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United Food and also Commercial employees (UFCW) regional 655 represents workers in retail food and also non-food, manufacturing, pack houses, circulation centers, laboratories, and hair care.

Originally hired by the sleeve Clerks Association, local 655 has been representing the understanding of the membership in the eastern fifty percent of Missouri and surrounding areas since 1934 and also has grown native a usually 450 individuals to a 12,000 membership.
Local 655 has earned a call in Missouri and also the industries it represents for it’s contract enforcement, grievance procedure, servicing program and exceptional benefits.
The UFCW local 655 net site was arisen to educate and inform members and the basic public around current worries affecting our Local and the job movement. Please proceed to find added information regarding the numerous departments, activities, and also other regional 655 news.
If girlfriend would favor information around organizing your workplace, or if you have questions about your legal rights on the job, feel cost-free to call our office anytime. All contacts room confidential. (636) 394-6500 OR TOLL complimentary AT 1-800-392-6550 ext. 2737

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