The Winged Dragon of Ra – Immortal Phoenix completes the trifecta of The Winged Dragon of Ra’s miscellaneous forms. It was the Immortal Phoenix create that Marik supplied against Joey in the Battle City semifinals to cause him so much actual damages as a result of power of the Shadow Games that he fell down prior to he could win the Duel. Now that power can be yours thanks to the Millennium Pack!

The Winged Dragon of Ra – Immortal Phoenix has actually 4000 ATK and DEF and also deserve to just be Summoned from the Graveyard if The Winged Dragon of Ra is set from the area to your Graveyard. That Summoning capability cannot be Chained to and also the Immortal Phoenix is also immune to the effects of any other cards while it’s on the field. It retains the capacity to send any kind of monster on the area to the Graveyard for the low price of 1000 LP, an ability that doesn’t target and also deserve to be used multiple times a rotate, making the Immortal Phoenix perfect for finishing off an opponent, specifically in conjunction via the cards you’ll must aid you Summon it!


While you could go with the activities of loading Immortal Phoenix right into the Graveyard, then Tributing 3 monsters for The Winged Dragon of Ra – Spbelow Setting or The Winged Dragon of Ra, you can actually save yourself the majority of time and initiative trying to attract all the cards you require and also acquire them right into the ideal locations if you can Xyz Summon 2 Rank 6 Xyz Monsters instead.


For your initially Xyz Summon, you’ll desire Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal who deserve to send The Winged Dragon of Ra – Immortal Phoenix and The Winged Dragon of Ra to your Graveyard on consecutive turns.

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Then on your next rotate, you’ll want to Summon Inzektor Exa-Beetle and use it to Equip The Winged Dragon of Ra through its impact. Now, you deserve to usage Inzektor Exa-Beetle’s impact to send The Winged Dragon of Ra and a face-up card from your opponent’s side of the area to the Graveyard, which will certainly permit you to Summon The Winged Dragon of Ra – Immortal Phoenix from your Graveyard! Because Inzektor Exa-Beetle is Rank 6, you deserve to then usage it as Xyz Material to Summon Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger, providing you over 9000 ATK on your side of the field! Your opponent can’t even escape the combo by leaving just face-dvery own cards on the area because Xyz Summoning Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger will certainly cause The Winged Dragon of Ra to be destroyed as an Equip Card via no monster to equip to, triggering Immortal Phoenix’s effect anymethods.

Tright here are many creative ways to exploit Marik’s ultimate monster, and also you deserve to start experimenting them tomorrow when the Millennium Pack launches!