The adhering to is a Plot Rundown and Analysis of Seaboy 5, Episode 15 of the History Channel’s TV series The Curse of Oak Island.

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Plot Summary

Rick Lagina, Dave Blankenship, and Gary Drayton meet through Mike Jardine and also caischild operator Danny Smith at the Money Pit area, where the breakthrough of the DMT Column was stopped at at a depth of 75 feet by a mysterious, impenetrable object ago in Episode 13. On Smith’s suggestion, the team prepares to extract water from the shaft so that they have the right to get a great look at the obstruction.

While the crew of Irving Equipment Ltd. go around their preparations, Rick and also Marty Lagina and also Gary Drayton welcome author Kathleen McGowan Coppens to the island also. Coppens, that appeared on the display as ‘Kathleen McGowan’ in Seachild 2, Episodes 6 and 7, tells the treasure hunters that she has actually some information to share with them. Without further aperform, the 4 head to the War Room, where they are joined by Dave Blankenship, Charles Barkresidence, Jack Begley, Alex Lagina, and also Doug Crowell.

In the War Room, the Oak Island team shows Coppens the lead cross unearthed on Smith’s Cove in Seachild 5, Episode 10. After admiring the artitruth, Coppens states, “Tright here are many depictions of lead crosses that expectations a big time structure, and also that have the right to be everywhere from the early third, fourth Century via the… 1fourth Century… So, tright here are the majority of different kinds of crosses. Nothing specifically choose this, yet tbelow are some comparable versions out there.”

After Alex Lagina remarks upon the similarity of the lead cross to the crucisolve sculpted into the wall surfaces of Domme prichild, Coppens indevelops the team that she has relayed this observation on to Tobi Dobler, a leader of the Knights Templar of the New Order (a modern fraternity which claims descent from the medieval Knights Templar) who Marty and also Alex Lagina met in the village of Rennes-le-Chateau, France, in Seachild 2, Episode 6. Dobler, Coppens describes, believes that the cross can be coated via lead, containing a centre of solid gold. According to Dobbler, the Knights Templar smuggled pieces of gold out of France in the time of their suppression in 1307 by crafting them into little perforated rhomboids they dubbed “pastilles” (although Coppens offers the word “rhomboid” to define the form of these artifacts, she likewise shows the Oak Island team a diagram depicting the pastilles as hexagonal). The Templars spanned these pastilles through lead in order to disguise their valuable nature, threaded them onto cords, and also wore them roughly their necks, regularly in combicountry with bigger gold centre pieces similarly spanned in lead. Dobbler suspects that the lead cross found on Smith’s Cove might be a centre item of one these Templar necklaces.

“So,” states Begley, “there’s a possibility that there’s some of those gold rhomboids that are out in Smith’s Cove still.”

“I definitely think so,” replies Coppens. “I think it’s time for us to go earlier out tbelow.” Instead of proceeding to the beach, yet, Coppens informs the team that a town just north of Domme, France, is referred to as ‘Sarlat-la-Caneda.’ She then means that the similarity in between the words “Caneda” and also “Canada”, coupled with Sarlat’s proximity to Domme, bolsters the concept that the Knights Templar made a mystery voyage to Nova Scotia sometime in the 1fourth Century. Specifically, she argues that the country Canada, with some architecture of outlawed French Templars, could have been called after Sarlat-la-Caneda, comparable to just how Nova Scotia (literally “New Scotland” in Latin) was called after Scotland. The narrator then defines that Coppens’ concept concerning the origin of the word ‘Canada’ stands in comparison through that espoprovided by many mainstream etymologists, namely that the word ‘Canada’ originates from the Iroquoian word kanata, interpretation “village” or “settlement”.


Later that day, Rick and Marty Lagina and also Gary Drayton take Coppens on a tour of Smith’s Cove. Drayton claims that he plans to scour the whole area via a metal detector, while Marty defines that if he and also his fellow treasure hunters are to carry out a thounstable excavation of Smith’s Cove, they will certainly need to compete through Nova Scotian digging permits and the whims of the Atlantic Ocean. “There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s even more right here,” claims Coppens. “That cross is so important… I think it’s the beginning, not the finish.”

The following day, Jack Begley and Charles Barkhome stand by as the guys of Irving Equipment Ltd. begin extracting water and also sludge from the DMT Shaft with an enormous crane-operated bucket.

At the same time, the Lagina brothers and also Gary Drayton go on a metal detecting excursion on Oak Island’s Lot 8, owned by Tom Nolan, the son of Fred Nolan. In a later intersee, Rick Lagina indevelops us of Fred Nolan’s idea that tright here are at least elalso sites on Oak Island at which shpermit treacertain was extracted in the past. After ignoring a couple of “scrappy iron” signals on his metal detector, Gary Drayton discovers what transforms out to be an ornate keyhole plate, evoking Captain James Anderson’s sea chest, introduced in Seaboy 5, Episode 2, and the mysterious skeleton essential presented in Seaboy 5, Episode 12.

An interpretation of the keyhole uncovered on Oak Island’s Lot 8.

Two days later on, Rick Lagina, Alex Lagina, and also Danny Smith stand by at the Money Pit location as crane operator Michel Oullette bails water and also muck from the DMT shaft. After some time, the treacertain hunters are informed that the shaft’s water level is so low that the obstruction at its bottom should be visible. Immediately, remote electronic camera experts Tony and Nick Paverill collection about lowering a Spectrum 120HD electronic camera down the shaft. On a screen at the surconfront, which display screens the camera’s suggest of view, the treacertain hunters acquire a wonderful see of the shaft’s bottom. Strangely, thereshows up to be nopoint at the bottom of DMT aside from mud, clay, and a number of huge rocks.

All of a sudden, water starts flooding into the caisboy from the shaft’s bottom at a remarkable rate. Before the treacertain hunters have actually time to react, the shaft fills via seawater up to the level of the water table. Disappointed with the setback, yet determined to carry on, the team proceeds to “probe” the bottom of the shaft with a chisel bit. When the probing procedure is finish, Mike Jardine, despite a lack of visual evidence to assistance his theory, concludes that the impenetrable object at the bottom of the shaft is likely steel, reminiscent of the impenetrable iron object found time and time again by Oak Island treacertain hunters in the Money Pit area. Danny Smith concurs through Jardine’s assessment.

Later that night, members of the Oak Island also team, through Marty Lagina and Craig Tester in attendance via Skype, satisfy in the War Room. After some consideration, the crew decides to send experienced diver Mike Huntley down to the bottom of DMT in order to determine the nature of the obstruction. This undertaking would certainly not be Huntley’s initially dive on Oak Island also. Back in Seachild 4, Episodes 9 and also 10, Huntley explored the bottom of Borehole C1- a performance which he repeated in Seakid 5, Episode 1. With that, the treasure hunters wrap up the meeting.


Kathleen McGowan Coppens

Kathleen McGowan Coppens (previously Kathleen McGowan), that shows up in this episode, as well as in Seaboy 2, Episodes 6 and 7 of The Curse of Oak Island, is an Amerihave the right to writer who has actually written a trilogy of “historical esoteric fiction” novels revolving around historical women and controversial topics. These novels include The Expected One (2006), The Book of Love (2009), and also The Poet Prince (2010). Coppens has actually revealed that she inoften tends to create a fourth book for the series entitled The Boleyn Heresy.

In 2009, Coppens publimelted her first and just non-fiction book, The Source of Miracles: Seven Steps to Transforming Your Life through the Lord’s Prayer, a New Age-Christian self-help book.

In 2012, Coppens publiburned the ebook novella entitled The Ballad of Tam Lin. This ebook is the initially of a brand-new series referred to as Legends of the Divine Feminine, a collection which Coppens clintends will be “a distinct hybrid of fiction and also non-fiction expedition into stories from approximately the world, featuring extraplain female characters.”

In 2016, Coppens created the Forward for Nancy J. Myers’ book Entering the Light Fantastic: Discovering Life After Life Thstormy Orbs, an autobiographical account of Myers’ investigations into the phenomenon of ‘soul orbs’- tiny balls of light which some paranormal investigators think embody the souls of the departed.


In this episode, writer Kathleen McGowan Coppens reveals that a town positioned just north of the town of Domme, France (wright here a number of Templar knights were incarcerated in 1307) is called Sarlat-la-Caneda. Coppens says that Canada was called after this French tvery own, and also means that the Knights Templar had actually something to carry out through it.


According to a variety of virtual sources, Sarlat-la-Caneda was as soon as 2 separate municipalities: Sarlat, a 1fourth Century tvery own which revolves about a Dark Era Benedictine abbey; and also the even more mysterious La Caneda. In 1965, the 2 combined together to create Sarlat-la-Caneda.

Sarlat” is a French word acquired from “Serralatum,” a Latin word which approximately converts to “wide ridge,” evoking the concept of a big hill which, in medieval times, isolated the town from one or more of its neighbors. The origin of the word “Canedat,” on the other hand, is a tiny even more mysterious. Some etymologists believe the word can derive from “Chania,” a city on the Greek island of Crete, on account of alleged ties between a details monastery in the French village and also a details Cretan spiritual order. Others believe that “Canedat” is an appellation evoking a quantity of cannis- Latin for “reeds”- which could have actually grown in abundance in the town’s vicinity at the moment of its naming.

Whatever before the origins of the name ‘Sarlat-la-Caneda’, many etymologists agree that the word “Canada” derives from the Iroquoian word “kanata,” which translates to “village” or “settlement”. This word first shows up in print in a created account of French explorer Jacques Cartier’s second voyage to the St. Lawrence River location (1535-1536), published in 1545. Upon discovering this word from Iroquois Indians through whom he made contact, Cartier named the valley of the St. Lawrence River “Le Pays des Canadas,” or the “Land also of Villages.”


In 1791, the Province of Quebec was split right into two sepaprice colonies, which were called Upper Canada and Lower Canada, respectively. In 1841, the colonies were unified and also referred to as the ‘District of Canada’. In 1867, this province, in addition to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, joined to form the Dominion of Canada, the embryonic constitutional monarchy which would flourish to become the second largest nation in the people.

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An different concept concerning the beginning of the word ‘Canada’ has actually it that Spanish or Portuguese explorers, having actually discovered neither gold nor silver on the coastline of the Atlantic Northeast, labelled the region “Aqui Nada,” or “Nothing Here,” on various charts and also maps. According to this theory, these Iberian sailors passed this name on to the Iroquois, who started using it as a word for “village”.

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