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Right here, ideal now, I placed the sell outI don't desire to chase you downI understand you check out it, you run v meAnd i can reduced you free out that the drudgery and walls you store inSo trade that usual for other colorfulAnd if it's crazy, live a small crazyYou have the right to play it sensible, a king the conventionalOr you can risk it all and also seeDon't friend wanna acquire away native the exact same old part you gotta play'Cause I got what girlfriend need, for this reason come through me and take the rideIt'll take you come the other side'Cause you can do favor you do, or you have the right to do choose meStay in the cage, or you'll ultimately take the keyOh, damn, suddenly you're complimentary to flyIt'll take you come the various other sideOkay, my friend, you desire to cut me inWell I dislike to call you, yet it just won't happenSo thanks, yet no, i think I'm an excellent to go'Cause I fairly enjoy the life you speak I'm trapped inNow i admire you, and that whole display you doYou're ~ above something, really, it's somethingBut ns live among the swells, and also we don't pick up peanut shellsI'll have to leave that as much as you
Don't you know that I'm okay through this uptown component I gain to play'Cause I acquired what ns need and also I don't desire to take it the rideI don't need to see the various other sideSo go and do favor you do, I'm great to do like meAin't in a cage, so ns don't must take the keyOh, damn, can't you watch I'm act fine?I don't must see the other sideNow is this really how you favor to invest your days?Whiskey and misery, and also parties and also playsIf ns were mixed up v you, I'd be the speak of the townDisgraced and also disowned, another one the the clownsBut girlfriend would lastly live a little, lastly laugh a littleJust allow me provide you the liberty to dreamAnd it'll wake you up and also cure your achingTake your walls and start 'em breakingNow that's a deal that seems worth takingBut i guess I'll leave that approximately youWell it's intriguing, yet to walk would expense me greatlySo what percent of the display would i be taking?Fair enough, you'd want a piece of every the actionI'd provide you seven, we could shake and make the happenI wasn't born this morning, eighteen would be just fineWhy not simply go ahead and ask because that nickels on the dime?FifteenI'd do eightTwelveMaybe nineTen

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>Don't friend wanna obtain away come a whole brand-new part you're gonna play'Cause I obtained what you need, for this reason come with me and also take the rideGonna take you come the various other sideSo we deserve to do prefer I do, therefore if you carry out like meForget the cage, 'cause we know how to make the keyOh, damn, all of sudden we're totally free to flyWe're going to the various other side>So if you execute like I carry out (To the other side)So if you execute like me (We're going come the various other side)'Cause if we do, we're going to the other sideWe're going to the various other side