Un principio main en la cultura americana es la familia y su valor como tal se entrelaza con el sistema de inmigración Americano. Una de las formas más eficientes para estar cerca de sus seres queridos es a través de la inmigración de familiar. Ciudadanos Americanos (USC) y Residentes Permanentes (LPR) pueden solicitar a sus familiares inmediatos. Para ciertos miembros de familia, que no child familiares inmediatos, el sistema de preferencia de visas establece el tiempo que tomará para que éste pueda inmigrar a Estados Unidos.

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Absolutely exceptional service. The process was really fast and we never had to worry around anything. They were super communicative and were may be to assist us both in English and Spanish. Castle helped guide us through the entire procedure and anytime we had a inquiry it was answered instantly if no within a pair of hours. Also though our case was not in Georgia castle went over and beyond.leer más


very VERY Happy that we determined Quijano regulation to assist us v my husband"s immigration needs. The stress is currently over and we deserve to enjoy the peace and also security of that now having actually his eco-friendly card thanks to Quijano Law. Give thanks to you therefore much!leer más


Clyde & Alma, this has actually been a exorbitant experience and also the most happiest day for my wife and I. Quijano & Associates is by much the finest Immigration attorney in the Atlanta subway area. Lock worked very hard to make sure we prepared all papers correctly, and also answered every concern my wife and I had actually along the way. Quijano & Associates are very honest and shows empathy to our case and also others. Again, give thanks to you males so much. Champagne bottles will be opening tonight ☺️leer más

fantastic attention from the lawyer Viviana, taking a personalized case, very valuable service.strongly recommended.

say thanks to you so much for helping me!! Quijano and her team room amazing!! They are truly proffecional, I extremely recommend them.leer más
v the politics climate as it is, ns did not want to take any type of chances v my wife"s change of status case. I researched other immigration legislation firms yet was not fully confident in their ability to represent our case. I discovered Quijano law by chance and was very impressed by the professional demeanor of everyone in their office.I had plenty of questions around the process and I found that someone in their office to be answering my concerns in a fashionable manner. The process was explained in detail and also we to be guided every step of the method by the office. Many importantly, before our interview with immigration officers, us were prepared so we knew what to mean in the interview.I do not think the there are any type of truly straightforward cases once it comes to immigration law, and also it takes sent professionals and also a devoted staff come navigate any procedure involving united state immigration. I know that if us did not have actually Quijano Law managing our case, our instance would have actually been delayed and also much an ext difficult.leer más
Viviana and her team space amazing! They"re very qualified, knowledgeable, reliable and also professional. Our case wasn"t simple. Viviana and her associates had everything under control since the beginning! whatever went smoothly and they were obtainable and donate every action of the way. We couldn"t maybe be any type of happier! selecting Quijano & Associates has been one of the ideal decisions we"ve ever before made. We very recommend their services.leer más
every one of the staff at Quijano law are an extremely professional and have the absolute ideal customer care! Viviana Quijano was our lawyer in my husband"s naturalization case and also she went over and beyond to make sure we were ready for anything and also everything the came with our case. Ms. Quijano showcases empathy, integrity, and grand intelligence. She constantly let us know all of our choices and never pressured united state to execute anything, however instead to walk us v the different decisions us were allowed to do on our own. Her employee was really organized and punctual and constantly took considerate treatment with us whenever we got to out for anything. We got personalized treatment and always felt welcomed and also safe with Quijano Law. Give thanks to you, thank you, say thanks to you for everything you every did for our family. Over there is not sufficient words in the whole world to use, that could ever important express how thankful our household is v this for sure for whatever you all did because that our case and our family!!!leer más
all of the staff at Quijano legislation are an extremely professional and also have the absolute ideal customer care! Viviana Quijano was our lawyer in my husband"s citizens case and also she went above and beyond to make sure we were ready for anything and everything that came through our case. Ms. Quijano showcases empathy, integrity, and grand intelligence. She constantly let united state know all of our alternatives and never ever pressured united state to carry out anything, but instead to walk us with the different decisions us were permitted to do on our own. Her staff was very organized and also punctual and always took considerate care with us whenever we got to out because that anything. We received personalized treatment and constantly felt welcomed and also safe through Quijano Law. Say thanks to you, thank you, give thanks to you for whatever you all did for our family. Over there is not sufficient words in the whole civilization to use, that might ever truly express exactly how thankful our family is with this firm for every little thing you all did for our case and also our family!!!leer más
an excellent Law Firm take it from someone that has had actually experience with other lawyers. Quijano regulation went over and past with my questions, concerns, and expectations. My husband to be detained by Ice and also was able to come out v the aid of Quijano Law. In the situation I was in one of my biggest involves was to move quickly to obtain him out and also I am so greatfull the this for sure moves very quickly. I had countless questions and concerns follow me the way and Viviana Quijano and Celest to be so patient and caring in answering every one of my questions. Ns couldn"t have actually asked for a much better law firm and also I continue to look forward to working through you. Give thanks to you!!!leer más
mine family and also I are exceptionally appreciative of Quijano & Associates. My name is Jessica Medrano and also I am writing this testimonial to share a small bit of my husbands and I endure with Quijano & Associates. Recently we completed my husband’s immigration procedure Petition for alien Relative. We decided to usage Quijano & Associates because that my husband’s procedure because castle were very recommended to united state from numerous close family and also friends who had once remained in our shoes. I understand from an individual experience picking an attorney is no easy and also can be nerve wrecking, specifically when handling the subject of immigration. For us it was extremely vital to uncover an attorney that was truthful and also meticulous, and also Attorney Viviana Quijano to be that since day among our initial consultation. ~ listening to our concerns & case she guaranteed united state that every little thing was walk to walk smoothly. The process itself is overwhelming, however thankfully we had attorney Quijano to walk us through all the crucial steps. She was extremely beneficial in every little thing from start to the end. She do the process less stressful then it could have been. This particular day marks 3 mainly that us completed his procedure and it might not have actually gone smoother. We will forever it is in thankful and appreciative because that attorney Quijano and her staff. Ns would highly recommend Quijano & Associates to anyone that is in a comparable situation like ours, you will not regret it.Thank You lawyer Quijano for all your impressive workJessica & luis EspanolMi familia y yo apreciamos mucho a Quijano & Associates. Mi nombre es Jessica Medrano y estoy escribiendo para compartirles un poco la experiencia que adquiridomos mi esposo y yo con Quijano & Associates. Recientemente completamos el proceso de inmigración de mi esposo, Petición para un acquainted extranjero.Decidimos usar Quijano & Associates para el proceso de mi esposo porque nos la recomendaron muchos familiares cercanos y amigos que alguna vez estuvieron en nuestro lugar. Sé que, por experiencia personal, elegir un abogado/a no es fácil y puede ser estresante, especialmente cuando se trata sobre el tema de la inmigración. Para nosotros fue extremadamente importante encontrar un abogado/a que fuera sincero y meticuloso, y la abogada Viviana Quijano lo fue desde el primer día de nuestra consulta inicial. Después de escuchar nuestras preocupaciones y nuestro caso, ella nos garantizó que todo iba a salir bien. El proceso en sí es abrumador, pero afortunadamente tuvimos a la abogado Quijano para que nos guiara por todos los pasos necesarios. Ella fue extremadamente servicial en todo, desde el principio hasta el final. Ella hizo el proceso menos estresante de lo que podría haber sido. Hoy hace 3 semanas que completamos su proceso y no pudo haber sido más fácil. Estaremos siempre muy agradecidos con la abogada Quijano y su personal. Recomendaría Quijano & Associates a cualquier persona que se encuentre en una situación similar a la nuestra, les prometo que no se arrepentirán. Gracias abogado Quijano por su increíble trabajo. Jessica y Luisleer más
We have been working through Viviana for the previous year and a fifty percent on my husband’s case. Thanks to Vianana’s knowledge and also professionalism mine husband’s visa was finally approved. I will be forever grateful v her and her team for whatever they did because that us. Viviana was outstanding at hearne to mine concerns and was always available to answer any kind of questions i had. Thanks again Viviana !leer más

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mine wife and also I extremely recommend Quijano law firm. Really professional, dedicated, high high quality services, would certainly recommend this regulation firm to anybody who requirements an immigrant services.leer más