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Rito Yuki has actually more womales in his life than he knows what to perform through. As if it wasn’t sufficient to have actually three Devilukean princesses living in cshed quarters - currently, alien girls from throughout the galaxy are enrolling in his institution also!



E1 | Unconsciously ~Light Head, Pounding Heart~

A casual day for Rito and also the girls becomes something more as a Devilukean drink has actually a strange impact on Sairenji.

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E2 | Unsimple ~A Wavering Heart~

Rito picks up a stvariety gadget that Lala dropped at school. The alien modern technology has actually an exciting effect that will leave Rito tired and a tiny mousy.


E3 | After a storm comes a calm ~Friends~

Nana retreats to her very own private Safari to condesign template Mea’s true develop and also the words she sassist that might forever change their friendship.

E4 | Summer Festival ~ The Festival Begins ~

Rito and the girls are all set to have actually a blast at the Summer Festival. But as Momo is enjoying rare time alone via Rito, a dangerous introduction is made.

E5 | New move ~Two of a Kind?~

The day after an awkward mishap, Rito bumps into Yui while boarding a train and an additional sticky case occurs. After that, Mea is invited to dinner at the Yuuki house.

E6 | Manservant ~Competition~

Momo fantasizes about alone time with Rito, just to be interrupted by Nemesis. Later on, the bath becomes a hot spot as Momo finds Rito through someone unmeant.

E7 | Resistance ~I Know, But Still…~

Momo is came to about the distance in between Tearju and also Yami, and she tells Rito as a lot. He decides to soptimal with Yami, yet Mea’s contribution might be the tipping suggest.

E8 | Danger ~ A Wicked Blade ~

Rito and the girls are enlisted to help out at theTenjouin mansion. The girls dress up as maids for the task, however a mysterious sword transforms the mansion right into a battleground.

E9 | Kiss ~What Lies Beyond a Kiss~

Lala wants to help Rito and also Haruna acquire closer, however Momo’s plan requirements Lala to be the first wife. Utilizing a dating sim, Momo educates her sister about expressions of love.

E10 | True character ~Identity Revealed!?~

A vacuum Lala created goes crazy as a result of Oshizu’s powers; it’s sucking up the girl’s clothes! Mea is forced to make a decision as the invention’s core threatens the institution.

E11 | The beginning of darkness ~ When the Time Comes ~

With everyone"s acceptance of Mea, Yami is coming to a realization that will certainly change everything; Nemesis capitalizes on this and pushes the situation to a breaking point.

E12 | Prediction is impossible ~ Out of Control Darkness ~

Yami’s transformation takes everyone off guard; her goal stays the same, but nobody supposed her approaches. Mea resists against Nemesis’ organize on her body in an effort to help.

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