Ratchet walked over to Optimus as he stood to the side, I was sitting on Ratchet's shoulder. "Optimus why so glum? This planet...All planets...Are finally free from Megatron's tyranny,"

I patted Ratchet as I jumped from his shoulder and onto Optimus', the Prime looking down at me as I placed my hand on his helm for reassurance.

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"I do not disagree, Ratchet. It's just...a small part of me hoped to change Megatron's mind, not extinguish his spark,"

"Optimus, his vileness was not slain by your hand but by his own twisted arrogance," I argued

Ratchet cleared his throat and I looked back at him to notice him shake his helm. "I'm sorry." Ratchet told Optimus "I know the two of you had quite a history,"

I tilted my head in confusion as there was still much I had to learn of these Autobots.

"But the Megatron whom I once fought beside perished eons ago, the day he chose to become a Decepticon." Optimus turned to face Ratchet. "The Decepticons may be in disarray, but they aren't without leadership. And while Starscream is no Megatron, he is far from predictable,"

I nearly fell off Optimus as we were shaken by an explosion. "Decepticons?"

"We're under attack!" Ratchet exclaimed.

Optimus placed me on the catwalk as he and Ratchet ran towards the explosions.

I followed behind but still kept my distance, only to quirk an eyebrow as I took notice of the volcano in front of Rafael and Bumblebee.

"It's no attack, Ratchet." Raf coughed "It's my volcano," he watched as the volcano melted "Or was,"

"Hold still, Bulkhead. Jupiter needs its red spot," Miko claimed as I looked over and saw her doing a solar system replica. "Whoopsie!" she said as red paint fell on the floor.

"What...in the Allspark is going on in here?" Ratchet asked

"Our projects are due tomorrow," Jack replied as he stood in front of a motorcycle.

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"Maybe it needs one of these doohickeys," Arcee claimed as she held up a part.

"You're a motorcycle, Arcee. Shouldn't you know how to build a motorcycle engine?"

"You're a human, Jack. Can you build me a small intestine?"

"Well, you can't work on these projects here." Ratchet argued "You're...making a mess,"

"But the science fair's a big part of our grade," Rafael noted

"Yeah, if Bulkhead doesn't help me finish this model of our solar system..." Miko started

"Oh?" Ratchet asked, "And what does Bulkhead know of your solar system, or Bumblebee of your volcanos, or..."

"Arcee of our motorcycles?" Jack finished

"Precisely! We're not Earthlings. And they're not scientists,"

"But the Autobots are their guardians, Ratchet. Would it hurt to learn more about Earth by helping our young friends with their schoolwork?" Optimus questioned

"Well, maybe our young friends should try learning more of Cybertron,"

I rolled my eyes and walked down and took a look at the motorcycle "If you had started this up it would have been a worse explosion then Rafael's volcano,"

"What?" Jack asked in surprise only to notice me digging through the toolbox "What are you doing?"