MAP** just how did the railroads influence the relationship between eastern cities and the good Plains?

Railroads lugged crops and also grain to cities in the East and also settlers to farms in the great Plains.

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The us government provided land to the railroads to help them expand. What affect did these land grants have on markets in the West?

The grants permitted industries in the West to grow since they encouraged settlement and brand-new industrial opportunities.

MAP** according to this graphic, what to be the role of midwestern cities in the meatpacking industry?

They handle meat to be marketed in east cities.

What was a an outcome of time standardization?

Trains from different rail lines can use each other’s tracks.

Which natural source became an ext available come the American public as a result of railroad expansion?


In the late 1800s, the growth of the railroad system caused Midwestern cities such as Minneapolis and Cleveland becoming

industrial centers

How walk the expansion of the rail networks influence the meatpacking industry?

The meatpacking market grew due to the fact that railroads were provided to deliver big quantities that meat to handling plants in significant cities.

The development of the rail networks led to

a growth in the steel industry.

In the mid- to late 1800s, the US federal government granted land to railroad carriers to increase their networks. What is another way that rail companies supplied the land?

They marketed some of the land come farmers and also ranchers.

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During the second Industrial Revolution, which structure material ended up being one the the most essential in the world?


The second Industrial change in the United states lasted indigenous the

end that the civil war to 1900

The Transcontinental Railroad to be completed in


Which market benefited many from the Bessemer process?


The key reason people moved to cities during the Gilded period was

to get jobs in factories and corporate headquarters.

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