You’re running late because that an appointment and hit a website traffic jam. Or perhaps someone cut you off. Exactly how do friend respond? Driving deserve to be stressful, but feeling angry once behind the wheel can lead to aggressive driving, distracted control or also an accident.

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What Is roadway Rage?

Aggressive driving can take countless forms, choose tailgating, weaving and also speeding. It wake up a lot: One survey discovered that virtually 80 percent of vehicle drivers expressed significant anger or aggression behind the wheel at least once end the course of the prior year. The aftermath can be serious: wild driving played a duty in 56 percent of deadly crashes end a five-year period, according to one analysis.

Here’s what to know around road rage, including tips on remaining calm and what to carry out when confronted with an aggressive driver.

Road rage Factors

Here room some common factors the often contribute to roadway rage incidents or aggressive driving behavior.

Traffic delaysHeavy traffic, sitting at stoplights, trying to find a parking an are or also waiting because that passengers have the right to increase a driver’s rage level.Running lateRunning behind for a meeting or appointment can cause drivers to it is in impatient.AnonymityIf motorists feel the they most likely won’t view other motorists again, they might feel much more comfortable engaging in risky driving habits like tailgating, cutting people off, extreme honking or make rude gestures.Disregard because that others and the lawSome vehicle drivers may think the rules don’t apply to them.Habitual or learned behaviorFor part drivers, aggressive driving might be the norm.

Most typical Forms Of roadway Rage

TailgatingYellingHonking in angerMaking angry gesturesTrying to block one more vehicle from transforming lanesCutting off one more vehicle top top purposeGetting the end of the car to confront another driverBumping or ramming another vehicle top top purpose

How to stop Road Rage

Make certain you have actually the right vehicle insurance policy to safeguard yourself from aggressive chauffeurs or if you discover yourself the victim the a road rage incident.

Before You obtain Behind The Wheel

Don’t rush. Give yourself time to gain where you’re going; you’re less likely to become impatient and take unnecessary risks.Cool off. If she upset, take it time to patience down.

What come Remember when Driving

Give other vehicle drivers a break. If who is driving slowly, save in mind they could be lost.Use hand gestures wisely. Keep gestures positive—say, waving come a driver who lets you in when merging.Don’t tailgate. Always store a safe street from the automobile in front, no issue how gradually they can be driving.Lay off the horn. Honking the end of frustration i will not ~ solve any kind of problems; it will just boost the stress and anxiety level for everyone on the road.Don’t prevent to confront another driver. Stopping could lead come a dangerous instance for everyone.

If one more Driver acts Aggressively

Stay away. Safely adjust lanes, gradually slow down or also exit the highway to save a safe distance from the aggressive driver.Don’t reciprocate. neglect the temptation to respond come the other driver; it could reason the case to escalate. Don’t make eye contact.Don’t stop. Stopping can lead to a person-to-person confrontation, which could be dangerous.Watch your back. If you worried the the other driver is adhering to you, store your doors locked and drive come the nearest police station.

Taking a defensive driving course could assist you continue to be safer top top the road; it could additionally qualify you for a discount on auto insurance. Search for a course close to you in ~

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Driving excessively slow is likewise road rage (unless someone has actually to) . I’ve seen numerous a upset looking human being drive far under the rate limit and also make deliberate efforts to hinder passing. I’ve viewed them at avoid lights through a restricted merging lane swerve into the empty lane and pass every the cars the passed them minute ago.. And also hold them all up again going much under the limit. I’ve i found it the CHP doesn’t seem come care but the sheriff does and will pull end a super slow-moving driver- conversely, the CHP will even just remain in the line. I think it’s an often ignored type of roadway rage and often provokes the various other kind.