Under absorption costing, product prices include: variable MOH resolved MOHa) yes yes b) no noc) yes no d) no yesOption AOption BOption COption D

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The primary distinction between variable costing and also absorption costing centers on:whether variable manufacturing expenses have to be included in product costs.whether resolved manufacturing prices have to be contained in product prices.whether solved production costs and resolved offering and also administrative expenses have to be contained in product expenses.whether marketing and also governmental costs have to be had in product prices.
When making use of information from a segmented income statement, the dollar sales for a segment to break even is equal to:Usual addressed prices ÷ Unit CMCommon fixed prices ÷ Segment CM ratioTraceable solved costs ÷ Unit CMTraceable fixed expenses ÷ Segment CM ratio
Sechrest Corporation manufactures a solitary product. Last year, the company"s variable costing net operating earnings was $80,500. Fixed manufacturing overhead prices released from inventory under absorption costing aplaced to $18,400. What was the absorption costing net operating revenue last year?$18,400$80,500$98,900$62,100
Gunderman Corporation has actually two divisions: the Alpha Division and the Charlie Division. The Alpha Division has sales of $230,000, variable expenses of $131,100, and also traceable resolved costs of $63,300. The Charlie Division has sales of $540,000, variable prices of $307,800, and traceable resolved costs of $120,700. The full amount of prevalent solved costs not traceable to the individual divisions is $119,200. What is the company"s net operating income?$147,100$331,100$27,900$211,900
Parker Products Inc, a manufacturer, reported $123 million in sales and a loss of $18 million in its annual report to shareholders. According to a CVP evaluation prepared for monitoring, the company"s break-even suggest is $115 million in sales.Required:Assuming that the CVP analysis is correct, is it likely that the company"s inventory level increased, diminished, or continued to be unchanged throughout the year?IncreasedDecreasedRemained unchanged
variable absorptionproduct direct products productproduct direct labor productproduct variable MOH productduration resolved MOH productperiod variable S & A periodperiod fixed S & A period
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