Wood, shafts, lots of dirt (literally), some excitement followed by a discovery of supposedly ancient artifact from the 18th century: that sums up History Channel"s "The Curse Of Oak Island". But you got to admit, the show is good fun and quite entertaining, because you almost want to know what theory they can pull from a stray rock on the island.

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However, the seventh episode from the seventh season, titled "Things That Go Bump" was rather lackluster, for the most part. There is a limit to how much you can stare at men digging into a pit and looking at bags of dirt. The Lagina brothers and their enthusiastic team go hunting for "Shaft 2". The word "shaft" has been mentioned so many times in the duration of the show without any significant discovery that your eyes begin to cross after a while. They discover a spike that they believe that "could" have been used to build a boat wharf.

In the words of the excited narrator, could the team have found evidence of another landing site on the Western side of the island, where a ship could have offloaded cargo, prior to the discovery of the money pit in 1795? Who built this and what were they unloading? With the help of visuals, you can see where this theory is headed, they are sure that treasure was taken to the fabled money pit. It"s a big discovery, they agree.

For those who have watched the seasons carefully, would remember the 90 feet stone. Rick Lagina had received a "tip" about it at his friend Dan Blankenship"s funeral, which tells him that it is somewhere near the Dartmouth Heritage Museum. It could be in their backyard....or is it? The stone could have been brought to the museum, BEFORE it was a museum. And of course, they cannot excavate it till they get a government permit. This is probably the most hilarious and entertaining part of the episode, unintentionally perhaps. They actually crawl around a rhodendron bush.

At the end of the episode, they find tar paper, which was widely used for construction in the 19th century. So the team cracks another idea, that the structure at Smith"s cove was built by treasure hunters.

You got to hand it to them, the team is determined to spend days digging in mud and dirt and pull the best theories from rocks. However, except for the crawling in bushes scenes (which was unintended hilarity), the episode was rather dull.

"The Curse Of Oak Island" airs on History Channel, Tuesdays at 9 pm ET.

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