Starting in 1991 Warner brothers released five beautiful LaserDisc-exclusive box sets that uncut Looney Tunescontaining a full of 338 shorts. These to be released together the golden e of Looney Tunescollection. The an initial volume to be split-up ~ above multiple VHS tapesfor a relax on house video. However,the remaining four volumes are LaserDisc-exclusives. The first 3volumes contain 70 cartoons per volume, the fourth contains 73, and the 5th and final collection contains55.

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Not also these five LaserDisc volumes include the well known Censored Eleven cartoons, together Turner broadcasting do thedecision at the moment that this shouldnot be made accessible in any form. Newly however, Warner Brothersstated these censored 11 cartoons would ultimately be made easily accessible on DVD viathe Warner Archive collection for a 2011 release. Return 2011 has actually come and gone, rumor has it they space still to plan this release and the restoration job-related on this shorts has been completed.

Unfortunately, even with every one of the shorts exit on DVD as part of the “Looney Tunes golden Collection” (6 volumes released, 2003-2008) and on Blu-ray as part of the “Looney melody Platinum Collection”(3 quantities released, 2011-2014), there room still dozens, if no hundreds, of Looney tunes shorts tho unavailable top top DVD and also Blu-ray today.

It’s interesting to note that about a dozen or much more shorts on the LaserDisc volumes, which to be not accessible on the gold Collection/Platinum Looney tunes DVDs, do their means to current DVD publication such together the at sight Stars sets. Sadly some of these super Star set a zoomed in and cropped come fit a 16:9 screen, cutting turn off the top and also bottom of these shorts. Recent releases have actually resolved this issue, yet it reflects that those in fee of Warner Brother’s DVD releases need a good reality check.

Furthermore, a grasp of the Merrie Melodies exclusive tothe LaserDisc releases, sporadically make appearances as DVD extras on several of Warner Brother’s films from that era (the late 1930’s… thank friend Netflix!).

The majority of theshorts native the “Golden Age” LaserDisc sets remain unreleased elsewhere. However, some stand-alone VHS, LaserDisc, and DVD release (not consisting of the Golden/Platinum collections) do encompass some of this shorts here and there.

Anyway, i couldn’tfind a perform of these gold Collection shorts digital which notedwhich were commonly available on DVD and also Blu-ray… So ns made one spreadsheet listing every the shorts from these 5 golden e Collection LaserDisc crate sets and detailed if the brief was available on a commonly easily accessible DVD or Blu-ray. Expect this helps!

View the Spreadsheet that Looney Tunes golden age LaserDisc Shorts

The future doesn’t look at bright because that these old Looney Tunes. The current Platinum Blu-ray collection has sadly watched it’s final volumeas of2014.It appears to it is in fate that numerous of these cartoons will most likely never be checked out by the general public again. Or possibly it’sjust Warner Brother’s will certainly to have actually these locked away because they feeling there isn’t enough money to be made. Either way, the is a true shame, this hilarious shorts have to be available to all. Time and also money have to be invested by Warner Bros currently to keep these classics before the original film aspects fade past repair. After all these LaserDiscs were sourced indigenous fading 16mm prints of this shorts (which were every they had access to at the time).

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Thankfully, through the magic the LaserDisc, these rare shorts canstill be viewed, also if only by the avid collector through a clunky-ol’ LaserDisc player.

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