This is a walkthrough for The Anatomy of expect in God of battle (2018) because that the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this side quest, quest rewards, and boss hit strategies!

The Anatomy of Hope straightforward Information

How to Unlock The Anatomy that Hope

After completing A brand-new Destination, you have the alternative to explore the bordering area.

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Head to The Mason"s Channel and also talk come the Lake Spirit in the area.

The Anatomy that Hope search Rewards

1880 XP Tyr"s waist Armor Recipe Tyr"s Offering

The Anatomy the Hope search Walkthrough

Head come The Mason"s Channel


missions 1

Head come The Mason"s Channel, northwest of rock Falls. Find the 2 statues the boatmen and also follow the river.

Head come the nearby Shore



There is an optional boss fight through a Soul Devourer in the area. Struggle it v your axe to start the boss fight.
From the chest, turn around and also head to the the contrary side and also pick increase the hand to collection a piece of Gullveig"s Bones.
Defeat Gullveig and the Nightmares that show up to receive an Offering come Tyr and also to complete the favor.

Boss Strategy: spirit Devourer

Throw the Leviathan Axe when its chest is exposed to deal damage. Avoid facing it head-on as the ceo is resistant come melee attacks.

Pick up the chunks that it drops by pushing the Circle button and throw into its chest when it"s exposed come deal huge damage.

You have the right to use the obelisk in the middle of the arena to shield yourself from the attacks.

Boss Strategy: Gullveig

Focus on taking out the Nightmares first. Litter the Leviathan Axe at them or have Atreus fire a Light Arrow or a Shock Arrow.

Have Atreus fire an arrowhead at Gullveig before attacking through the Leviathan Axe. Use your shield to block her poison attacks.

You can additionally use the Seething Earth ability while in Spartan fury to nearly instantly take out Gullveig.

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