I"m play on voyager mode and also have chose to call paradise meadows farm (in milton) home. It"s been rather a journey since i an initial spawned! I started in broken railroad, uncovered a revolver, looted the map, went with forlorn muskeg to an enig lake, looted the map, and decided i wanted to settle down somewhere. So, i went ago through forlorn muskeg and also made it to the farm in milton. All in 7 in video game days!

anywho, ns have begun to hunting deer and also rabbits, and want to stockpile substantial amounts the venison and also bunny meat. Currently i just have the meat sitting in the snow, yet it has only been a couple of hours due to the fact that i harvest the meat and they are currently "Gamey". Is there a far better way?



The best way to save meat is in the snow and also save it till you should eat it, then cook what girlfriend need, unless your low on matches. Meat have the right to sit at 0% in the snow and also then it is in cooked ago up come 50%. Additionally when you acquire to food preparation level 5 you will not acquire sick from eat meat in ~ 50% too, so that is a good long term strategy. 


If you want to, girlfriend can inspect out thelongdark.fandom.com page: Decay

That have to answer your concerns on rates of degeneration (though that is a wiki, so ns can"t speak come the accuracy the the sources).

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From what I"ve it was observed it continues to be smoked in time. Frozen with time sounded unreasonable for this. A cooked however not choose up piece of meat is choose an loose crafted item, it has no decay rate since it"s no "in game". The process of cooking meat or fish is thought about finished only as soon as you choose the steak increase (proof is that, together you may have noticed, that"s the minute when you acquire the experience points). Therefore if friend don"t touch the meat left on the cooking slots of an turn off fire the won"t decay since it"s "out of play".

Some may call it an exploit, but due to the fact that it occupies a whole cooking surface and also the advantage is so trivial I favor to ~ do so I"ve acting it and also left the on the rack.

So if friend don"t touch the meat left top top the food preparation slots the an turn off fire the won"t decay since it"s "out the play"

I don"t have actually the emotion that the OP was questioning for an manipulate in game.

True, however if you death a moose or be afflicted with you"ll have sufficient meat to speak to it a stockpile, uneven you enable it to walk to waste, which ns wouldn"t. Same goes because that wolves, if I kill one by struggle or to make an area safer I feel poor to just leave it to rot.

It doesn"t seem to matter what you perform with meat. 

Raw meat degradation to "Ruined"" but still deserve to be cooked and also eaten. Cooked meat degradation to "Ruined" and also can still it is in eaten.

I think the this needs changing. It makes survival also easy.

The difference to me is intent. I don"t go the end intending to produce a substantial stockpile that meat through killing several deer in rapid succession. Together you say, you could wind up having actually a load of wolf meat lying approximately as fine if you"re the story the has challenge leaving any kind of meat top top the carcass, yet you"re intent is basically simply fending off attacks. Friend can"t walk for days eating wolf or bear job after day without hosting parasites after every meal either... So periodically I just don"t waste the power to harvest the meat off the predators. If lock make transforms such the you can"t recook damaged meat to bring it"s condition back, you"ll more than likely just discover a lot an ext people leave the meat top top the dead body to rot.

As someone formerly suggested, a decent method to resolve this (even maintaining the present trashcan action of level 5 cooking) would be to decrease calorie of meat together it degrades. Probably not 1 come 1, but if a ruined steak began to quantity 20% calorie of the new one it would certainly be significant.

Keep in psychic that reaching level 5 food preparation is easy, with or without grind by making mincemeat. Parasites prevent being an problem rather beforehand in a game.

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As someone previously suggested, a decent method to fix this (even maintaining the existing trashcan behaviour of level 5 cooking) would it is in to decrease calorie of meat as it degrades.