Which of the following finest summarizes the development of France"s partnership with the continental army?A. France signed a officially alliance with the Continental military and noted aid yet later i was withdrawn it adhering to losses.B. France provided aid from the start of the war and signed a formal alliance v the Continental army but did no think the homesteaders could win.C. France did no think the homesteaders could win, but after victories by the continental army, France detailed aid and also signed a official alliance.D. France noted aid to the Continental army from the start of the war but later withdrew the assist before signing a official alliance.

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Which that the following motivated France to aid ease the hardships endured by the continental army? A. British defeats on long Island and at ft LeeB. Brother victories in the war of Trenton and SaratogaC. Colonial defeats on lengthy Island and also at ft LeeD. Early american victories in the war of Trenton and also Saratoga
Spain helped the Colonial army during the American revolution byA. Structure ships because that American use.B. Maintaining the British navy occupied.C. Forcing basic Cornwallis come surrender.D. Trapping the brother on a peninsula in ~ Yorktown.
After early early american losses to the brother in brand-new York, A. The nests ratified the declaration of Independence.B. Basic Washington set up headquarters in brand-new Jersey.C. The continent army collection up headquarters at ft Lee.D. General Washington i was withdrawn his troops come Pennsylvania.
At the beginning of the American Revolution, general Washington would have been most likely to assistance A. Longer enlistments for colonial troops.B. Much shorter enlistments because that British troops.C. Much longer enlistments for British troops.D. Shorter enlistments for early american troops.
The British military responded come the early american victory in ~ Trenton byA. Recapturing the town.B. Attack Princeton.C. Catching Fort Lee.D. Converging in new York.
Which the the following finest describes the very first two year of the American Revolution?A. A cable of Continental military victories made the finish of the war seem close.B. The Continental army experienced an equal variety of victories and defeats.C. A string of Continental army defeats was reversed when Washington retired.D. The Continental military faced defeat almost every time they dealt with the British.
Which of the following ideal describes the an initial major battle of the American Revolution?A. It developed on long Island, whereby the homesteaders defeated the British.B. It developed on lengthy Island, where the British beat the colonists.C. It developed at Harlem Heights, whereby the homesteaders defeated the British.D. It emerged at Harlem Heights, whereby the British beat the colonists.
Which navy kept general Cornwallis and his troops indigenous escaping Yorktown?A. BritishB. ContinentalC. FrenchD. Spanish
Which fight that took place during the American transformation briefly boosted colonial morale? A. The battle of sink ForgeB. The fight of lengthy IslandC. The battle of SaratogaD. The battle of Trenton
The main reason the France signed a officially alliance through the colonies during the American revolution wasA. The development of the continent Congress.B. Good Britain"s success at the fight of Saratoga.C. The colonial victory in ~ the fight of Saratoga.D. Benjamin Franklin"s negotiation on your behalf.

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Britain reaction to the American declaration of independence byA. Collection its military forces in Boston.B. Gathering its military pressures in brand-new York.C. Setup up winter headquarters in brand-new Jersey.D. Approving the nests independence.
Which the the adhering to locations served as the headquarters for basic Washington"s troops throughout the winter the 1777-1778?A. Fort Lee, new JerseyB. Lengthy Island, brand-new YorkC. Harlem Heights, new YorkD. Sink Forge, Pennsylvania
Victories in i m sorry of the following battles prompted foreign nations to support the continent armyA. The battles of Harlem Heights and also Fort LeeB. The war of Harlem Heights and TrentonC. The battles of Princeton and Fort LeeD. The war of Princeton and Trenton
Which of the adhering to pairs that countries came to be colonial allies throughout the American Revolution?A. France and also SpainB. France and good BritainC. Russia and SpainD. Spain and an excellent Britain

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