Gordan Ramsay's "It's Raw" picture Immortalizes His Most well known Catchphrase cook Gordon Ramsay comes throughout a worrying quantity of undercooked food, hence his renowned catchphrase “It’s raw” has actually been immortalized in meme form.

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Gordon Ramsay It's Raw
Here’s how Gordon Ramsay’s most famed catchphrase – “It’s raw” – has actually been immortalized in image form. Cantankerous British chef Gordon Ramsay rose to fame together the host of several culinary-focused reality shows together as Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef alongside programs like Kitchen Nightmares and Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hrs To Hell and Back, which view him shot to turn around the fates that failing restaurants. It was on such reflects that Ramsay gained infamy for his fiery temper, mountain tongue and tendency to make an oath a lot.

It’s a commonly known reality that Gordon Ramsay no one come hold back when it pertains to voicing his displeasure over improperly prepared food – a habit the has developed some hilarious and colorful insults. On Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay once contrasted a contestant’s attempt at a stuffed chicken chest to a “dehydrated camel’s t**d” and also told another her overcooked Dover sole looked choose “Gandhi’s upper and lower reversal flop.” while filming an illustration of Kitchen Nightmares in ~ a Miami restaurant in 2010, a chef messed up a Caesar salad so badly it promoted Ramsay to proclaim “My gran can do better. And also she’s dead.”

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Considering the worrying amount of undercooked food Gordon Ramsay comes across, it do not do it be too surprising the the native “It’s raw” type his most renowned catchphrase. It seems as though the chef has uttered those native or some variation of castle - generally peppered with an expletive or 2 - on pretty much every show he’s hosted. He’s acquired rather creative with his catchphrase over the year too, throwing the end insults like “This f***ing pigeon’s the raw it have the right to still fly” and describing a lamb cutlet together “So life it’s still got its structure on it.”

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Gordon Ramsay’s most famous phrase has inspired numerous a picture too. Beyond a plethora of memes featuring one angry-faced Ramsay emblazoned v the words “It’s raw” the meme-making ar has linked the chef’s slogan with references to pop culture too – favor the hilarious Lion King-themed “The pork is so raw it’s still to sing Hakuna Matata” or the Finding Nemo-inspired “That fish is so raw it’s still trying to find its son.” One genius YouTuber called NorbJr even replaced every dinosaur roar in the Jurassic World: collapse Kingdom trailer v Ramsay uttering “raw.”

Of course, that was just a issue of time prior to Gordon Ramsay’s very own catchphrase got thrown earlier in his face. As soon as the chef shared a snapshot of some very pink-looking chateaubriand made in ~ his Maze Grill restaurant in London via Twitter, he to be met through a chorus the “It’s raw” and also “That meat is quiet mooing.”