Unit 1 was very interesting. Not just did we learn around paolo Friere’s banking model of education and learning but we additionally learned around formal analysis. Paolo Friere was a Brazilian aboriginal that prospered up bad and and studied legislation although he never before actually gained to exercise it. Paolo came up through the banking version of education and learning and it claims that education and learning becomes prefer an act of depositing wright here the teacher deposits info unto the students and the students obtain it. Tbelow is no interaction sindicate a transaction of info. Paolo felt that this was wrong and that education and learning should have an open up dialogue so that students could express there pertains to to the teacher , inquire upon topics that are unclear to them.

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Formal analysis is a big help once it comes to interpreting functions of art. It offers us a deeper knowledge into a item and a greater appreciation for it. When formally analyzing we look at the lines of a painting the colors, forms, sizes and together with the texture. All of these elements aid us understand also the mood and also the actions going on in a work and where to look next what is up cshed or what is much away points prefer prestige and also even reasoning behind it being there in the initially location.

At the end of unit 1 i had actually a greater appreciation for art and paints in certain. I feel like this is because of the truth that i can now look at a painting and understand the work that was put right into it and also the thoughts behind them also.

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Final Project Topic

My topic for the final task is on Bodys Isek Kingelez’s “City of Dreams.”

I made a decision this as my topic because his artjob-related is not just motivating for architectural functions yet also provides contemporary culture headmeans in creating the future for later generations. Kingelez’s artwork-related permits young generations to have unlimited dreams.

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Unit 2 Summary

In Unit 2 we discussed the various kind of art from the ancient world. The art that originates from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and early Rome all had their own style of expression, yet had actually several similarities. The principle of humanism affected the art of some of the realms such the Greeks. Others based produced their art in their ideas of their God and also Goddesses. Thstormy their art they individually expressed what was crucial and also valuable to their societies.

The Greek culture proved humanism in their art pieces. Opposed from Egyptian and also Mesopotamian artwork, Greek and Romans created 3D art. They believed that guy was effective and equal to the gods so their sculptures proved the complete comprehensive body a male. It was thought that man was the measure of most points. In Greek art nudity was shown a lot. Artist would certainly produce sculptures of naked male and it would certainly recurrent the pride and also stamina and also qualities of people, fairly than mirroring someone being an extra “powerful” being than man. Two good examples of humanism would certainly be the “Kouros” and also the “Doryphoros”. As time went by their artwork began to look more and also more realistic. The positions of the sculptures additionally said a lot around them. Contrapposto, is thought to be the stance of all people. The tamong muscles, wrinkles, and folds were all shown in a sculptures bodies. Overall, the Greek humanism additionally verified events going on throughout that time and also they valued complimentary inquiry in that it wanted to open up up to new possibilities.

After the fall of the Greek empire the Romale Realm occurred. Their art was affected by the Greeks. They basically replicated their art and produced their art looked even even more realistic. They produced their work on marble which provided it a smoother look. The marble made it heavier and also unlike the brvery own material that was lighter.

Founded in the Early Dynastic Period (3100-2686 B.C), Ancient Egypt worshipped their god and also goddesses. Their god and also goddesses were viewed as effective and respected by everyone, therefore as soon as illustrated in their art they were constantly bigger than the remainder or over. Egyptians did not think that a god must have actually huguy like features and also so in their art tright here pecking order was shown in various methods. As discussed before commonly the god or the goddesses had actually pet attributes. They were either at the top of the register and/or created bigger than the rest. The clothes they wore likewise confirmed just how they were more affluent and effective than the remainder. The Mesopotamians likewise based their art work-related on their gods bereason they were seen as the highest power. The believed that people were lower and can not compare to the gods. The artwork of both these cultures was produced to display the respect and honor they had actually for their gods.

The artoccupational from the prehistoric civilization differed within the societies. Depfinishing on their values and their ideas their artwork-related reflected upon it. The empires all influence each other’s occupational in one means or one more. At one allude art was not taken significant bereason it was believed that it made human being mistranslate and think around points that were not also genuine. The prehistoric civilization had actually a diverse area of art pieces, yet the majority of tied to the same idea, simply favor in todays artoccupational.


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Ilya Panov

Unit Overview 2

Unit 2 introduced us to Egyptian , Greek and also Romale art. Unlike the naturalistic art of the greeks or the romans, Egyptian art included a use. Functionality that offered benefits to a leader. As well as Egyptian statuary were offered for ritual action and royal or elite statuaries served as a middle male in between human being and also gods.

As well,a lot of Egyptian art consisted of what’s called a pecking order of scale. Setting apart the Egyptian rulers and divine beings by making them a lot larger than a day-to-day Egyptian.

The Greeks were able to accomplish a super naturalistic look in tbelow art. They took the Kouros boy and included a much more organic contrapposto stance. Clbeforehand reflecting a displacement of weight in between the legs , as if the statue is qualified of movement as watched in the Polykleitos, Doryphoros (Spear-Bearer) or The Canon. The Greeks were likewise able to capture eactivity and also motion in there art. As checked out in ‘Great Altar of Zeus from Pergamon” expressions can can clearly be seen on the marble statue deals with. Agony and confusion is portrayed on the encounters and also in the motion of the arms and also body.

Roman was born out of civil battle and also normally of there art depicts victories of major battles in service to the state. Victories such as Monument of Aemilius Paullus at Delphi).

Romans patrons likewise select to be depicted in the marble stone with every flegislation hyper announced, in hopes that this will certainly portray them hard functioning citizen that gained much wisdom via their lifetime. Fregulations such as bald heads, large noses and also, wrinkles were exaggerated as have the right to be checked out on the Marble bust of a guy,

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What’s Art?

Well…my meaning for art is basically prefer a stress-relief.As a artist, I think it helps with developing a personality and also expushing imagination. It might be a sanctuary on simply expushing words you can’t put onto paper. Sometimes human being simply couldn’t say what they’re feeling. In my opinion, you could really put your feelings right into your artwork. It’s choose a little safe area. Maybe at most times, you could have actually art block; unable to put your thoughts onto art. However, it might simply be that you haven’t discovered the appropriate words or ideal feelings? Well, art can additionally simply be a hobby or activity to pass the moment. Art varies in many type of ways and I think it really helps as a defining function of imagination to carry out a voice which need to be heard within art. Imagination, assumed and creativity helps carry out the individuality of a perboy and renders them different from everyone else which is a positive point because individuality often helps allow the human being to be interesting.

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Unit 2 Summary

In this unit, we focused on the artwork-related of primitive people such as the Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and also Mesopotamia. Although tbelow are many kind of similarities between these prehistoric human being artfunctions, tright here are also many kind of differences. During the Old Egyptian period, the majority of of the artwork is revolved approximately on faiths, god/goddess, and place importance in pets, as time progresses to Old Greek and Roman duration, tbelow is even more focus on humanism art.

Ancient Egyptian and also Mesopotamian art was largely concentrated on the Gods and also Goddesses, and particular animals which heavily illustrated about their faith. They thought in exactly how in the afterlife the god/goddess deserve to aid guide those that passed, and also the even more crucial a person is such as a pharaoh or the more decorative their coffin is. During this duration Ancient Egyptian art mostly consist of statues, taballows, amuallows, little bit trinkets through animals such as the hippopotami, baboons, calves, cats, dogs and also even more. Many of the Egyptian artfunctions were made to appease towards the immortality, and there is a heavy emphasis on using gold, and also colors that reflect with their idea. Although these some of the Egyptian pieces may have actually resembled humanism features, they were even more oriented in the direction of religious idea.

In Roguy art, they place heavy emphasis on bronze, steel, marble, glass…etc, and also they additionally believe their art is not the depiction of an idealized man, however it was the depiction of a man in the truest feeling, which is referred to as Romale Portraiture. The Roguy Portraiture also features an exact portrayal of a person’s face, and also appreciate older face bereason it reflects on wisdom gained with long tough years. An example of that is the Roman marble sculpture of a guy head. A bust is an old man with wrinkles, and this portrays the realism and humanism in their art. The Romans additionally took inspirations from the Greeks, and also many kind of of their artwork-related are forms for sculptures, architectures, paintings, and mosaics.

Ancient Greece is the most comparable to Egyptian arts because of the emphasis the majority of god/goddess, although that is largely where their similarities finish. While the Egyptians display screen harsh and also fierce looks on their statues/sculptures, the Grecians have a much more softer and also feminine attribute. The Greek artwork-related additionally had actually a more thoughtful and also idealistic approach in the direction of their art and sculptures. The Old Greek sculpture additionally mirrors a dominant male via feminine characteristics via no harsh functions, and also although the Ancient Greek art likes to display a much more feminine attribute for their sculpture, they also put a humanism twist by making the body portions and also attributes manly and also accurate.


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unit 2 summary

Unit 2 was around the appearance from art being even more symbolic and representative of the ruling class to being even more literal and also representative of the common individual. Regardless of this readjust, art still kept its emphasis on symbolism, only its treatment of it was various. In the start of the unit, Old Egypt and Mesopotamia was the focus. The judgment class was portrayed in its art and the way art was handled stayed the very same in these cultures for hundreds of years, via a ruler revolutionizing the art form eincredibly currently and also then prior to art would certainly rerevolve back to how it always was. In these early on societies, rulers and gods were constantly portrayed as larger than the civilians and also neither the civilians or their superiors were ever before rendered in a realistic fashion.

The unit moved on to a visit at the Brooklyn Museum. Throughout the exploration of the Soul of A Nation exhibit, we were tasked with the examicountry of a work of art as well as an examination of an old work-related of art. Although it wasn’t component of the assignment, it was extremely basic to explain just how different art has actually become within our world. The Soul of A Nation was totally made up of art that focused on the individual and the power and depth of the common male. This is in sharp comparison via the prehistoric art we described. Although tbelow were many kind of other exhibits such as Syria Then and Now: Stories from Refugees a Century Apart, One: Do Ho Suh, Half the Picture: A Feminist Look at the Collection, Something to Say: Brooklyn Hi-Art! Machine and also many type of even more, Soul of A Nation stood out the the majority of to me. I choose the reality that it acknowledged that tbelow are different kinds of nations (this one being a cultural one) that might not be visible to everyone else but still exists nonethemuch less. It felt favor something that someone within this country can instantly understand and also feel at residence with.

The unit continued on with the readjust to Greek and also Romale art. Although tbelow was a emphasis on rulers (the depictions of Augustus Caesar and also Julius Caesar were vital pieces of art from the Roguy world), a lot of the emphasis was placed on the commoner. People via normal day tasks and also day jobs that didn’t pay a lot money were illustrated and also with great honor and detail. This was as a result of the climb in the humanist philosophy. The focus was put more on guy as being effective as opposed to gods or the ruling class. Symbols offered to show power were no much longer signs of the gods but were rather the symbols of guy. Realism was produced to present this power; the even more realistic the art, the more praise is offered to mansort. This viewpoint is pertained to just how art is provided today, as viewed in the modern exhibits from the Brooklyn museum. Our ideology always bleeds right into the art we create whether we are mindful of it or not.


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Unit 2 Summary

The Old World is a mass and expansive subarea within Art History. It is here in unit 2 of our class wbelow we delve even more right into the art of this Old World. We are taking a closer look at the art that has shaped Ancient Egypt, Old Greece and also Ancient Rome. In analyzing the art of each of these worlds, we are able to conceptualize them much better and overall get a much better understanding of their ways of life, values and also ideals. We have actually learned what is distinct to the art of each of these people as well as what prevalent ground they share amongst one another.

Ancient Egypt contrasts a small even more sharply once comparing it to the last art of Old Greece and also Ancient Rome. This comparison is accounted for in recognizing that the objective of Old Egypt’s art was mostly divine worship, which isn’t mainly watched in Greece and also Egypt. For the Ancient Egyptians yet, art was a method for them to worship the magnificent in order to ensure that their Gods and Goddesses would reward them not just in this life yet in the afterlife also. They regularly carried roughly tiny statues made out of limerock so that if they didn’t have time to broadly pray, these statues stood in place for them and acted as that prayer. They were generally designed through big eyes and also ears to portray that the Egyptians were paying close attention to their divinities. Statues of gods, aristocracy, as well as the elite weren’t unwidespread in Old Egypt and also worked to “convey an idealized variation of that individual” (Old Egyptian Art, by Dr. Amy Calvert). Ancient Egyptian statues, at least those of rock, were always respectcompletely clothed, and mostly were non expressive and also rigid. Wood and also steel statues, yet, enabled the Egyptians to be more expressive in their art. Moving ameans from statues, 2 dimensional Ancient Egyptian art are necessary to cite. In Ancient Egyptian paints we see registers, which help depict pecking order, searching scenes, or instructions for the immortality.

What makes art from Ancient Greece and Old Rome so various from that of Old Egypt is the truth that the idea of humanism was presented and applied in both of these human beings. Instead of divine worship being the prime agent of adjust to make things happen, humanism is the idea that Man rather is the prime agent for adjust to make points take place. It is currently Man who is the facility of cosmological order and also the ultimate recipient of blame because of their higher capability to make social and materialistic adjust. Encouraged by this new method of reasoning art in Ancient Greece and also Old, we see a readjust in the method that art is being made. The humale body is not breakable in a poor means that we go to the otherworldly depictions.

In Old Greece we view an emphasis on naturalism, anatomy and movement-a focus on what it is that Man can perform. Even as soon as we watch depictions of somepoint otherworldly (such as Gods and also Goddesses) within Ancient Greek art, these Gods and Goddesses even look more and also even more favor human beings (no pet heads for them like in Old Egypt). These Gods and Goddesses interact with world and also take on huguy traits (such as vanity and jealousy). Ancient Greeks (and also Ancient Romans) felt that humans were of great value. This is reflected dramatically so in Ancient Greek statues, which were all initially made in bronze (eventually melted down to just be later on replicated in marble by the Romans). In Ancient Greek statues we check out a focus of physicality and facial expressions that even depict personality. These statues are mainly nude, as the Ancient Greeks took pride in nudity and the huguy body, a lot various from the Ancient Egyptians who would’ve felt embarrassed of such a thing. Old Greece is more anatomically precise also, the statues are much more choose us, existing in our space and relocating into it. Unchoose the rigidness of Ancient Egypt, in Ancient Greece tright here is a feeling of movement. Once the Old Greeks chose they were bored via creating statues that idealized the humale body, they moved onto capturing motion and eactivity much better.

Old Romale art complies with Ancient Greek art quite carefully in the method that it concentrates on the same concept of humanism. Much prefer Old Greece, Old Roman statues breathed life and also had activity to them that emphasized the prestige of mankind. Unchoose the Ancient Greek’s though, Ancient Roman’s didn’t focus on showing a suitable and also perfect beauty via their work. Instead Ancient Romans found that it was important

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unit 2 summary

The art developed by the primitive human being is extremely considerable in expertise the method culture operated in the time of those times. In class the three, worlds that we stupassed away were, Egypt, and also Greece

The art developed by Egypt shown that the features of power and the after life, were incredibly crucial to them. Egypt frequently had statues of and also paintings of the beings that they perceived as effective. the initially being being the ruler of Egypt, the king, the pharaoh. often times statutes of the pharaohs were mad to honor and display screen the power of the ruler. the status would present the rulers decked out in all tbelow royal attire, while sitting or standing upon their throne looking right into the distance. Sometimes the statues or paints didn’t just display the ruler ” ruling” per say, but regularly shown actions of power. Other rock carvings produced by primitive Egypt present the Pharaoh overcoming various other humans in war, displaying no hazard to hinder his stamina. the major reason why tbelow was such an emphasis on the power hosted by the pharaoh was bereason, they rulers of Egypt were carefully associated to the essential after life. the immortality in prehistoric Egypt was the notion that if any one perboy lived a well balanced life and also pleased the gods, they would certainly be allowed to leave a joyful eternal life alongside the gods that have actually went on prior to them. Pharaohs were taken into consideration to be gods on earth, so striving to display screen the god’s powers one of many means to please them.

the process of the afterlife illustrated in ancient Egypt art
pharaoh and his wife on their throne.

The picture over depicts the journey of a scribe who in undergoing the process of the after life.He interacts through a serious of miscellaneous gods (all in charge of various task) that judge whether or not he has actually lived a well balanced life. The scribe passes all the test and also is presented to the ” god of all gods” if you will certainly ( who may I suggest out was once a pharaoh on earth.) Its amazing just how the Egyptians were able to interlock assorted beliefs and worths into beautiful pieces of art.

The art that came from prehistoric Greece was similar in the truth that they exalted the power stemming from their culture. just prefer prehistoric Egypt The people of Greece presented the power in their society that they were a lot of proud of with their art work. yet unprefer primitive Egypt the power that was presented by primitive greece didn’t exalt gods per say, need to exalted the power of the man, the human.

statue of a young warrior in Ancient Greece society

Humanism was the concept of celebrating the staminas snd attributes of that the humale has presented, fairly than I’ve all the credit for advance in culture to gods. The base of the art in ancient Greece was humanism. The statues as the one displayed over verified how fearmuch less and also bold the humanism movement remained in this culture. right here we see a young warrior/ athlete that is in form in a lounging position. Instead of clothes this male, the sculptors chose to leave him through everything screen. The reason for that being, other societies were typically despised baring it all, and also occasionally looked on nudity as shameful. the Ancient Greece culture but assumed the specific opposite of nudity. The regarded it as a symbol of pride and toughness. This explaining why their are multiple statues resembling the one over. In cultivating true humanism in their culture, primitive Greece discarded that their art would signify whatever they thought in, unmuch less ALL the characteristics and also attributes of them huguy were celebrated.

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Humanism is the focus on the individual person, or principle of humankind, rather of the spiroutine, divine and also superorganic. Humanism is very concentrated on material truth and dismisses principles that sepaprice themselves as well much from humale praise. This praise of the huguy identity is expressed via the realism in humanist art.


The Seated Boxer for example is a very in-depth work of art. Time was taken to work-related on the posture, muscularity and hair. Instead of sindicate reflecting a guy sitting upright, he is shown through the top of his spine bringing his upper torso forward and also his ideal legs are asymmetrical in placement. This seems like a photo in time because of the way his head is put. It seems as if somepoint has actually caught his attention to his best. One have the right to review this from the statue not just bereason of the method his head has been relocated but likewise because of his facial expression. All of these details serve to worship the beauty in the realism of humankind.

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In the King Menkaure (Mycerinus) and also Queen statue, the emphasis is not on the realism of the art. The two figures are shown with much less information and absolutely much less activity. A stand also and also a forward stride are all that is necessary bereason instead of vulnerability and also humanity being presented, the art is meant to screen power, grace, and manage. In spite of the stride, the numbers don’t look like they are actually in activity as soon as compared to the Seated Boxer.

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