Seven strangers kick turn off the experience of a life time when lock move into their brand-new Seattle house, yet they have actually no idea seven civilization they have actually unfinished company with, their negative blood, will certainly be relocating in with them really soon

Sparks fly as former friends Mike and Peter pursue brand-new romances through Jordan and Anna. Theo"s grudge versus his cousin, Kassius, take away an emotional toll ~ above both the them.

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The autumn from game night continues as Robbie and Mike finish up in an argument, Tyara grows jealous together Theo gets close to other women, and also DJ Maserobbiee takes the spotlight.

The feud between sisters Anna and also Katrina intensifies when Peter begins sleeping with Anna. Orlana reveals a secret about her previous bestie, Jordan, if Jenn seeks closure from she ex, Robbie.

The home is rocked by the news that seven new cast members room arriving, and there’s a twist: Each brand-new arrival has a controversial connection to an existing roommate.

A scandalous hookup between Jenn and Peter has major repercussions because that both that them. Tyara proves to it is in her very own worst foe in her budding relationship with Theo.
Tyara feels excluded after gift left alone in a nightclub, and also tensions operation high together the brand-new roommates arrive in Seattle with unfinished business.
Mike and also Jordan"s connection sours as soon as Mike makes controversial racial remarks in prior of his roommates, inspiring Kassius come speak at a black Lives issue march.
Theo wishes to fix a damaged relationship with his cousin, Kassius, yet a physics altercation jeopardizes everything. Sisters Anna and also Katrina have actually a blast reconnecting, however their brand-new bond creates stress with Robbie.
Tyara confronts her previous bully, Kim, yet a shocking surprise transforms everything for Tyara. Sister Anna and Katrina try to mend their volatile relationship, while party girl Jenn gets too wild for she man, Peter.
Tyara must figure out her next step after learning she"s pregnant. Peter take away his anger the end on Jenn because that hanging out v Anna, leading to a very tense instance for the entire house.
The roommates live that up because that their final days in the house and hope to end the endure on a optimistic note. Katrina and Anna stand up to Peter for his angry and also controlling actions towards Jenn, leave Jenn with a really tough decision come make.
Join host Ken Jeong and also celebrities choose Jhene Aiko, Saweetie, Seventeen, Olivia Munn and also Daniel Dae Kim to stand with the AAPI community with See us Unite because that Change, Friday in ~ 8/7c.
Sebastian Maniscalco walk his finest to learn the vital names because that the 2019 VMAs prior to he hosts on august 26, yet he"s acquired a long means to go.

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