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau) and his torture met together and were shocked the the Northmen had actually made that this far up the river. Supposedly Count Odo (Owen Roe) had sent warnings to Flanders and other communities to fortify themselves and also block the river, but every one of them refused. Now, the Vikings to be able to proceed to Paris unimpeded. Odo had actually been difficult at job-related preparing the city because that siege, and also stored sufficient food and water to critical them with the summer. Now the salvation and also protection of the city was in his hands. Odo do the efforts to to convince Charles to leaving the city together a precaution, yet he go not desire to abandon the capital.

The Emperor speak briefly v his daughter Gisla (Morgane Polanski) who to be adamant the her father continue to be in Paris to remain with his people. It appeared the Princess wielded rather a little of affect over her father, that went ago to counting Odo come announce his plans come stay. Charles dubbed upon anyone to it is in faithful and courageous in your prayers to God. Odo request if Charles could appeal come his brothers because that help, yet the Emperor refused. He essential to prove himself as more powerful than his brothers. If the Northmen can be defeated, Charles would display himself to it is in a worthy follower to his grandfather Charlemagne. Counting Odo bore a far-ranging weight top top his shoulders.

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SOURCE/Credit: HISTORY/Bernard Walsh
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SOURCE/Credit: HISTORY/Bernard Walsh

The Vikings landed on the shores the the Seine and were setup up camp. Rollo (Clive Standen) led a contingent of Vikings come scout the city’s walls and fortifications. Throughout this investigation, they to be fired upon by Parisian soldiers. The Northmen were able come shield themselves, but had to turn earlier around.

Back in ~ camp, Ragnar toyed through a snake and mouse. He carried Floki come his tent and also expressed just how much the missed Athelstan and how useful the monk would have actually been for the Paris raid. Floki comment by saying since Ragnar had actually Athelstan’s cross, that was choose he was through them. And also they would manage the raid without Athelstan. Ragnar expressed the he necessary Floki and had always believed in him. He then asked Floki to it is in in command the the raid. Together Lagertha, Rollo, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), and also the earls gathered, Floki was quick to practice his new authority.

Rollo proposed that the Vikings launch a simultaneous strike from water and also land. Rollo, Floki, and also Bjorn would lead an attack from the river and also climb the walls right into the city. Floki was then offered the job of building something that would certainly facilitate the climb. Lagertha wanted to lead one more contingent storm the tower and also gates. Kalf (Ben Robson) and also Erlendur (Edvin Endre) wanted to want to sign up with Lagertha, however she to be adamant the she would be able to get the task done.

Afterwards, Bjorn spoke v Torvi (Georgia Hirst). He believed that he took advantage of her, yet Torvi no feel the way. She wasn’t a child…and she took benefit too. Bjorn then provided her a gift…a broach/pendant. Erlendur observed the exchange, ripped the gift indigenous Torvi’s hands, and also called she a whore.

That night Ragnar climbed a hill to gaze in the direction of Paris. As he looked in ~ the city, he clutched Athelstan’s crucifix in his hand. (This was gaining to be an obsession, no?)

The next day, Helga (Maude Hirst) brought Floki food together he worked on an creation to help them climb Paris’ walls, but he to be 100% concentrating ~ above his work. Floki had actually so many responsibilities and he believed the gods were helping him because they were pleased through his sacrifice of Athelstan. Together Floki confessed to the murder, Helga was pretty disturbed and ran away.

In the city, counting Odo knew the Vikings had actually been scouting their defenses and believed an attack was imminent. Charles expressed regret that he did no send Gisla far for she protection, however it seemed she wouldn’t have actually left anyway. Gisla wanted to be in Paris through her father in the city’s hour of need. She feared the the human being might become hysteric out of their fear and promised to relief them that everything would it is in ok. King Charles would lead them come victory, right? Well, Charles excused self to go to bed and also once again placed his faith in counting Odo and God. Afterwards, Odo approached Gisla. Apparently, in the previous he had actually proposed marriage and she refused. Odo hoped that after that won against the Northmen and secured a far better reputation that Gisla would agree to marry him. Gisla was pretty shrewd…she claimed that if counting Odo saved Paris, she would be in his blame forever. V that said, he necessary to concentration on the Vikings first.

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SOURCE/Credit: HISTORY/Bernard Walsh

In Wessex, Ecbert (Linus Roache) asked Aethelwulf (Moe Dunford) about his marriage. He stated he was trying hard to pardon Judith (Jennie Jacques), as commanded through the Lord. Yet, it appeared Ecbert had larger plans—he want to fall Judith’s father, King Aelle, and also become King of every England. Would certainly Judith be upset? follow to Aethelwulf, there to be no love lost between Judith and also her father. But Aelle was Ecbert’s ally and friend. Would Ecbert really have the guy assassinated? Ecbert replied, saying that he had actually no friends.

At that point, Judith entered the room, bringing infant Alfred v her. Ecbert stirred things up by saying he wondered just how Athelstan to be doing (*cries*). Aethelwulf raged, phone call Judith a Jezebel and also harlot. Ecbert asked his kid to leave the room and also comforted Judith.

While Aethelwulf was self-flagellating and also begging because that God’s forgiveness, he to be interrupted through a dice noble. The man had actually just reverted from Mercia wherein Queen Kewnthrith (Amy Bailey) had turned versus Wessex and also dismissed your contract. Ecbert inquiry Aethelwulf to go to Mercia and convince Kwenthrith the they to be on the same team. She must acknowledge the strength of Wessex and submit to Ecbert or castle would attack the city and also have Kwenthrith drawn and quartered.

Aethelwulf come in Mercia and demanded come speak through Kwenthrith. She to be indisposed as soon as he obtained to her house (having sexy times), however when she arrived Aethelwulf offered her his father’s message. Kwethrith do the efforts to distract him with her body and with wine. Then she challenged Aethelwulf come think for himself fairly than execute his father’s bidding. Aethelwulf stood up to Kwenthrith, and they parted means for the night.

The following morning, Kwethrith had actually Aethelwulf lugged to her receiving room and introduced her infant son, Prince Magnus (a north name). Kwenthrith said that the baby was named after his father, Ragnar Lothbrok (WHAT?!). Kwethrith was certain that Ragnar would return for his son and to look for vengeance against Wessex for destroying the Viking settlement. Yet Aethelwulf didn’t care…if Kwenthrith valued she life, she’d reaffirm Mercia’s commitment to Wessex.

Back in Wessex, Ecbert went to Judith v a gift: some Roman documents Athelstan helped him translate. As Ecbert read, Judith felt together if Athelstan was with them. Ecbert swore to defend Judith and Alfred as lengthy as he lived and then kissed her. (Was this a ploy that would certainly eventually assist Ecbert take down her father?)

In Kattegat, Porunn (Gaia Weiss) request Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) to take infant Siggy. Porunn didn’t think she can take ideal care of her daughter. She wanted Siggy to be like Aslaug’s sons, a Viking. Aslaug claimed that Porunn have to love and nurture Siggy, yet Porunn thought Bjorn and their daughter would be much better off there is no her. Aslaug motivated Porunn come pray because that Freya for help as Aslaug herself prayed.

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As the illustration ended, Gisla gone into the cathedral in Paris and led the city in prayer. At the exact same time, Ragnar and the Vikings stand on the shore, all set to attack. Floki revealed his inventions, giant, floating ladders, and also said the tomorrow, they would strike Paris. “Axe time! sword time! Shields are splintered!”

If friend missed the episode on Thursday, you deserve to watch “Paris” online HERE, OnDemand, or top top the Vikings app.

Make certain to gain ready for following week’s episode “To The Gate!” v the preview below: