Spanish Verb RESPONDER: come respond

The Spanish verb responder method "to respond" and is a continuous Spanish ER verb.

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To mental this, imagine the man in the Spanish color RESPONDS come the dare DEVIL!Just end 100 verbs room conjugated prefer responder, and for the month of March a new regular ER verb is featured every day to enable you to consolidate the ER verb family. Friend will find out absorber, conceder, correr, emprender, lamer, pretender and also many others.I uncover that the fastest and easiest way to learn and also REMEMBER new Spanish words is through memory trigger cartoon pictures. It provides them harder to forget. Review on, below the RESPONDER verb table... to respond: responderImagine the man in the Spanish colour RESPONDSto the DARE devil! VERB link TABLE RESPONDER - come respondSimple tenses - Spanish Verb responderTENSEyoél, ella, ustednosotrosvosotrosellos, ellas, ustedesPresentPresenterespondrespondorespondesresponderespondemosrespondéisrespondenImperfectImperfectorespondedrespondíarespondíasrespondíarespondíamosrespondíaisrespondíanPreteritPretéritorespondedrespondírespondisterespondiórespondimosrespondisteisrespondieronFutureFuturowill respondresponderéresponderásresponderáresponderemosresponderéisresponderánConditionalCondicionalwould respondresponderíaresponderíasresponderíaresponderíamosresponderíaisresponderíanSubjunctiveSubjuntivomay respondrespondarespondasrespondarespondamosrespondáisrespondanImperfect SubjunctiveImperfecto de Subjuntivomight respondrespondierarespondierasrespondierarespondiéramosrespondiereisrespondieranrespondieserespondiesesrespondieserespondiésemosrespondieseisrespondiesenImperatives Spanish Verb responder - come respondImperativeImperativorespond!responde!responda!respondamos!responded!respondan!Negative ImperativeImperativo Negativodon"t respond!no respondas! no responda!no respondamos!no respondáis!no respondan!Compound time form of the Spanish Verb RESPONDERPast Participle: respondido - respondedPresent PerfectPerfecto de Indicativohave respondedhe respondidohas respondidoha respondidohemos respondidohabéis respondidohan respondidoPreterit PerfectPretérito Anteriorhad respondedhube respondidohubiste respondidohubo respondidohubimos respondidohubisteis respondidohubieron respondidoPast PerfectPluscuamperfectohad respondedhabía respondidohabías respondidohabía respondidohabíamos respondidohabíais respondidohabían respondidoPresent Perfect SubjPresente perfecto subjmay"ve respondedhaya respondidohayas respondidohaya respondidohayamos respondidohayáis respondidohayan respondidoFuture PerfectFuturo Perfectowill have actually respondedhabré respondidohabrás respondidohabrá respondidohabremos respondidohabréis respondidohabrán respondidoConditional PerfectCondicional Perfectowould"ve respondedhabría respondidohabrías respondidohabría respondidohabríamos respondidohabríais respondidohabrían respondidoPluperfect SubjunctivePluscuamperfecto de sbjmight have ...edhubiera respondidohubieras respondidohubiera respondidohubiéramos respondidohubierais respondidohubieran respondidohubiese respondidohubieses respondidohubiese respondidohubiésemos respondidohubieseis respondidohubiesen respondidoProgressive time form RESPONDERPresent Participle: respondiendo - respondingPresent ProgressivePresente Progressivoam respondingestoy respondiendoestás respondiendoestá respondiendoestamos respondiendoestá respondiendoestán respondiendoPreterit ProgressivePretérito Progwas respondingestuve respondiendoestuviste respondiendoestuvo respondiendoestuvimos respondiendoestuvisteis respondiendoestuvieron respondiendoImperfect ProgressiveImperfecto Proghad to be ...ingestaba respondiendoestabas respondiendoestaba respondiendoestábamos respondiendoestabais respondiendoestaban respondiendoFuture ProgressiveFuturo Perfecto Progwill it is in respondingestaré respondiendoestarás respondiendoestará respondiendoestaremos respondiendoestaréis respondiendoestarán respondiendoConditional ProgressiveCondicional perfecto prwould"ve been ~ingestaría respondiendoestarías respondiendoestabría respondiendoestaríamos respondiendoestaríais respondiendoestarían respondiendoSubjunctive ProgressiveSubjuntivo Progressivomay have actually been ~ingque ~ respondiendoque ~ respondiendoque ~ respondiendoque ~ respondiendoque ~ respondiendoque ~ respondiendo an ext Spanish Lessons like the Spanish verb RESPONDER | include Daily Spanish lessons to her Website complimentary MORE around the SPANISH VERB respondER

USING the SPANISH VERB responder

responder can also mean: come answer, come reply, come vouch for.responder a algo: to respond come something.responder de algo: to answer/be responsible for something.responder por alguien: come vouch for/be responsible for someone.
la respuesta (nf): response; answer, solution. Respuestas a preguntas: Answers come questions.
Quién responde por los jóvenes?Who is responsible/answerable for / will vouch for the young people?
vos replace instead replace - you, informal, singular - - in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and likewise in some countries of central America. Sometimes it likewise replaces the official singular "Usted".In continuous ER verbs, the conjugations stay the very same as because that other than for the enhancement of accents in the complying with tenses:Presente: vos respondésImperativo: ¡respondé!

More Verbs like the Spanish verb RESPONDER - to respond

There are many much more Spanish Verb Tables like this one.YOU can conveniently add comparable daily Spanish verb lessons to your website - free by copying and also pasting some code we give you.You can an ext easily remember words and also verbs choose the Spanish for respond responder utilizing the approaches of the world"s storage Masters.

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Enjoy her Spanish verb responder learning.200 native a Day! accelerated Language learninglearn Spanish | learn French | learn German | learn Italian | learn Welsh | 200 native a Day! cost-free Daily Spanish Lesson virtual - the verb in Spanish because that respond is responder - fully conjugated.

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