2) A certain has beginning inventory of 300 units at a price of $11 each. Production during the period was 650 devices at $12 each. If sales to be 700 units, what is the cost of products sold (assume FIFO)





3) The difference in between total receipts and also total payment is referred to as

A.-beginning cash flow.

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B.-net cash flow.

C.-cumulative cash flow.

D.-cash balance.

4) The ide of operation leverage entails the usage of __________ come magnify return at high level of operation.

A.-variable costs

B.-marginal costs

C.-fixed costs

D.-semi-variable costs

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Romil G reply on might 18, 2021
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Question 1) option (B) Sales projection

Question 2) option (D) $8,100

Explamation : 300 devices
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