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Utah Utes wide receiver Tim Patrick (12) celebrates after scoring in the 4th quarter giving Utah the lead against USC at Rice-Eccles stadium in Salt Lake City ~ above Friday, Sept. 23, 2016. Laura Seitz, News

When Utah an initial entered the Pac-12 Conference in 2011, the USC Trojans topped the perform of gamings that most Ute fans to be looking front to the town hall on a yearly basis.

Utes ~ above the air

Utah (2-2, 1-0)

at USC (3-2, 2-2)

Saturday, 6 p.m. MDT

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

TV: Fox

Radio: ESPN 700

Though the Trojans were a bit removed from your 2002-2008 heyday, when the Pete Carroll-led regimen went to 7 consecutive BCS bowls — winning six of them, including the 2005 BCS national championship game against Oklahoma — it was still a tiny surreal for Utah pan to watch the Trojans in their an initial visit to Rice-Eccles stadium in 2012.

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Now, there’s no shock and also awe once the Trojans pertained to town, and the series between the two groups has come to be competitive, through USC stop a 4-3 sheet in the previous seven games.

As Utah prepares to play USC Saturday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where the Utes have actually been can not to win as a member of the Pac-12, this is a look earlier at 5 of the most memorable games in between the 2 sides.

2018: Utah 41, USC 28

For the an initial time due to the fact that joining the Pac-12, Utah win the Trojans by much more than a touchdown. USC jumped the end to an early 14-0 lead before the Utes, led by quarterback Tyler Huntley, scored 6 consecutive times to victory comfortably in ~ Rice-Eccles Stadium.

The Trojans went increase 14-0 in the first quarter via a 48-yard scoop-and-score by Jay Tufele, however a 46-yard touchdown pass from Huntley come Britain Covey acquired the Utes cleared up down.

From there, the Utes’ defense organized USC scoreless for two quarters, forcing the Trojans come punt 5 times and intercepting quarterback JT Daniels twice before the Trojans score again in the fourth quarter.

Huntley was 22-of-29 because that 341 yards passing, and also he threw four touchdowns and also ran for one more one in a masterful performance together Utah placed up 541 yards of full offense.

2017: No. 13 USC 28, Utah 27

Quarterback trojan Williams and Utah obtained out to a 21-7 lead over the Trojans before Sam Darnold and No. 13 USC rallied for the win at the Coliseum.

Marquise Blair gained things started by running a Darnold fumble 18 yards for a touchdown prior to Darnold responded through a 52-yard touchdown happen to Tyler Petite come tie the game.

Williams threw 2 touchdown passes, both come Demari Simpkins, and Utah had a 21-7 lead at halftime.

The Trojans chipped away at the Ute lead, together the Utes punted on 4 straight drives. Darnold linked with Petite again in the third quarter for a touchdown, scrambling to evade the Utah rush prior to throwing the touchdown pass.


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Early in the 4th quarter, Darnold bound the video game on a 1-yard touchdown happen to mockery Falo, and then the Trojans take it a 28-21 command with simply under five minutes continuing to be on a Ronald Jones II rushing score.

Williams engineered one 11-play, 75-yard touchdown drive the featured a 37-yard completion to Siale Fakailoatonga on fourth down to collection up a Williams rushing touchdown with 42 secs in the game.

Down one, Utah coach Kyle Whittingham opted to go for two and the win. Williams tried to scramble because that the finish zone but was quit short and also the Trojans hosted on because that the win.

2016: No. 24 Utah 31, USC 27

No. 24 Utah rallied from a 10-point deficit in the 4th quarter and turned in a standard finish.

It was Darnold vs. Williams again, this one in ~ Rice-Eccles Stadium. The Utes were under by as plenty of as 14 points after Darnold ran because that an 8-yard score in the third quarter.

Later in the quarter, Utah running back Armand Shyne fumbled ~ above the score line, but in the occurring pileup, offensive lineman Isaac Asiata arised with the ball, causing a Utah touchdown.

A Matt Boermeester ar goal at the start of the 4th quarter intended Utah had actually to get over a 10-point deficit come win. The Utes visited work, as Willams discovered Raelon Singleton for a 10-yard touchdown to cap off a 75-yard drive, cut the deficit to three points.

Utah’s defense required the Trojans come punt, and also Williams and company got the sphere at their own 7-yard line with 5:30 to play, and Williams engineered the game-winning drive.


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Facing third-and-15 in ~ the USC 49-yard-line with three minutes left, Williams perfect a happen to Singleton because that 14 yards, then Shyne converted the fourth-down run.

With 45 secs left, Utah again challenged a fourth-and-1, and this time, Zack Moss came v with a 5-yard operation to set the Utes up at the Trojan 18-yard-line through time ticking.

Tim Patrick, one-on-one v Adoree Jackson, had the ability to win the matchup, Williams yielded the round perfectly and the Utes won in exciting fashion.

2014: No. 19 Utah 24, No. 20 USC 21

In a matchup the two optimal 20 teams, No. 19 Utah had the ability to defeat No. 20 USC in ~ Rice-Eccles Stadium many thanks to another last-minute, game-winning touchdown drive, this time through quarterback Travis Wilson.

The Utes and Trojans went earlier and forth v the an initial three quarters. Utah’s Davion Orphey scored on a 53-yard fumble return because that a touchdown on USC’s an initial drive of the game however Adoree Jackson put the Trojans front 14-10 in the second quarter on a 100-yard absent return touchdown.

In the fourth quarter, the Trojans regained the lead, going up 21-17 ~ above a touchdown happen from Cody Kessler to Darreus Rogers, i beg your pardon capped turn off a 73-yard drive.

With two minutes left in the game, the Utes forced a critical stop. The Trojans gambled and also went because that it, increase four, ~ above fourth-and-2 indigenous Utah’s 28-yard-line. Nelson Agholor to be short, and Utah had two minute to go 73 yards because that the win.


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The Utes marched down the field, getting to USC’s 36-yard-line via a 17-yard pass from Wilson come Devonte Booker. Wilson perfect two an important passes, the very first a 10-yard strike come Dres Anderson, and also the second a 7-yard pass to Kenneth Scott.

On second-and-3, Wilson ran 19 yards, very first looking prefer he obtained in for the touchdown — he to be ruled short at the 1-yard-line after evaluation — as Fox sporting activities announcer Gus Johnson exclaimed “Hercules!”

Wilson rolled the end to his right and also hit a wide-open Kaelin Clay with eight secs left to victory the game.

2011: USC 23, Utah 14

Utah’s first conference game as a member that the new Pac-12 was a thriller.

Jordan Wynn and also the Utes dealt with Matt Barkley and the Trojans at the Coliseum. USC led for much of the game, jumping the end to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter and also building a 17-7 benefit in the third.

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Utah responded v a man White IV rushing touchdown midway v the third period, set up by a 51-yard operation by Reggie Dunn, that reduced the Trojan cause three points.

Neither team can do lot on offense from that suggest on, with nine continuous punts.

With 1:11 left in the game, starting at Utah’s 33-yard-line, win led a drive under the field, perfect a pass to DeVonte Christopher on 4th down that preserved the journey alive.

After that, a pass interference penalty set the Utes up because that a 41-yard field goal attempt to tie the game with 11 secs left, but Coleman Petersen’s kick was blocked and also returned for a touchdown by USC.