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Bryan Conlin dressed as Captain America, and Connor Hughes dressed together Jon Snow during Anime 2015. Aram Boghosian for the Globe

Skip Netflix this weekend—here room 10 means to acquire out of your home and also not be bored in the city. If you’d like BosTen ceded to your inbox every Thursday, click here. Want more things to do? examine out our occasions calendar at Girlfriend can additionally learn even more about amazing events about by involvement the BosTen on facebook group.

Magnolia Bakery cool Opening

Magnolia Bakery, the brand-new York City sweet clues that helped make cupcakes a thing ago in the 2000s, will open its first place in Faneuil room Thursday morning at 10 a.m. Amongst the decadent treats the bakery will sell is the cream pie banana pudding, which will certainly be free with any type of purchase because that the very first 50 customers every day with Thursday, April 5. (Opens Thursday, in march 29 in ~ 10 a.m.; Magnolia Bakery,; free; all ages)

Science by the Pint: man-made Memories

It doesn’t take it a scientist come tell you the your memory can acquire a small hazy after friend drink a couple of alcoholic beverages. But why is it that your memory have the right to sometimes create completely artificial memories, also when you have actually a young and healthy brain? gain a pair of beers in ~ Aeronaut impending as Dr. Steve Ramirez, one assistant professor of mental and mind sciences at University, delves into exactly how memory works, and also how it can be manipulated. (Thursday, march 29 native 6:30 p.m. Come 8:30 p.m.; Aeronaut Brewing, Somerville; free; 21+)

Dashboard Confessional

One of the defining emo rock groups of the early on 2000s will execute at the residence of Blues on Friday in assistance of “Crooked Shadows,” its very first album this decade. If you’re interested in going, “don’t wait” until the critical minute because that tickets, as only a limited number is still available. (Friday, in march 30 at 5:30 p.m.; residence of Blues,; $33-53; all ages)

Anime’s geek ar will be the end in pressure this weekend together Anime return to the Hynes Convention Center. The event schedule is a dizzying mix of numerous talks, demonstrations, and also hands-on tasks about video clip games, anime, cosplay, and many various other traditionally nerdy pursuits. Also if you don’t attend, mean to view some stunningly fancy costumes ~ above the eco-friendly Line this weekend. (Friday, in march 30 through Sunday, April 1 at assorted times; Hynes Convention Center,; $25-75; all ages)

43rd annual Gardeners’ Gathering

We might hit 60 levels in this weekend with a bit of rain, which is welcome news for those passionate for gardening season come begin. Because that juniorg8.comians itching to put their eco-friendly thumbs come use, Northeastern will play host to the 43rd annual gardeners’ collection on Saturday. Attendees deserve to learn just how to tree a raised bed garden, set up a backyard chicken coop, or simply enhance their existing crop selection by swapping seeds with fellow gardeners. (Saturday, in march 31 from 10 a.m. Come 5 p.m.; Shilman Hall, Northeastern University,; free; all ages)

Cambridge brewing Co. Tart Fest

Cambridge Brewing company loves that beer festivals, hosting annual celebrations for styles of all species throughout the year. This weekend, the the sour’s turn, and the brewery will sell up a lineup of 16 cake beers, consisting of the amusingly named whatever Is a Remix and Honey Badger 2017. (Saturday, in march 31 native 11 a.m. To 1 a.m.; Cambridge impending Co., Cambridge; free; 21+)

Castle Island Brewing firm Ax Throwing

Neither that the upcoming ax-throwing bars is open yet, yet you have the right to still channel your inner Paul Bunyan at castle Island impending this Saturday. Stoughton-based agency Adventure activities is taking appointments from 4 p.m. To 10 p.m. In ~ the brewery. There will certainly be enough room for 20 ax throwers come take transforms aiming at four targets and for patrons to clock them native a safe distance away. (Saturday, march 31 native 4 p.m. To 10 p.m.; castle Island Brewing, Norwood; $30; 21+)

Asian Street Food Night Market

Ten local vendors, including twin Chin, shiver Crab, and also Ichiban, will certainly join pressures Saturday to develop an asian street food night market. The sellers will cook up an ext than 20 different asian dishes and snacks, favor Peking duck, Chinese crepes, Uyghur lamb kebab, and also bubble tea. Tickets are only obtainable online. (Saturday, march 31 native 8 p.m. Come 11:30 p.m.; pine Manor College, Chestnut Hill, Brookline; $8; all ages)

“The angry Dead”

Before Sam Raimi uncovered mainstream audiences together the director of “Spider-Man,” ‘Spider-Man 2,” and “Spider-Man 3,” the was currently known to cult movie fans because that his darkly comic low-budget film “The angry Dead.” The movie stars a young Bruce Campbell together the most tenacious that a team of friends stuck in a cabin in the woods together (you guessed it) angry dead things shot to kill them. It will play in ~ midnight Saturday night in ~ the Coolidge. (Saturday, march 31 in ~ 11:59 p.m.; Coolidge edge Theatre, Brookline; $12.75; rated R)

Easter Brunch harbor Cruise

If you’re looking come splash a small cash because that a sophisticated Easter brunch in, Odyssey Cruises will serve up a three-course brunch menu and a complimentary glass the champagne (or juice because that the underage or champagne-averse) while girlfriend soak in two hrs of through sea. Early on risers can select the 9 a.m. Cruise because that $65 every person, while those that sleep in (or possibly go come church) deserve to board in ~ 1:30 p.m. Because that an afternoon cruise that’s $80 every person. (Sunday, April 1 from 9 a.m. Come 12 p.m.

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Or 1:30 p.m. Come 4 p.m.; Rowes Wharf,; $65-80; all ages)