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Our an initial Power Moon: This an initial Power Moon is found on the route that you must take when you soil on Cascade Kingdom for the first time so that is difficult to miss.

2. Multi Moon Atop the Falls: You"ll receive this Multi Moon as soon as you defeat the area"s boss.

3. Chomp through the Rocks: Head to the area that the Kingdom where four Chain Chomps room sitting together. Usage the far-left, smaller sized Chain Chomp to break through the small wall directly behind the to i found it this power Moon.

4. Behind the Waterfall: Head v the pipeline to get in the 2D platforming ar in the wall. As you do your means up, you"ll an alert a space in the unbreakable wall surface near the top-left - jump simply underneath this to reveal a surprise block i beg your pardon will allow you to do the jump end the gap. Native there, store running around to the left till you find this surprise Power Moon.

5. On top of the Rubble: Head to location number 5 on our map to discover a strength Moon floating in level view above some rubble.

6. Treasure of the Waterfall Basin: Head come the leg that you created when you an initial entered the Cascade Kingdom and also jump down right into the water below. Making certain you don"t loss down the waterfall, swim in a westerly direction to find a tiny alcove through a chest inside. Throw Cappy in ~ the chest to receive this strength Moon.

7. Above a High Cliff: If you rotate left ~ walking end the bridge that girlfriend made in your first visit to the Kingdom, you"ll uncover a Chain Chomp. Record this Chain Chomp and also use it come smash the rock wall just behind the to expose a pipe. Travel up with this pipe to discover this strength Moon.

8. Throughout the Floating Isles: Head ago to the boss-fight area and also keep going north. You"ll check out some floating communication within easy jumping distance - simply jump end to collection the power Moon. There room some purple, regional coins on this platforms, too!

9. Cascade Kingdom Timer challenge 1: Just over the smaller sized waterfall (near the little bridge), you"ll find a scarecrow. Throw Cappy at the scarecrow and cross the relocating platforms prior to the timer runs the end to collect the strength Moon.

10. Cascade Kingdom Timer an obstacle 2: If you head ago to the boss-fight area, you"ll see a scarecrow need the dirt-patch. Throw Cappy in ~ it, and then run up onto every platform until you reach the power Moon that has appeared.

11. An excellent Morning, Captain Toad!: If friend head towards place number 11 on our map (the south-western next of the boss-fight area) and tilt her camera down, you should see a platform that you have the right to drop down to. Jump under to this platform, and then down one more to discover Captain Toad. Communicate in conversation and also he"ll provide you a power Moon.

12. Dinosaur Nest: large Cleanup!: Head to ar number 12 on our map to discover some little platforms the act prefer steps, heading towards a red cap door. Go inside this door and use the dinosaur inside to ruin every solitary enemy. The power Moon will show up when you"ve cleared them every away.

13. Dinosaur Nest: to run Wild! (see location 12): In the exact same room as strength Moon number 12, record the dinosaur and walk turn off the cliff come the large area below. Inside among the bricks here is a power Moon, so damage them all, collect the Moon, and also then usage the trampoline come get ago up.

14. Pretty Shot v the Chain Chomp!: Head to place number 14 on ours map to uncover a eco-friendly warp pipe. As soon as inside the pipe, you have to line increase shots v Chain Chomps come hit the purposes at the far finish of the room - complete each room to find the power Moon.

15. Very Nice Shot v the Chain Chomp! (see place 14): In the exact same area as power Moon number 14, once you with the area"s key Power Moon, save walking come the right (as close to the camera as you can be). You"ll uncover a covert room with one more Chain Chomp score to fight - simply angle her shot correctly to receive an additional Moon.

16. Previous the Chasm Lifts: If friend head come the stone Bridge checkpoint flag and spin her camera around, you have to see a red cap door accessed by dropping under a couple of steps. Go into the door and also simply reach the end of this platforming section to find the strength Moon.

17. Concealed Chasm passage (see place 16): This Moon is in the exact same red hat door as strength Moon number 16, but you"ll need to enter a surprise section. Simply after the 3D section where friend jump across moving white platforms and collect large, gold rings, jump down to the grassy platform below to go into a various pipe, at some point leading you to this an enig Power Moon.

18. Secret Path to Fossil Falls!: This one is ridiculously complicated. To acquire this strength Moon, friend will need to use a warp paint from a different people - yet there"s a catch. The warp painting you need will it is in in among two places - either snow Kingdom, or Seaside Kingdom - and also this will depend on i beg your pardon of these you chose to travel to very first on her initial play-through. You need to head come the Kingdom you checked out first.

If you checked out Snow Kingdom first, head back there and capture the Ty-Foo (the large cloud-like dudes) located on a thin course not far from the Odyssey. Paris in a north-easterly direction till you discover some wood blocks that deserve to be blown to the side. Punch them as much as they can go and use Mario to run up onto them - and then the eye platform - to uncover the warp painting. Get in it come grab the strength Moon.

If you went to Seaside Kingdom first, you"ll need to head there and ride among the arching water spout come land on the large main structure. Jump into the water inside the structure and also swim all the way to the bottom to uncover the warp painting. Jump within to get your power Moon.

19. A traveler in the Cascade Kingdom: for this Moon, as soon as you have beaten the key story, head to the Sand Kingdom and also locate the resident that wanted a Taxi (relatively close to the Crazy lid store). When you"ve talked to him, head to the subway Kingdom and also find that again - best in front of you once you ride the electrical wire right into the city. After speak to the there, return to the Cascade Kingdom to find him because that a final time and finally receive your strength Moon.

20. Rolling absent by the Falls: Turn right after cross the small bridge girlfriend made end the waterfalls and also you should discover two little rocks partially buried in the dirt. Keep kicking the one on the right, over and also over again, until the strength Moon eventually pops out.

21. Peach in the Cascade Kingdom: Head come the Fossil drops Heights checkpoint and also look in the direction of the waterfall to watch Peach standing near the cliff"s edge. Talk to her to get this strength Moon.

22. Cascade Kingdom continual Cup: over there is a Koopa standing close to the Odyssey that will offer you a race once you talk to him. Accept the an obstacle and victory to receive the power Moon.

23. Caveman Cave-Fan: Make certain you space wearing the Caveman Headwear and Caveman Outfit purchased indigenous this Kingdom"s Crazy cap store and also head to place number 23 on our map. You"ll uncover someone who desires to meet a caveman and, if your brand-new disguise is totally equipped, he"ll give you a power Moon.

24. Purchase in Fossil Falls: merely head come the Crazy lid store and also purchase this strength Moon from the yellow Coin fifty percent - it"ll expense you 100 yellow Coins.

25. Sphynx travel to the Waterfall: catch the binoculars located behind the Odyssey and look up into the sky. Keep searching until you check out a Sphynx floating around and also zoom in on it. Hold your gaze for long enough and also a power Moon will certainly pop right out of the sky.

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Cascade Kingdom "Moon Rock" power Moons


These power Moons will certainly become available to you as soon as you have actually smashed the Moon Rock situated in this Kingdom.

26. Bottom the the Waterfall Basin: If girlfriend jump into the water indigenous the bridge, you must see a glow patch of land underwater. Floor pound that spot to find a strength Moon.

27. Just a Hat, Skip, and also a Jump: Head as close to location number 27 on our map as you deserve to reach top top the mainland that the island. You"ll watch a team of floating hats which, when touched by Cappy, can create platforms to take you to the power Moon.

28. Sweetheart Under the Cliff: Head to place 28 on our map to find some floating white hat platforms over a small piece of land the takes you come a red cap door. Throw Cappy at the very first platform to do it fully appear, run onto it, and then carry out a backflip - adhered to by a wall-jump - to collection the power Moon.

29. Next to the rock Arch: Head come the arched leg that takes you to the boss-fight area in the north-west area that the map. If friend look end the sheet you"ll watch a strength Moon floating nearby by - just jump off the edge to grab it.

30. Guarded by a Colossal Fossil: run onto the huge Triceratops fossil and also head towards its nose. When you"re close enough, you"ll see that it is glowing. Organize down the "Y" button to have actually Cappy spin on the reminder of the nose - after a couple of seconds the strength Moon will certainly burst out.

31. Under the Old electrical Pole: capture the T-rex and take him all the way over come the Odyssey. Charge into the electrical pole simply behind it to i found it a glow patch the grass. Relax the T-rex and use a ground lb to reveal the power Moon.

32. Under the Ground: record the T-rex and use him to smash the rocks right alongside him. You"ll reveal an additional glowing patch of grass which consists of a power Moon. Usage a ground pound to coax the out.

33. Within the Busted Fossil: If you head to location 33 on our map you"ll find two Chain Chomps sitting side-by -side. Catch one that them and fling them in ~ the damaged fossil sitting simply behind the electric wire to disclose a power Moon.

34. Recorded Hopping in ~ the Waterfall!: Not far from the Odyssey, you"ll find a hare waiting to it is in captured. Just make contact with the rabbit (using Cappy to stun it if necessary) come be provided the strength Moon.

35. Acquisition Notes: rush Upward: Head come the 2D Mario ar in the wall surface to uncover a glow treble clef. Touch the clef and then collect every one of the music note that show up to obtain this power Moon.

36. Cascade Kingdom master Cup: go back to the Koopa standing close to the Odyssey and challenge him come a 2nd race. If friend win, you"ll get this 2nd Power Moon.

37. Throughout the secret Clouds: Right next to the rock Bridge checkpoint you"ll discover a grey pipe. Head inside and also make the to end of the platforming obstacles to obtain the power Moon.

38. Atop a wall surface Among the Clouds (see place 37): In the same location as power Moon number 37, development through the room till you come throughout a ? Block in in between two normal blocks attached come a red wall. Jump onto the ? Block and also then jump again to disclose a concealed block. Usage this to reach the optimal of the wall surface and make your means left throughout these hidden platforms. At some point you"ll reach a strength Moon.

39. Throughout the Gusty Bridges: In a small section the dirt simply beneath - and to the next - that the area containing 4 Chain Chomps, you"ll find a grey pipe. Do your way to the end of the room to get the power Moon.

40. Flying much Away native Gusty Bridges (see location 39): In the same ar as power Moon number 39, progress through the room till you reach approximately half-way, maintaining a look out on the left hand side because that an easy-to-miss switch. Litter Cappy in the wind existing that blows towards the switch to make him activate a new bridge. Monitor this new path to uncover the strength Moon.

We hope that you have found this overview on collecting all power Moons in supervisor Mario Odyssey"s Cascade Kingdom useful. Let us know if you"ve regulated to grab lock all through a comment below.

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Gosh...So countless Bananas... I typical Moons to collect !(Sorry for calling them Bananas because the form of 3 Moons looks prefer Bananas )


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I simply 100% completed the Cascade Kingdom critical night. There were only 2 or 3 moons i was grounding on because that a quick while before figuring out where to go and also what to do.

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chewytapeworm Same! I totally missed the little hidden area and also - after gaining the name of the Moon native Talkatoo - ns assumed it was to carry out with the four Chain Chomps all together on the mainland. Ns must have spent around an hour lining increase shots with three Chain Chomps trying come pull turn off anything that could be understood a "very quite shot"!