I recently had actually the possibility to write an write-up for the Society of Actuaries Long-Term treatment Insurance ar newsletter. Why am ns interested in long-term care insurance? because the insurers and their policyholders are stakeholders who stand to benefit from update houses. The short article explains the value updated dwellings carries because that long-term care insurers and policyholders and also identifies partners that are likewise interested.

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I additionally attended the annual Intercompany Long-Term treatment Insurance Conference this winter. Long Term treatment insurance is a whole new industry for me. I spoke top top a couple of kind panels and also learned a lot. Ns met really good folks genuinely concerned around the long-term treatment needs of enlarge Americans.

There is no factor to be surprised. All the other stakeholders I recognize – native remodeling, technology, homecare, various parts of the medical care continuum, transportation, etc. – room equally dedicated and passionate around their work. Anyone truly gets the difficulties of aging well, with dignity and also finite resources. And they desire to do it better.

In both the article and also the panels I mentioned juniorg8.com’s leadership role to help these stakeholders view their mutual interest and use the clout the their combined resources.

So…why the Star Trek quote in the title?

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. That five-year mission: to explore strange brand-new worlds. To seek out new life and brand-new civilizations. To boldly go wherein no guy one has actually gone before!

This phrase, with an update, is acquainted to many. Star Trek recorded our imaginations and many hrs of our lives. However it is no just about the final frontier. That is around any frontier. It captured our imaginations since the crew was willing to step out of their comfort zone.

Why room we afraid to action up and ‘boldly’ make things better?

Maybe because I to be a carpenter I expect tangible outcomes from my work. It is not only about conception, design, permits or financing. That is also around ‘boldly’ stepping as much as a heap of lumber, measuring, cutting and nailing boards to rally something that was not there before. The goal is something you can walk through, touch and use.


I developed this…back in the day!

You may be thinking: exactly how did he obtain from a lengthy term care industry news to Star Trek and carpentry work?

Two things inspired this post:

1. I am currently on 2 “working groups” to advance home modifications. I have known some of the other specialists for years, others room welcome brand-new players. Both working groups set their ‘goals’ prior to I was invite to sign up with The purposes are enhancing data and also making people aware. These objectives are short of ‘cutting and also hammering’ – the real, tangible goal of changing houses.

2. I read terrific paper, simply released, ~ above a new means to fund and carry out catastrophic lengthy term treatment coverage to countless Americans. There is no concern of need. Countless of us will endure catastrophic health worries that wipe united state out financially and also rob us and our families from the problems to take obligation for our lives as we age. But the arrangement stops brief of what should additionally be component of the goal – proposal or incentives come avoid the catastrophe.

Why are we fear to step up and also ‘boldly’ make points better?

If friend only plan to gain to the 5 yard line you will not do it right into the finish zone. Properly reaching your goal go not resolve the trouble if the score does not include the solution.


A recent example of bolder goal setting is the Amazon, JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway cooperation to fix healthcare. The score is not to discover cheaper coverage or conserve money by self insuring. Or even develop an insurance firm from i m sorry they have the right to profit. They arrangement to resolve the problem. This partnership has actually the normal players and also media in a tizzy. Will the cooperation disrupt medical care as we recognize it? Well, that would be great. This is bold action. Recognize the problem and set a goal of fixing it.

juniorg8.com is leading us to the score of increasing the number of homes with the volume for citizens to live throughout your lives. Not educate about modifications. No wait for catastrophe come act. Change housing once it can make a difference.

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How are we doing it? Lobbying and advising the federal government. Publishing study to show stakeholders value. Promoting grass root campaigns. Harnessing the collective power to assistance the effort. Authorize on here. Donate. Obtain in touch. Much more to come in the next few months.