As Russian tanks roll with the cobblestone roads of Budapest and shots ring out, young Robert and Attila Beck, inseparable brothers, peer native the boot of a toppled statue the Stalin in ~ the very first grisly signs of revolution. The year is 1956. That October day, Russian soldiers will storm their family home, prompting the boys" hurried escape from the city through their parents, grandmother, and also two cousins. Not all will survive. Your immediate location is Paris, and also the town home of Hermina, your great-aunt, as soon as a renowned opera singer, now a recluse that wears long gloves to preserve her dignity against a past scarred by an unspeakable violence. follow me the way, these two brothers conference mysterious fellow travelers, angry the bewildering sights that a country in transition, and also grapple with rivalry and also loss, if never losing their volume for joy or their appreciation of humor, and each other, as they stare down the unaccountable and the absurd. Robert, the younger, idolizes the fiery Attila, whose growing edge that anger and also rebellion threatens to endanger castle both. As exiles in Paris, they seek adventure and whatever sembleance of residence they might find, from the unfamiliar roadways to the labyrinthine sewers beneath. As soon as the duo uncovers a long-held family secret involving a double agent and a daring Holocaust rescue, this novel hurtles toward its cataclysmic conclusion. A fleeting decision through Attila has results that will certainly last a lifetime, and also the bond that has proved unbreakable may be the brothers" undoing. with dazzling storytelling and a firm belief in the power of feeling in the challenge of turmoil, Joseph Kertes has crafted a fierce saga the identity and also love the resonates with its last page. The immortality of Stars is not only a stirring account that one displaced family"s possibilities because that salvation, but also an extraordinary story of the singular and also enduring ties of brotherhood. "Devastating however unnervingly funny.... Inspired and also deeply affecting....a story for the ages."-Julie Orringer, new York Times book Review "The immortality of Stars moved me more than any type of other novel I"ve review in recent memory."-Tim O"Brien

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Joseph Kertes to be born in Hungary but escaped v his family to Canada after ~ the revolution of 1956. He studied English at York University and also the college of Toronto. His novel Gratitude won the nationwide Jewish book Award for fiction. Kertes established Humber College"s distinguished creative writing and comedy programs. That is right now Humber"s dean of an innovative and performing arts.

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…devastating yet unnervingly funny…Kertes"s memories made it through his very own family"s trip to Canada and have discovered expression in this inspired and also deeply affecting novel. "I"m not asking because that a story because that the ages," Robert tells his Aunt Hermina. "I"m asking what happened to you." Kertes has given us both.

The brand-new York Times publication Review - Julie Orringer

"Devastating yet unnervingly"s no every writer who can render a scene favor this with such verisimilitude so plenty of years after ~ the fact....What is clear—and unquestionably happy for us—is the Kertes"s memories endured his own family"s trip to Canada and have discovered expression in this inspired and also deeply affect novel. "I"m no asking for a story because that the ages," Robert tells his Aunt Hermina. "I"m questioning what occurred to you." Kertes has offered us both."—Julie Orringer, New York Times book Review"The afterlife of Stars is Joseph Kertes"s masterpiece. Robert Beck, the young narrator, is certain captivating (and really funny!) as he takes us along top top his terrifying journey." —Miriam Toews, two-time Giller Prize finalist for every My Puny Sorrows and also A complicated Kindness"The afterlife of Stars moved me much more than any kind of other novel I"ve check out in recent memory. That hypnotizes. It delights. It shines on every web page with a quiet, implacable, blanketing beauty-like a snowfall. Past all else, The afterlife of Stars reaches right into your chest and takes organize of her heart and also does not let go, not even after the last web page is turned. The afterlife of Stars keeps bright on. What one exquisite novel."—Tim O"Brien, National book Award-winning author of The points They Carried"The afterlife of Stars is soft in that is evocation of fierceness and wrenching in its calculation of two brothers" hunger to pass through both the wonders and the awful secrets of a civilization that constantly seems just out that reach. It"s memorably sad and surprisingly funny ~ above the elusiveness that home and the intensity of family members bonds."—Jim Shepard, author of The book of Aron"We fulfill the Beck brothers at the really moment background lays its case on them. Their bond is sure to come to be one of literature"s an excellent and sustaining relationships. Joseph Kertes writes with tremendous love for the idiosyncratic and passionate loyalties of family. With masterly concision, he expresses the trauma of an era. This is a publication of exceptional scope and depth; unforgettable and deeply moving."—Anne Michaels, Fugitive Pieces"The afterlife of Stars blazes with every single an excellent thing the a occupational of fiction ever does or can do. The is brilliant. Radiant."—Richard Bausch, PEN/Malamud Award-winning author of Peace"Agony, humor, and a boy"s bewilderment and also wonder coalesce in this glittering novel. Joseph Kertes evokes a vanishing culture with poignancy and love. His boy-narrator is a marvelous creation."—D. M. Thomas, Man Booker compensation finalist for The White Hotel"The immortality of Stars is a great adventure story, at when fantastical and true. And the inimitable Beck brothers enable us come see previous the horrors the the human being with a childlike precocity."—David Bezmozgis, Two-time Giller prize finalist for The Betrayers and The free World"Exquisitely moving . . . Kertes is a herbal storyteller who creates vivid characters that resonate ~ above the page."—Elaine Margolin, Jerusalem Post"A beautifully created story that brotherly love, family, and also the intersection of background in the 20th century." —Andrea Kempf, Library newspaper (Starred Review)"Kertes, who himself escaped Hungary ~ the 1956 revolution, it is provided a fastpaced and taut rigid that captures how inscrutable the world"s cruelties have the right to be come the kids who angry them. Stirring and haunting, The immortality of Stars memorably shows exactly how the binding of brotherhood stay solid in a crisis." —Bridget Thoreson, Booklist (Starred Review)" fervent novel. Kertes (Gratitude, 2009), winner that the nationwide Jewish publication Award, begins his newest job-related in his own aboriginal Budapest.... Robert and Attila are a to win pair the guides....Kertes" voice is a lyrical one, and his job-related is frequently moving." —Kirkus Reviews"Slender however consequential...Part that what provides the book so compelling is its sorry portrayal of political refugees at a time once they are frequently misunderstood at best, and demonized in ~ worst....But the beating love of this publication is the relationship in between Robert and Attila, a remarkable pair of brothers who bond goes past affection, beyond shared history, beyond blood. They room two young males who, as soon as met, you"ll never ever forget." —Thane Tierney, Bookpage

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