After three weeks of study, comprehensive polling of mommy groups and also five months of experimentation 13 of the highest-rated sippy cups easily accessible, we made a decision the Nuk – Magic 360 as the ideal sippy cup. The Nuk is leak-proof, its lid is simple to disassemble and clean, and the 10-ounce tumbler is simply right for small hands. Our runner-up Tommee Tippee is the most leak-proof cup we’ve ever before checked out, though a little harder to clean.

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After three weeks of research, substantial polling of mom groups and also 5 months of experimentation 13 of the highest-rated sippy cups available, we made a decision the Nuk – Magic 360 as the best sippy cup. The Nuk is leak-proof, its lid is straightforward to disassemble and also clean, and also the 10-ounce tumbler is simply appropriate for tiny hands. Our runner-up Tommee Tippee is the most leak-proof cup we’ve ever before checked out, though a bit harder to clean.

Table of contents

How we selected finalists to test

Due to the high volume of sippy cup product offerings available, we started by developing a list of the top-rated sippy cups readily available across Amazon, Taracquire, Walmart and also specialty baby stores.

We polled our friends and also a personal parenting group online to see what other paleas were looking for, what they loved around their cups and also especially to uncover out what they hated.

We then narrowed down the list by looking at the greatest number of online reviews and ratings over 4-stars for each retailer and also cross-referenced our list via Reddit at /r/beyondthebump, testimonial site BabyGearLab and parenting websites Mom Loves Best and also Lucie’s List.

Types of sippy cups and also various other transition cups


Soft-spout sippy cups: Soft spouts are designed to be gentle on gums while teaching a baby to drink from a spout. They’re occasionally dubbed “trainer cups” or “transition cups,” though those labels are also applied to all the various other types. Often a soft spout is designed with air vents to help alleviate swpermitting air, and also it permits a lot more water to flow via than a bottle nipple does. These are designed to be simple for a baby to grip and also sip, though we wouldn’t blame you if you shelp they’re an awful lot choose fancy fast-flowing baby bottles through handles.

Spouted sippy cups: This is what the majority of of us think of when we hear “sippy cup.” The spout implies a kid can control the circulation pretty conveniently and won’t dump a entirety cup of milk on his head without at least giving you a fighting possibility. The spill-proof versions of these cups will conserve you from mopping the floor thrice daily, but the inside of the spout and silicone seal are a pain to obtain clean. Recently, researches have actually increased comes to around tongue-muscle development, tooth place and speech pattern difficulties in children who use spouts for too long.

360° / spoutmuch less cups: This is a relatively brand-new innovation, and also the list of enhancements is impressive: your kid still controls the circulation by sucking and the lid stops leaks, however in the majority of various other means it’s just choose a continual cup. This style of cup is acquiring a lot of attention after the freak-out around spouts. Recommended for children 12 months plus, though the finding out curve isn’t as negative as we feared.

Straw sippy cups: This is the various other method to address the issue increased about spout-style sippy cups: the straw doesn’t interfere via tongue place as much, and also it pressures better posture (given that you need to hold the cup right-side-up for the straw to work). They’re additionally simpler to clean than spouts, so lengthy as you have actually a means to scrub out the inside of the straw.

Compare the best sippy cups


ProductPriceTotal ScoreEase of UseSpill-proofCleaningMaterials
Spoutmuch less Cups
A. Nuk - Magic 360$$4.34454
B. Munchkin - Miracle 360$$4.04444
Spout Cups
C. Tommee Tippee$4.05534
D. Munchkin - Alphabet Sippy Cup $$4.05444
E. Gerber Graduates - Fun Grips $$3.75434
F. Nuk - Large Student Cup$$$3.05243
Straw Cups
G. The First Years - Take & Toss$2.54142
H. NuSpin Kids - Zoomi$$$3.54343
I. Philips Avent - My Bendy Straw Cup$$3.03324
J. Pura - Kiki$$$$3.84445
K. Lifefactory - Glass bottle via Sippy Cap$$$$3.53435
L. Klean Kanteen with Sippy Cap$$$$3.83335


When and just how to usage sippy cups

Tbelow are 2 factors commonly provided for transitioning ameans from a bottle and gaining your boy to use a “grown-up” cup: First, dentists warn that sucking from a bottle for a long time suggests sugar (also in milk) pools roughly the developing teeth and also can bring about beforehand tooth decay. Second, if your child gets formula or milk in a bottle during the day, he may not desire to eat solid food at mealtimes.

Many dentists recommfinish training your toddler to lift and also drink from a constant (non-breakable) open-peak cup as soon as you can. Sippy cups (or “transitions cups”) are a means to acquire you closer to that goal, even if you’re not actually addressing all the troubles right away.

We’ve checked out first-hand also the result of letting a boy usage a sippy cup like a bottle. The soothing result is cute, and also it have the right to seem choose a lifeline during weaning, however it’s tough to break the halittle bit and also it leads to added diaper changes. Starting a regimen for as soon as drinks are enabled can reduced earlier on altering time and also will likewise assist prevent the developmental involves that are acquiring more and more research attention.

Important functions to consider

Leak-proof: If it were easy to teach children to drink out of open-top glasses, we wouldn’t require sippy cups. Great cups go beyond just slowing dvery own the river of milk coming off the table, though: Leak-proof means you have the right to stow a water cup in a diaper-bag pocket or even inside your tote bag without getting whatever soaked.

Easy to clean: The #1 concern among moms we talked to was mold. Any corners or crannies that trap solids and also aren’t conveniently scrubbed will make mold expansion feasible, also if you’re just filling a cup via water. All those cleaning troubles obtain much worse if you forgain around a cup through milk in it for an afternoon.

Orthodontic and also developmental risks: The involves around oral health and also sippy cups are partially about sugar and tooth decay, but a hard nozzle may lead to crooked teeth or speech development troubles the exact same means thumb-sucking does. Straws and spoutmuch less cups are designed to avoid those risks.

Beverage suitability: Insulated bottles suppose you have the right to lug milk in your diaper bag for an afternoon without worrying about it going negative. If you’re offering your tot smoothies for breakrapid, on the various other hand also, a straw-cup will most likely be a better investment (however watch out for tiny straws that you can’t actually drink a smoothie through!).

How we tested

Ease of use test


We tested ease of use through our volunteer toddlers, paying attention to just how simple the cups are to grip, the way they taken on the weight of the cups, exactly how a lot effort was compelled to sip via the spouts or straws, and also detailed any kind of reactions to certain cups.

All the spout-style sippy cups we tested scored a rating of 5 for ease of use other than for the “eco-friendly” sippy cups from Klean Kanteen, Pura and also Lifemanufacturing facility. One two-year-old volunteer declared each was “heaby” (heavy) and also handed them earlier one after the other, though eventually she wequipped as much as the Lifemanufacturing facility glass sippy. Each sippy cup was approximately 50-percent full throughout the experimentation period.

When you initially check out the “360° spout” cups, you’ll probably be as baffled as we were about exactly how they occupational. The spill-proof silicone lid inserts expect you can’t just reminder the cup ago and pour water into your mouth. It took us a few minutes to realize you organize these just choose a continuous cup, however seal roughly the lid through your lips and suck prefer you would certainly from a large, flat spout. Surprisingly, our toddlers figured it out almost as easily as we did!

Rating ease-of-usage for straw cups is tricky, since youngsters will certainly more than likely have no trouble at all through straws unless you switch ago and also forth between straws and spouts. As soon as you teach one means to drink out of a cup, that’s what will certainly be expected from the following cup you hand them. Our children came to be adept at switching back and forth by the finish of the test period, however we felt sorry for them trying to drink from the Philips – Avent for the first few times, since it looks and feels so a lot favor a spout-kind cup.

Leak test


We rated the sippy cups from a score selection of 1-5 (1 being the leakiest) in the adhering to tests: invariation (being hosted upside down), shaking while upside down and dropping on a hard floor from a elevation of about 22 inches.

The Nuk Blue Turtle and Jungle Animals cups scored high in early on trial and error, but by the finish of five months the ends of the soft silicone spouts had break-up sufficient that they currently drip steadily once organized upside dvery own.

Spout-style sippy cups scored highest possible all at once in these tests, since they usage small, tightly closed silicone seals in the tips of their spouts. Sadly, that’s likewise the reason they’re so hard to clean.

The 360 “spoutless” cups are our favorite for spill-avoidance, though they just score a 4 due to some noticeable water spatter when dropped on a hard surchallenge, and also they shed a couple of even more drops than the sealed spout cups if shaken upside dvery own.

For a water cup, these are all pretty great; we didn’t feel bad around letting our children walk about the home or climb right into bed through any type of of them so lengthy as water dribbles were the worst result. For packing in a bag, though, we really like the flat-optimal shape of the 360 cups finest, given that any pressure on the top of the cup will simply seal it much better.

Hand-washing tests


We scored simple cleaning on a number of determinants that will more than likely be easily construed by anyone transitioning from baby bottles: just how many kind of parts are tbelow, deserve to I fit a cloth/sponge inside to wipe it down, do I require unique devices to clean all the components, and are tright here any kind of components that ssuggest can’t be cleaned without an army of microscopic janitors? We scored each cup on a scale of five.

Our test dad has been looking far and wide to uncover a brush that would certainly fit all the means right into the corners of his daughter’s Minnie-Mouse-cup spout, but it hasn’t appeared. The tiny corner-spaces trap solids and prosper mold also in a cup that’s supplied solely for water, so he was ecstatic to view that in the Nuk – Magic 360, even the tiny flow-channels are designed so you deserve to acquire a scrub sponge right into them.

All 13 cups we tested are optimal rack dishwasher safe, and also were fairly easy to clean by hand once all the components were rerelocated. Straws are probably the hardest parts to clean (in some situations even if you have actually a distinct cleaning tool or a supply of pipe-cleaners), yet we additionally docked points for tall or narrow-mouth bottles that basically require a bottle brush.

Note: The Gerber – Graduates cup doesn’t technically have actually many kind of components to keep track of, but the valve insert is so hard to get in and out of the lid that we docked an added allude.

Materials and eco-friendly options


One of the things you’re more than likely thinking around more and more as your boy grows is “what’s this made of?” Another everyday fact is the pile of stuff your kid has chewed up or damaged, prepared to be thrown out after another drop on the floor. We gave each sippy cup a rating from 1-5 based on what they’re made from and how lengthy you have the right to usage them before they wind up in a landfill.

While there are no certified organic sippy cups, we did give greater scores to “eco-friendly” bottles made from conveniently recyclable products choose stainless steel and glass, since they’ll last far longer than any of the plastic cups unless you drive over them with a auto.

The glass bottle from Lifemanufacturing facility has actually an edge for being the just totally non-reactive sippy cup, however we can’t deny that a stainmuch less bottle is even more long lasting. We’ve looked into the safety and security of stainmuch less steel before on our travel mug testimonial, and we still think it’s a solid alternative (though, like glass, hefty for smaller sized kids).

The remainder of the cups we tested are complimentary from BPA and also other phthalates like those used in PVC, since they’re all made from polypropylene, a prevalent plastic that handles warmth and cleaning well. Silicone is provided in seals and also soft spouts, so there’s no concern of allergic reactions to herbal rubbers. Sadly, though the polypropylene and silicone are recyclable by specialized plants, we know that the components are additionally more than likely never going to be sorted and also shipped to locations that will actually perform so.

The best overall: Nuk – Magic 360


Nuk’s Magic 360 surprised us in a few ways. We were doubtful around just how basic it would be to drink from and also exactly how successfully it can relocation an old-fashioned sippy cup, however by the end of our experimentation duration we were pretty thoapproximately encouraged that this is the ideal cup you have the right to buy.

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Nuk licensed the “Wow cup” modern technology from Wow Gear LLC, and their development is deceptively simple: a tumbler-shaped cup without spout or straw that doesn’t spill if you revolve it upside dvery own. The first time we heard a fellow mom explain the “magic” cup she had actually discovered, we were convinced she was delusional. Surely no cup can be that excellent.