At Itzik’s place, Simon, the assistant conductor and also clarinetist, and also Camal, a wary violinist, have actually stilted conversation over dinner through Itzik, Iris, and also Avrum, Iris’ father.… review More 

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She was in a white dressWith red and purple ribbons in she hairShe to be dancing v somebodyBut in love and also music, all is fairWe to be finishing "The Girl indigenous Ipanema"Going into "Summertime"I was in the middle of mine soloWhen she eyes met mineLove start on a downbeatLove starts when the music startsLove starts once the tune is sweetAnd friend lift her feetTo the to win of her heartLove makes a rhythmLove dances in a dancer's shoesIt moves as soon as you start to moveAnd what is the groove?The to win of her heart!And us played "Moon River"And "I want to organize Your Hand"And the girl in the white dressAnd the ribbons in her hairDanced to mine bandAnd I could feel mine heartIt started jumping in mine chestAnd i smiled at herAnd she smiled in ~ meAnd the music go the rest
Love sparks top top the upbeatIgniting with a minor 9thResolving come a significant 6thThen other clicksAnd everything startsThere go the absent drumSpelling out the valuation of loveTelling you get off her seatAnd relocate your feetAnd dance to the to win of her heartAnd if friend play me "Summertime"And if ns stop and also close mine eyesI'll view an point of view swirling, movingYoung and also so aliveThis music is a time machineThis music is a gift from GodHer confront was beautifulMy God, her confront was beautifulSo probably I'm romanticMaybe I'm a sentimental foolMaybe music is the food the loveBut music and also love, who have the right to tell castle apart?
Just allow me listen the downbeatLet me hear the downbeatAnd let me hear the bah, bah, bah!Bah, bah, bah!Let me hear you kick the kickAnd whack the snareAnd shake your assAnd stir increase the airAnd dance through the girl v the ribbons in her hairEmbracing the valuation of loveThat's specifically the very same asThe beat of your heart
The beat of your heart...

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The to win of her heart...The to win of your heart!
At Itzik’s place, Simon, the assistant conductor and also clarinetist, and also Camal, a wary violinist, have stilted conversation end dinner through Itzik, Iris, and also Avrum, Iris’ father. As a infant fusses in the other room, Avrum, who offered to be a musician himself, tells the story of how he met Iris’ mother, his late wife.

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In a track-by-track malfunction of the cast recording, the show’s composer and lyricist David Yazbek said:

Andrew Polk, who never considered himself a singer, reached means down and also pulled the end this beloved performance, singing his love out about what transforms out to be the key themes of the show: love, music and also connection. I stole few of the photos from my very own experience of first seeing mine now-wife to dance in the crowd as my band played a gig. I still choking up as soon as Andy starts the song. George Abud’s (Camal) violin solo comes the end of nowhere and also is the first evidence of the virtuosity of our on stage musicians.

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