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In this part of the God of battle Guide, friend will find the unfolding the the search to unlock the realm of Muspelheim. Friend will additionally find here the unfolding that the various trials that await girlfriend in the Realm the Fire.

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During your expedition of the world, you will regularly loss on weird chests adorned with a mask. By opening them, friend will acquire Muspelheim Cipher piece (and later on Niflheim ones). When you regulate to conference 4 Cipher Pieces, you have the right to go come the Realm take trip Room and also unlock Muspelheim.

Note: while there’s just 4 Muspelheim Cipher Pieces, there are many much more chests that deserve to contain them. Below you will uncover the place of the chests that are the most quickly accessible during the adventure.

Location the the Muspelheim Cipher Pieces

Muspelheim Cipher item 1/4: In the forget Caverns, rise to the top level to uncover the chest top top the left.


Muspelheim Cipher piece 2/4: in ~ the Cliffs that the Raven, go to the various other side the the giant’s body and also send Atreus upstairs, climate climb follow me the chain to with the chest.


Muspelheim Cipher item 3/4: In the caves located on the other side of the door of Vanaheim, behind a tiny poisoned area.


Muspelheim Cipher item 4/4: After getting the Shock Arrows, go back to the Witch’s Cave and also detonate the crystals in prior of the bridge, climate you will discover the chest ~ above the right.


Once all the pieces space yours, go to the Realm travel Room and also unlock the realm of Muspelheim. From climate on girlfriend can start the climb of the hill by completing the various trials of Surtr. To execute this, you will need to go to each of the arenas that space in the mountain in order to complete 2 trials in a row, every proposing various objectives.

By completing a trial, you gain accessibility to a chest containing materials to upgrade her gear, and the opportunity of do the efforts a more an overwhelming trial. Once you’re done, you deserve to move on to the following arena. Keep in mind that to pass these trials you will need an extremely high top quality equipment and also many skills and rune attacks. So, the is far better to tackle this task just after having at least reached the Level 6.


Trial 1 – regular : loss 15 adversaries within 3:00

Trial 1 – tough : Defeat enemies in quick succession. To do it, undermine all the enemies before killing castle quickly.

Trial 2 – typical : make it through for 5 minutes.

Trial 2 – difficult : Defeat opponents while they quickly regenerate health. Fight with your ceiling hands and also use the light Arrows that Atreus to stun the enemies.

Trial 3 – common : kill grunts to break the Elite’s shield. Girlfriend can’t win the elite while he’s no alone. Focus your strikes on the Dark Elf lord minions prior to fighting him.

Trial 3 – tough : Kill enemies while they are inside the gold rings.

Trial 4 – common : loss 100 enemies.

Trial 4 – hard : don’t let enemies record Atreus. Continue to be alert and protect the child at every costs.

Trial 5 – regular : Kill enemies to rise time.

Trial 5 – hard : defeat all adversaries without acquisition damage. Probably one that the most daunting trial because the slightest damages will an outcome in a failure. Shot to keep your shield lifted constantly and eliminate as countless enemies as possible from afar.

Trial 6 – regular : loss the Valkyrie, Göndul. For more details on this confrontation, see the equivalent section that the God of war Walkthrough.

Surtr’s concealed Trials

When you’re done through the 6th trial, you deserve to pick up the rare loot from the body of the Valkyrie and then open the chests that appear at the ago to collect materials.

Then, you can repeat every Muspellheim Trial, but be mindful as they will be even more difficult than before. By passing the trials 1 come 4, you will be able to get keys. Once you have controlled to get 3 keys, you will certainly be maybe to try Surtr’s concealed Trials in ~ the sixth Arena.

If girlfriend succeed, you will unlock the “Fire and BrimstoneTrophy and also you will have the possibility of retrieving even much more rare materials, such as the Crest that Surtr.

Note that Surtr’s hidden Trials have the right to be excellent as many times together you want, which is a good way to retrieve big amounts of rare resources.

Trial 1 – impossible : loss 20 adversaries without taking any type of damage.

Trial 2 – difficult : kill enemies prior to time operation out.

Trial 3 – impossible : Kill opponents while they space inside the yellow rings.

Trial 4 – impossible : kill all opponents while they easily regenerate Health.

Trial 5 – impossible : Kill opponents to boost time.

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Trial 6 – difficult : kill all the enemies. To obtain the finest reward, friend will need to kill at least 50 enemies prior to the finish of the time limit.