The priests of Asklepios
Speak No evil or assistance Missions

The priest to the west of the Epidauros Sanctuary is trying to heal the noble that save coming from all over and needs an providing to tempt the gods.

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Objective: Find and bring back the sacred bull

The bull is situated to the southwest the the Sanctuary that Asklepios, in the Asine damages of mount Koryphum. Make your way to the ruins and also use Ikaros to locate the bull ~ above the lower section of the ruins and then tag the numerous bandits and also locate each of the place objections.


The upper component of the damages is easy guarded and is often under attack from nearby lions. Go into the limited area and hide ~ above the high grass or climb the pillars because that a vantage point and then eliminate the bandits nearby. Work-related your method down come the reduced ruins, wherein you"ll discover the dead bull in the center of the camp, and finish off the remainder of the bandits in the area.

Objective: collect the bull’s heart

Once the area is clear, method the bull and loot the corpse because that the heart. You can now finish the ar by collecting the old Tablet in the damages to the northwest and freeing the 3 prisoners.

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Objective: lug the bull love to the priest

Make your means back come the priest in ~ the Sanctuary of Asklepios and also give him the bad news about the bull"s death. Together a an outcome of his unwilling sacrifice, the bull"s love will only be enough sacrifice for one person"s prayers: the farmer, the rich woman, or the child. The an option will not influence the result of the quest, so select the one you think is many worthy to complete the quest.

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