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"Take It come da House" is the first single from cheat Daddy"s 4th studio album, Thugs are Us. The single features verses by Slip-N-Slide representatives, Sung, Money Mark, J. V., Trina, and Co. They every went under the alias as, the Slip-N-Slide Express. The solitary also includes samples native James Brown"s single, "The Boss", and heavily sampled "Boogie Shoes" by KC and also the Sunshine Band. The track was featured in the films Osmosis Jones, The genuine Cancun, and also Are us Done Yet?. "Take It to Da House" was inserted at #23 ~ above the Billboard warm R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & tracks chart and also #20 ~ above the warm Rap Singles chart. An ext »

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("Get down!") Yessuh, (uh what uh huh uh huh..)Slip-N-Slide RecordsUhh, fin" to take it it to da houseJust gain on up and also ("Get down!") Callin my peoples all throughout the world This song goes the end to every the boys and also girls You desire them thugs come come and also turn yo" party the end You far better take it come da house, (c"mon) currently (uh uh uh)(uh.. Yessuh!)Slip-N-Slide get loose Mo" punch than your bowl of juiceAnd ain"t no one mo" jiggier climate usStuff for this reason ruff it reasons head rush like what?Give it come me carry it hereDon"t prevent girl shake it right here shake the thereLet Money Mark gain off in yo" derriereWe off da chain fo" the whole year for this reason if friend look through a huge ol" buttlive in yo" very own crib and make yo very own bucks (yessuh!)Hit me up, Tre+ period comand phone call me whereby you from, uhh..Smoked out, choked out, us getoff da chain like we just damaged outYou don"t recognize bout me J. DotWhen ns come though all the haters gain hotCause I acquired mo" hoes, mo" dankMo" cheese in da bank, mo" rankMy dawgs on dubs, your ain"tMy dawgs perform whatever, your cain"tCause we them niggaz that"s gon" do youget up out yo seat and ("Get down!")..We don"t play we - take it to da houseM.I.A. - take it it to da houseThis the way we - take it to da houseTake it to da home - take it to da houseThree-oh-five - take it it to da houseBoy we got file fire - take it to da residence Slip-N-Slide - take it come da houseTake it come da home - take it to da residence Okay play v it yo ain"t no stoppin itS-N-S and also we rock rock rockin itWe gon" lock it and do our thangCause my dream team takin every the ringsI got, Tre+ that beatin much gutsand uhh, Deuce Pop" pimpin news non-stop an"Lost tribe to mine side simply vibinAnd J.B.

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Gon" ball with meT dual D, he off in the "XcursionSwervin all on the curve v a virginAnd I"m Trina, girlfriend heard mine nameI"m tho "Da Baddest" ain"t a damn thang changedNow it"s time to obtain down with yo young C.O.It"s me n Money mark in the big freak showNiggaz recognize, hoes execute tooWhen i creep through the room with the Slip-N-Slide crewGimme room reason I"m buckwild manI"ll get"cha krunk, get"cha loosened in the sandTre+ and also we"re runnin that stillFunk Boogie, rotate the wheel!Well order two mo" party of Crissy Cris"and get drunk pissy if you listen to thisAll you rookie-ass niggaz don"t try the shitSome busta-ass niggaz can"t purchase a hitGimme a break, and a beat I have the right to vibe withA Nik Kwest(?) video clip and a well bitch"Bout fifty-five spins and also a mic checkand you"ll play my shitI never had sex that costedI f*ck so much I"m exhaustedAnd this new shit I"m flossinI acquired that cause I ran through the Dolphins, huhSlip-N-Slide"s fin" ta take it come da houseNew hot shit, fo" you to ride outAnd because that the niggaz the tried there"s nuttin leftYo" hoe need to think we somethin elseF*ck fame, us out to gain paidBorn and raised in the county of Dade

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Trick daddy Maurice Young (born September 27, 1973), better known through his phase name trick Daddy, is one American rapper and also producer. More »