I have actually some nodes in two dimensional, where $x,y$ are collaborates of them. Also, the value of $v$ is well-known in each node. Now it is important for me to have value that $v$ in some various other nodes prefer $xq,yq$. To carry out this I used the following:

vq=interp2(x,y,v,xq,yq),But over there is one error:

The net vectors have to contain distinct points.

You are watching: The grid vectors must contain unique points.

some of the $xq,yq$ space the very same with part $x,y$. Is this the trouble for together error? Also, I need a greater order interpolant, what is the best method with reasonable price for interpolation?

for example, in the easiest case

=meshgrid(0:0.2:1,0:0.2:1); x=x(:);y=y(:); v=x.^2+y; xq=0.5;yq=0.5;vq=interp2(x,y,v,xq,yq)
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