When The division update 1.2 releases, that will encompass two brand-new mission varieties to the open up World.

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The division Conflicts: Search and Destroy, High value Targets, more on update 1.2

These are the High worth Targets, i m sorry was formerly announced, together with Search and also Destroy.

The Search and also Destroy missions can be uncovered in the safe residences throughout Manhattan. They space retrieved indigenous the mission board as soon as all the content in that called zone has actually been cleared and cater to level 30 agents.

Players will should take the end various teams of level 30 enemies and also once they do, they go back to the safe residence to acquire Target Intel. This is a new currency which deserve to be invested in order come gain accessibility to the previously announced High worth Target missions.

Safe residence mission boards have the right to be connected with together "many times" together the football player likes, however there will certainly be an "incentive to go to different named zones through the an important Search and also Destroy system."

According come Ubisoft Massive, one called zone at a time will certainly be significant as critical. Complete the Search and also Destroy missions in that zone and players will certainly be handed an additional Target Intel. When it has actually been dealt with, a new zone is marked an essential and they deserve to either remove the hazards or see which High value Target is available.

High worth Targets room 30+ elite enemies which players deserve to take out. 2 NPCs located in the basic of operations will carry out six daily and also four weekly objectives which space accessed utilizing the new Target Intel. The weekly missions are an ext difficult, so players might need come take some agents in addition to them.

Some are High hazard Targets and also while comparable to High value Targets, the challenge is increased. Have to the player fail, lock will need to "rebuy" the target mission. That being said, should the player take the end the High risk Target, over there is much more potential because that High End and also Gear set rewards drops.

The brand-new Clear Sky attack will additionally have a difficulty Mode and also it will certainly launch the mainly after difficult mode.


Extractions, Sealed Caches, and also going Rogue

Hijack Extractions administer players through a new method to walk Rogue without having actually to shoot at various other Agents, said Massive.

Taking place in the Dark Zone, players will need to interrupt all recurring extractions by “severing the loot rope." as soon as the loot has actually been secured to the helicopter rope, an additional player will strategy it, reduced the rope and also grab the bag.

Massive said this means "there is no an ext attach and run," as players will certainly now require to protect the contaminated bag till the helicopter paris off.

Upon interacting with the bag, the player will be instantly significant Rogue. Gift shot at while taking the moment to reduced the rope will slow things down, yet once the interaction is complete, all the loot will certainly drop. Watch out for thieves, obviously.

“There room two political parties of the coin that need to be considered," claimed Terry Spier, lead game designer in ~ Red Storm. "Hijack extractions room going to adjust the patterns and behaviors some players have learned since the game was released.

"Just walking as much as an extraction will reason even much more tension between Agents. Some smart Agents may try to expose curious Rogues by it is registered some less than favorable loot come the rope to see who concerns take it."

Massive also noted more info on Sealed Caches which drop from named enemies, which deserve to contain "mystery items."

Once the cache is in the player"s hands and has to be extracted, castle can connect with it to reveal a list of items. These will certainly be distributed into the exactly inventory slots and also can then be traded under regular trading rules.

Items will stand for a variety of offerings ranging from Dark zone credits, to Specialized, Superior, High-End and Gear Sets. The top quality of the loot will likewise reflect the an obstacle of the NPC which dropped it. Quality is also indicated on the variety of make materials and Dark region credits displayed in the UI.

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Finally, the similar to Hijack extraction, Sealed Caches will include "more come the exploit loop" giving players through another selection when deciding what they wish to extract.

Basically, football player will must choose between a sure thing or go for the secret box. Hopefully, it won"t be your wife"s head. Yeah, ns know. Used and also abused recommendation there.

The department Conflict upgrade 1.2 go live on may 24.

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