With our award-winning** advanced Anti-Colic infant bottle, switching in between breast and bottle feeding has actually never been. Through our breast-like nipple and also unique anti-colic technology, it could just it is in the best thing for baby, because you! influenced by mom, designed by experts. Our 5oz and 9oz anti-colic baby bottles every come finish with a slow circulation nipple, best for newborns. Anti-Colic bottles are only compatible through Anti-Colic nipples – obtainable in various flow rates, for this reason you can adapt the flow of milk as your small one develops.
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The distinct 3-piece anti-colic venting mechanism draws air away from milk to alleviate colic symptom for much less wind, reflux and also discomfort.

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Made from soft silicone, our basic latch-on, breast-like nipple mimics the flex, stretch and also feel that a mom's breast for finish comfort at feeding time.



The venting tube functions an in-built warm sensing strip turns pink as soon as baby's feeding is too hot.


EASY come CLEAN and also BPA-FREE

Our wide neck bottles are simple to clean and are an ideal for usage in the dishwasher, microwave and vapor sterilizers. Constantly BPA-free.

Naturally anti-colic

With ours award-winning** progressed Anti-Colic infant bottle, switching between breast and also bottle feeding has never to be simpler. Through our breast-like nipple and unique anti-colic technology, it could just it is in the ideal thing because that baby, since you! motivated by mom, designed by experts.


This is no ordinary bottle. Tommee Tippee advanced Anti-Colic bottles functions a tiny differently from constant bottles to help combat colic when ensuring a comfortable feeding experience for you and also your baby. The unique 3-piece anti-colic venting system draws air away from milk and the star valve keeps milk from traveling up the tube an interpretation less gas, reflux and also discomfort – 84% that moms who provided our anti-colic bottles agreed they diminished their baby’s colic symptoms.*


Heat sensing technology


The anti-colic venting pipe comes with a built-in heat sensing piece that gives you extra reassurance the the milk is a safe temperature for baby. Dive the pipe for 10 seconds to view the milk’s temperature. A pink strip shows that the milk is also hot. Leaving to cool under further prior to feeding her baby.


Silicone, breast-like nipple

Loved by moms and babies, our simple latch-on, breast-like nipple feeling closer to skin and also mimics the herbal flex and also movement the a mom’s chest for a comfortable feed. 95% the moms reported that their baby welcomed the soft silicone nipple v skin-like feel and also would introduce to others. *


Easy to clean and BPA-free

The vast neck bottle provides cleaning easy, and the bottles are an ideal for use in the dishwasher, microwave and heavy steam sterilizers. 100% BPA-free for complete peace of mind.


* based upon 2021 research of 524 parents who usage Tommee Tippee bottles

** made for Moms march 2020

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