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The pointer is describe the virus"s _____.

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The pointer is describe the _____.

the hold cell"s DNA is destroyedThe host cell"s DNA is destroyed, and also ultimately, the organize cell itself is damaged in the lytic cycle.


The arrow is denote _____.


Cycle A is the _____ cycle and cycle B is the _____ cycle.

Sort the items follow to whether they may be found only in free virus particles, just in uninfected hold cells, or in both viruses and also host cells.

viruses only: capsid, envelope v glycoproteins, capsomere (core protein)host cabinet only: ribosome both: DNA, RNA, Protein


The genetic material that HIV consists of _____.

provirus "Provirus" is the name given to double-stranded viral DNA that has actually been integrated into a organize cell"s genome.

Which replicative cycle explains a virus the can integrate its genome into the host cell"s genome?

True or false? The person immunodeficiency virus (HIV) uses reverse transcriptase to do double-stranded RNA copies of that DNA genome.

FalseA retrovirus such together HIV has an RNA genome and uses reverse transcriptase to do double-stranded DNA duplicates of the genome, which can then be integrated into the hold cell"s genome.

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They need to use a organize cell"s nucleotides because that transcription and replication. They need to use a host cell"s amino mountain to synthesize proteins. They must use a organize cell"s ribosomes come synthesize proteins. They need to use a host cell"s metabolic enzymes and also pathways to attain energy. all of the above.

HIV uses which that the following processes come synthesize a DNA strand using its RNA genome together a template?