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From the author of the bestselling The Purpose driven Life comes a beautiful, heartfelt reflection on the objective of Christmas—God"s biggest gift to us.In this beautiful vacation keepsake, rick Warren, the bestselling writer of The Purpose thrust Life, expounds top top the profound beginnings of Christmas and shows how we can welcome the season of peace right into our lives. In his an effective yet compassionate voice, pastor Rick Warren sounds the clarion contact to “remember the reason for the season,” taking us on a journey earlier in time to the most wonderful story of all—the bear of the baby Jesus. Nevertheless of her background, religion, or circumstances, Christmas is the finest news girlfriend can ever receive. Currently through stirring imagery and also compelling an individual insights, The purpose of Christmas honors the significance and also promise the this cherished holiday. minister Warren encourages you to identify and also confront what drains tranquility from her life. He describes that the way to answers to this “peace-robbers” is to learn exactly how to surrender to God’s will and not feel defeated or discouraged when life does no go as planned. True peace of mental is discovered by having unshakeable faith—knowing the God will guide you v life’s challenges. Gorgeously written, The objective of Christmas will certainly exhilarate you to honor the true definition of Christmas and also to bite God’s presents of love and peace in this world.

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Rick Warren is the establishing pastor that Saddleback Church, among the biggest churches in the world, with campuses in the US and also around the globe. That is the writer of The Purpose pushed Life, among the bestselling nonfiction publications in publishing history. It has been interpreted into 137 languages and sold an ext than 50 million duplicates in multiple formats.

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*** Christmas is a party. Special, it"s a date of birth party — for Jesus — and birthdays are meant to be celebrated. It"s why we say "Merry Christmas!" Ironically, at most Christmas next the person whose birthday we"re an alleged to be celebrate is completely ignored. He"s never also mentioned. Although Jesus is the factor for the season, he"s often overlooked or just mentioned along with Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus, the Grinch, elves, and a long list of celebrated fictional characters. as I was writing this tiny book, I decided to take a inspection of Christmas shoppers. Ns asked, "What are you celebrating this Christmas?" most answers had actually nothing to do with Jesus: "I"m celebrate that i made that through another year." "I"m celebrate being house with my family." "I got a Christmas bonus." "My son is home from Iraq." "The candidate ns voted for got elected." "I"m celebrating the I"ve finished every my shopping." "I"m not celebrating anything. I"m simply trying come survive." Preparing because that Christmas have the right to be a the majority of work, especially for moms. Through the push of buying gifts, sending greeting cards, decorating ours homes, placing up lights, cooking, attending parties, and also cleaning increase afterward, we have little time to actually reap the definition of Christmas. The very first purpose the Christmas is celebration! We find out this native the angel"s opening statement come the shepherds of Bethlehem. God had wonderful news for united state that would reason us every to rejoice, celebrate, and also throw a party: "I carry you an excellent news of an excellent joy that will certainly be for every the people." Luke 2:10 niv The good news the Christmas is worth celebrating for three reasons. The is personal: "I carry YOU." it is positive: "GOOD news of an excellent joy." and it is universal: "for all the people." that doesn"t matter who friend are, what you"ve done, whereby you"ve been, or wherein you"re top — this news is for you. A nationwide magazine provided to bring a feature dubbed "News You have the right to Use." I constantly read that ar first. The angel lugged us news we can use. It"s the ideal news in the world: God loves you! God is through you! God is because that you! Christmas is a time come celebrate that God loves you! The most famed statement in the holy bible is Jesus" explanation the why God sent him come earth: "God loved the human being so much that he provided his one and also only Son, so the everyone who believes in him will not perish however have eternal life." The whole reason because that Christmas is the love that God. God loves you so much that he involved earth as a person so you can get to understand him and also learn to to trust him and also love that back. Theologians speak to this the Incarnation. God became one the us, a human being being, therefore we can understand what the is yes, really like. God has offered us, as person beings, the capacity to recognize him in ways animals can"t. He developed us in his image, which has the capability to reap a personal relationship through him. Then he take it the initiative come send Jesus so we might understand his love and our need for him. that course, we know a tiny about God by simply observing his creation. Because that instance, by looking in ~ nature we recognize that our Creator loves variety: he developed an incredibly diverse universe. Think that the limitless variety of plants, animals, rock formations, snowflakes, and also people. No two person beings, also twins, are specifically alike. God doesn"t do clones or copies. Every one of us is an original. After ~ you to be born, God broke the mold. by surveying herbal phenomena, we likewise know the God is powerful and organized, and that that loves beauty. Us all understand that God must enjoy city hall us reap what he"s created. Otherwise, why would he give us so many ways to gain it? He provided us taste buds, then filled the human being with remarkable flavors choose chocolate and cinnamon and all the various other spices. He offered us eyes to consciousness color and then fill the human being with a rainbow of shades. He gave us sensitive ears and also then filled the world with rhythms and also music. Your capacity for enjoyment is proof of God"s love because that you. He could have made the world tasteless, colorless, and also silent. The bible says the God "richly gives us with everything for our enjoyment." that didn"t need to do it, but he did, since he loves us. Still, until Jesus arrived, our knowledge of God"s love to be limited. Therefore God got into earth! It to be the biggest invasion in history, and nothing has been the exact same since. God could have favored thousands of methods to communicate with us, but since he draft us, he knew the best way to communicate with united state would be face-to-face. If God had actually wanted to connect to birds, he would have become a bird. If God had wanted to communicate to cows, he would certainly have end up being a cow. However God want to communicate to us, for this reason he came to be one the us. He didn"t send an angel or a prophet or a politician or an ambassador. He come himself. If you really want human being to know how much you love them, girlfriend can"t send a representative to connect it. You have to say the personally. That"s what God did in ~ Christmas. The scriptures tells us that God is love. It doesn"t to speak God has actually love, but God is love. Love is the essence of God"s character. The is his an extremely nature. The reason that everything in the world exists is since God want to love it. "The lord is good to all; he has actually compassion on every he has actually made." Think around this. If God didn"t want to love something, he would certainly not have created it. Whatever you see, and the trillions of points you can"t see, was made by God for his enjoyment. The loves that all, even when us mess that up v our sin. He still has actually a purpose for it. Every star, every planet, every plant, every animal, every cell, and, many of all, every human being being was developed out the God"s compassion. girlfriend were produced as an object of God"s love. He made friend in order to love you! His love is the reason you"re alive and also breathing and also reading this book. Every time her heart beats and every time you take a breath, God is saying, "I love you." You would certainly not exist if God had actually not wanted you. Although there are accidental parents, there space no accidental babies. The parents might not have actually planned them, yet God did. go you understand that God was thinking of girlfriend even prior to he made the world? In fact, the is why he produced it! that designed this planet"s atmosphere with simply the right qualities so human beings might live top top it. The bible says, "God determined to give us life through the word of truth so we can be the most important of every the things he made."5 We matter to God an ext than anything else he has made. since God"s love for you is unconditional, that loves you on your poor days as much as on your great days. He loves you once you don"t feel his love as much as as soon as you do. That loves you regardless of her performance, your moods, your actions, or her thoughts. His love for you is unchanging. Every little thing else will readjust during her lifetime, yet God"s love because that you is constant, steady, and continuous. It"s the foundation for unshakable confidence. over there is nothing you have the right to do that will certainly make God protect against loving you. You might try, however you"d failure — due to the fact that God"s love for you is based upon his character, no your conduct. It"s based upon who the is, no what you"ve done. The bible says, "Christ"s love is better than anyone can ever know, yet I pray the you will be able to know that love." One potential problem of our annual Christmas celebrations is that many world only think of Jesus as a baby! their conception of the is only as a helpless newborn in his mother"s arms. If Jesus had never grown up to execute what that did, he"d have no strength to transform our lives. however the infant born in Bethlehem walk not continue to be a baby. Jesus flourished to manhood, modeled for us the kind of life the pleases God, taught us the truth, paid for every sin we commit by dying on a cross, then confirmed that he to be God and could save us by coming ago to life. This is the good News. Once the Romans nailed Jesus come a cross, they extended his eight as wide as they could. Through his arms large open, Jesus to be physically demonstrating, "I love you this much! ns love you so much it hurts! I"d rather die than live without you!" The next time you see a picture or statue that Jesus through outstretched eight on the cross, remember, that is saying, "I love friend this much!" The objective of Christmas © 2008 stack Warren