Journalize the transactions,Enter the beginning balances in the accounts and post the newspaper entries to the stockholders’ same accounts(Post entries in the bespeak of newspaper entries post in the vault part.),Prepare the stockholders’ equity ar of the balance sheet at December 31, 2014, andCalculate the payout ratio, revenue per share, and return on typical stockholders’ equity(Round earning every share come 2 decimal places, e.g. $2.66 and also all other answers to 1 decimal place. 17.5%.)The stockholders’ equity accounts that Miley corporation on January 1, 2014, were as follows.Preferred share (8%, $100par noncumulative,4,300shares authorized)$258,000Common stock ($5stated value,338,300shares authorized)1,353,200Paid-in funding in overfill of Par Value—Preferred Stock10,320Paid-in resources in overabundance of declared Value—Common Stock541,280Retained Earnings685,600Treasury Stock—(4,300common shares)34,400During 2014, the corporation had actually the complying with transactions and also events pertaining come its stockholders’ equity.Feb.1Issued5,100shares of common stock because that $35,700.Mar.20Purchased1,580additional share of usual treasury stock at $8per share.Oct.1Declared a8% cash dividend on preferred stock, payable November 1.Nov.1Paid the dividend asserted on October 1.Dec.1Declared a $0.60per re-superstructure cash dividend to typical stockholders of document on December 15, payable December 31, 2014.Dec.31Determined that net earnings for the year to be $280,700. Payment the dividend declared on December 1.

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