Myths the the Pharaohs are new puzzle items in Curse that the Pharaohs. Every of the four immortality regions in the growth has Stelae (stone tablets) locations, where you have to locate and also read the Stelae. When you have found and read all four stelae in each of the four immortality regions girlfriend will obtain a Pharaohs myth cryptic puzzle which leads to the location of the Pharaohs treasure.

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This is a overview to every the Stelae places in the Heb Sed afterlife region as well as a guide to detect the sweetheart of Ramesses.

Stelae Locations

There are 4 stelae places to discover in the Heb Sed afterlife region.

Orion’s Crater

Orion’s Crater stelae is located in the easter part of Heb Sed,

On reading the Orion’s Crater stelae, you will certainly unlock The great Ancestor pharaohsmyth.

Nomad’s Rest


Nomad’s rest stelae is lcoated top top the western side of Heb Sed. You need to climb up to the top scaffolding communication at the rock formation to with it.

Reading the Nomad’s rest stelae will unlock the King the Kings pharaohs myth.

Pavillion that Judgement

The Pavillion the Judgement stelae is lcoated pretty lot right in the facility of Heb Sed.

Reading the Pavillion that Judgement stelae will unlock the Flame-Haired God pharaohs myth.

Royal safety Rest

The imperial Guards remainder stelae islocated in the western component of Heb Sed, that is simply north of the Nomad’s rest stelae.

Reading the royal Guards remainder stelae will unlock The Architect of Egypt pharaohs myth.

Treasure the Ramesses Location

Now the you’ve found and read all 4 stelae in Heb Sed, you should now have gained the treasure of Ramesses pharaohs myth. Choose the other ones, this will contain a cryptic clue, pointing friend in the direction the Ramesses’ treasure.

A towering likeness, Victory, gazing end immeasurable KadeshA Coward’s feet flee end the gustless sands.Fearful as a child he sought sanctuary in the great HeartBut gripped with an excellent malice, that lies red amongst roaring snakes.

This cryptic clue is actually quite helpful, native the text we know that the sweetheart is concealed somewhere close to one that the vast Ramesses statues that room dotted around Heb Sed, we likewise know the the staute is overlooking the Battlefield of Kadesh.

The frosting we have to head come is the one through the rapid travel suggest on height of it, this one overlooks the Battlefield that Kadesh. Head come this statue of Ramesses and you should uncover some footprints in the sand, near the sheet of the statue. Monitor the footsteps round until you come throughout a gap/crack in the rock. Get in the gap and the treasure will certainly be ~ above the left. Simply watch the end for the 4 Cobra’s that space there.

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