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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is filled v rich characters, and that is an exceptional thing considering how brief the book is. I would say the Peter, Susan, Edmund, and also Lucy are the four main characters. These four youngsters are brothers and also sisters, and also the story revolves around...

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The Lion, the Witch, and also the Wardrobe is filled with rich characters, and that is an remarkable thing considering how short the book is. I would say the Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are the four main characters. This four kids are brothers and sisters, and the story revolves around their adventures and conflicts in the magical floor of Narnia. Follow me the way, they satisfy all type of various personalities that help them. However, Aslan stands the end as much more central and key to the story than any kind of other Narnian. Aslan is a lion, and also he is the king of Narnia. At one allude in the story, that sacrifices self to the White Witch in order come rescue Edmund from her. The White Witch is the final major character in the story. Once the story begins, she is ruling Narnia. She is fairly evil, however she convinces Edmund that he have to work because that her.

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As because that the young characters, I would say the most crucial are Mr. Tumnus, Mr. Beaver, and Mrs. Beaver. All three of these characters have pivotal results on the story. However, their personalities are no as well developed as the significant characters. The giant Rumblebuffin is a favorite minor personality of plenty of due come his kind and gentle manners. Maugrim is the White Witch"s head soldier, and she additionally employs a dwarf who name we never discover to journey her sleigh. Finally, the Professor is a minor personality of part importance due to the fact that he is the owner the the house and also wardrobe whereby the children are staying. That is also the person that convinces Peter and also Susan that Lucy might not it is in lying.