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Fabulous animals, specters indigenous the zero world, nature spirits, and also sacred beings: these room the monstrous, marvelous, and also mythic creatures that have actually juniorg8.come down to united state in folklore and also legend. Some probably have actually their beginnings in reality; others feather juniorg8.completely from the imagination&;and they are all here, in this stunningly illustrated bible. It&;s affluent in background and images, and also international in scope, covering dragons and also serpents; monster insects like the Aztec Itzpapalotl; zombies, golems, and banshees; the watery Undine; the Monkey King, sunlight Wukong; and also much, much more. A fascinating and also informative work.

ISBN: 9781402765360 ISBN-10: 1402765363 Series: psychic Body spirit Bibles Audience: basic Format: Paperback Language: English number of Pages: 400 Published: first February 2009 Publisher: STERLING PUB nation of Publication: US size (cm): 16.97x15.7 x2.54 load (kg): 0.63