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The "Shining Finger Sword" is one of Domon Kasshu"s two special signature move in the anime mobile Fighter G Gundam, the other move being the "Erupting burning Finger". The move is accompanied by an epos barrage that cheesy dialogue, flashing colors, and also a heroic soundtrack, making the a well-known target of audioswap videos.

The initial Mobile Fighter G Gundam, i beg your pardon aired in Japan in 1994, didn"t start the audioswap trend. But when the english referred to as version aired in 2002, world started taking notification of the cheesy dialogue, and also the hilarity of the surname of the special relocate in general.

Shining Finger Sword

The the ultimate assault of Domon Kasshu"s mobile fighter bright Gundam. When he provides the attack, the yells the end the following.

This hand that mine glows through an awesome power!

Its burning grip tells me to loss you!


MY LOVE, mine ANGER, AND every one of MY SORROW!


Erupting burning Finger

After Domon Kasshu gains contol that the God Gundam (Burning Gundam in the American versions), he provides a brand-new special strike named "Erupting burn Finger", i m sorry is at least, if not more ridiculous 보다 its predecessor "Shining Finger Sword". This move is likewise called "Bakunetsu God Finger" in the original japanese audio clips.

This hand of mine is burning red!

It"s loud roar tells me to master victory!




And now…



When Domon Kasshu comes throughout an enemy, who is the victim come his brother Kyoji"s evil deeds, he claims the following phrase, prior to proceeding to destroy his opponent with shining Finger Sword. The line has come to be a popular resource of humour, and it"s typically used in the comment ar of videos.

This ability to me recover, enabling the deceased Dahall and also his Gundam to store on resurrecting. I"m positive, this guy has actually aquired ability of the Dark (Devil) Gundam through THE help OF KYOJI!!!

According to TvTropes, The assist of Kyoji is an Ascended Meme<8>. In the game dynasty Warriors: Gundam, the player has actually the option of having actually Kyoji and also the evil one Gundam as aid units. This provides it possible to overtake a field, or to win an enemy with "The aid of Kyoji".

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Popularity top top YouTube

The many popular video featuring the bright Finger Sword, is the initial scene, which has recieved around 400 000 views, but other variations of the same scene have up to 250 000 see at their best. The Erupting burn Finger has actually recieved around 550 000 views, and also there are an ext audioswap videos of it, 보다 there are of bright Finger Sword. The popularity of the audioswap videos themselves varies in between 1000 and 100 000 views, most of them gathering from 5000 to 20 000 views.