Hello All,I have actually developed a Plugin and also developed a table from installation area and want to perdevelop CRUD operations in plugin but this table's entity and also design class has to be inside plugin not in Libraries (means independent of Nop.Core and also Nop.Data).Now as soon as I try to fetch this table I obtain complying with error:The entity type PopularToys is not component of the design for the current context.

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// Documents contextthis.RegisterPluginDataContext(builder, "YOUR_CONTEXT_NAME");// Override compelled repository through your practice contextbuilder.RegisterType>().As>().WithParameter(ResolvedParameter.ForNamed("YOUR_CONTEXT_NAME")).InstancePerLifetimeScope();For even more, examine this: http://docs.nopbusiness.com/display/en/Plugin+with+data+access
I was encountering exact same issue " Message "The entity form xxxxxxx is not part of the model for the current conmessage." string"When I was trying to develop a brand-new table and also try to usage CRUD operation utilizing Entity structure. Then I was facing very same exception. For it, I have to develop a new file for Table mapping in Library mapping directory. After that, problem is reresolved at my finish.
I was encountering very same worry " Article "The entity type xxxxxxx is not part of the model for the present context." string"When I was trying to produce a brand-new table and attempt to usage CRUD procedure using Entity structure. Then I was encountering exact same exemption. For it, I have to produce a brand-new file for Table mapping in Library mapping brochure. After that, problem is refixed at my end.
Make sure column exist in table or column name and entity object name are same in core domajor design.

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Hello,Your table field need to be in core doprimary course.This doprimary class should register through dependency register.Your table mapping file likewise inside plugin conmessage file.Your context file need to register with dependency registerThis four thing is well than your CRUD operation functioning smoothly.For even more indevelopment you likewise refer Google analytics plugin in juniorg8.com source code.
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