Serpent had the finest of one Eagle once a guy freed the Eagle. Serpent placed venom into the male water but the Eagle knocked it the end of his hand. Man lived.

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Help those who assist you.


Aesop because that Children

A Serpent had actually succeeded in how amazing an Eagle and had sheathe himself around the Eagle’s neck. The Eagle can not reach the Serpent, neither v beak nor claws. Far into the skies he soared trying come shake off his enemy. However the Serpent’s organize only tightened, and slowly the Eagle sank earlier to earth, gasping for breath.

A Countryman chanced to view the uneven combat. In pity because that the noble Eagle he rushed up and also soon had actually loosened the coiling Serpent and also freed the Eagle.

The Serpent was furious. He had actually no chance to bite the watchful Countryman. Rather he struck at the drinking horn, hanging at the Countryman’s belt, and into it let paris the poison of his fangs.

The Countryman currently went on towards home. Ending up being thirsty on the way, that filled his horn at a spring, and also was about to drink. There to be a sudden rush of good wings. Scan down, the Eagle seized the poisoned horn from the end his savior’s hands, and also flew away v it to hide it where it can never be found.


An action of kindness is well repaid.

Townsend version

A serpent and also an Eagle to be struggling through each other in deadly conflict. The Serpent had the advantage, and also was about to strangle the bird. A countryman witnessed them, and also running up, loosed the coil the the Serpent and let the Eagle walk free. The Serpent, irritated in ~ the escape of his prey, injected his poison into the drink horn that the countryman. The rustic, ignorant the his danger, was about to drink, as soon as the Eagle to win his hand with his wing, and, seizing the drink horn in his talons, brought it aloft.

Draco et Aquila

Draco et aquila, convoluti inter se, pugnabant. Et quidem draco cum ligatam detineret aquilam, videns i would rusticus, soluta draconis spira, liberam dimisit aquilam. Quare iratus draco, venenum immisit in servantis potum. Hausturo vero, quod ignoraret, rustico advolans, aquila ex eius manibus calicem decussit.

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Eos qui bene alicui faciunt, manent gratiae.

Perry #395

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