Sometimes, you have the right to see that some songs are greyed the end in your Apple Music app, and also if friend tap top top the song to play it, one error article pops up informing you "Item no Available, This items can"t it is in played", this may ruin your mood once you are eager to hear to a specific song. This difficulty may be caused by miscellaneous reasons and also there are some advice you can use to resolve the problem. Besides, we additionally recommend to apologize Music Converter i beg your pardon can assist you to transform Apple Music songs to MP3 or M4A you can use without limitation and get rid that "item no available" problem.

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Why You acquire Apple Music article Not accessible Error Message

When tapping a greyed out song in apple Music app, you will gain "Item no Available, This item can"t it is in played" error message. It"s annoying. Actually, it can be brought about by various reasons on different computers. It can be a sync trouble when syncing from iTunes to iOS device, iCloud music library trouble caused through a lag network connection, one Apple Music server problem, the termination of the track on apologize Music, pre-release album, etc. However, according to our investigation, under most instances it would be a sync problem.

For example, the file is lacking on her computer and also it was still noted in your iTunes library, and you synced it. Or the document has been modified in part way, or it"s an interrupt download song. All such troubles may make it unplayable in iTunes or Music App.


How to fix "Item no Available, This article can"t it is in played" Problem?

The reasons could be various and there isn"t a addressed solution, we will certainly list all feasible reason and also corresponding fix. So if you have obtained Apple Music "Item no Available, This item can"t be played" problem, shot the adhering to tips and there should be one working for you.

1. Authorization condition Was Lost

In part cases, iTunes might "forget" that your computer has been authorized. Or you have multiple computer systems (both home windows & Mac, or family members using very same Apple ID) and want come authorize her Apple identifier on a new computer, yet you have used up 5 computers and you de-authorized all your computer. Therefore you deserve to simply try to authorize the computer system again. Click Account > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer. Or choose Deauthorize This Computer very first then authorize it again.

2. ICloud Music Library

If you usage iTunes match or iCloud Music Library, make certain you have actually turned ~ above iCloud Music Library on her iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and also computer. If friend accidentally turned off iCloud Music Library or it was turned off automatically, song won"t be download from iCloud. That"s why the song list is greyed out and also you can"t play any songs in the list.

It"s basic to revolve on iCloud Music Library. Top top iOS devices, walk to setups > Music, top top Mac, go to menu > iTunes > choice > General, and on Windows, go to menu > modify > choice > General. Simply examine "iCloud Music Library".


3. Incomplete Download or Sync Failure

It"s possible that a song is not completely downloaded. Or you might encounter a synchronization problem when delivering songs native iTunes to her device.

In iTunes, you deserve to simply right-click top top the song and also choose "Delete native Library" and click "Remove Song" come confirm. Then include the tune to iTunes library and download that again, then attach your device to PC/Mac and re-sync again. Please keep in mind that it would be much better you include the song to original playlist and sync the very same songs if you don"t desire to make any type of other change on her device.

However, if the problem is caused by apologize Music server problem, you might need come wait part time for the deal with or you can check Apple Music server status, or call Apple assistance using Apple ar or Twitter.

4. Making use of Old variation of iTunes or iOS

Maybe you room still using an old variation of iTunes or iOS. You deserve to simply upgrade iTunes or iOS to recent version. Top top Windows, if you are using Microsoft save version of iTunes, you re welcome upgrade to recent version utilizing in Microsoft Store. If you are using independent version, you can click Apple software application Update to upgrade, or straight download latest version and also install it to overwrite the old version. On Mac, you deserve to simply upgrade iTunes via Mac app Store. As to iOS, it"s recommended to upgrade iOS to sustained latest version for your device.

5. Shared Playlist or Compilation Album

"Item no Available, This items can"t it is in played" problem happens a lot once listening to a shared playlist. It"s feasible that the creator that the common playlist added some songs purchased from iTunes save or other resource to the playlist. We recognize that not all artists are easily accessible on apologize Music. For example, when you find a song unavailable on apple Music yet the song is noted in shared playlist from your friends.


6. Track Not easily accessible on to apologize Music7. Pre-release Album

Go come music ar in iTunes, or open your Music application on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or open up Apple Music application on Android device, click or insanity Browse and go come bottom you will easily uncover "Coming Soon" section. You can click or tap "See All" to view all accessible albums. All of them are pre-release albums. The songs in pre-release album however not in any kind of other exit ablum will certainly be greyed out. If girlfriend play the songs, girlfriend will get "Item no Available, This item can"t be played" error message. The songs in pre-release album but likewise in any type of other released album deserve to be played normally.


To play such greyed the end songs, every you need to do is part patience. Generally speaking, you should wait from part days to 2 mainly or even longer. Friend can include Pre-release album to your iTunes library. When the album becomes easily accessible on to apologize Music, the songs will certainly be automatically add to your iTunes library.

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Convert apple Music come MP3 or M4A to protect against "Item no Available, This items can"t it is in played" Problem

By converting Apple Music tracks to MP3 or M4A, you deserve to avoid many internet link problem. You can copy the song to exterior drive or remove USB driver, upload come Google Drive, One journey or Dropbox, or usage iTunes alternate programs to deliver music native iTunes to iOS maker or vice versa to protect against sync difficulties caused through overstaffed iTunes. Besides, you have the right to enjoy the converted Apple Music song on iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, PSP, Walkman and any MP3 players. To transform Apple Music come MP3, every you require is to apologize Music Converter.