Review 2D shapes in fun and interesting ways, with this Thanksgiving "Shape Up!" turkey packet.The packet includes a turkey craft, where the feathers have the various shapes on them. Students write the name of the shape underneath the picture. Older students can write the attributes of that shape on the back of the feather.

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Note the feet of the turkey are pentagons, his beak is a rhombus and the belly of the turkey is a hexagon. I"ve provided a shape pattern for the head, but if you want to turn this into a keepsake craft, have students trace their shoe for this part.

I"ve included feathers for the standard 2D shapes shown in the picture, as well as feathers with a trapezoid, rhombus, pentagon and octagon on them as well.

For more practice, there"s a turkey dice game.children play in groups of 2-4 and take turns rolling a dice. Whatever number they roll, is the matching numbered shape that they color. Encourage children to say the shape words as they play the game.

There"s also a turkey shape slider. Even though this is a shape-themed packet, I"ve also included "slider" strips for upper and lowercase letters, numbers to 30, counting backwards from 10-1 and 20-1, as well as skip counting sliders for 2"s, 3"s, 5"s, and 10"s.

Sliders are a quick, easy and fun way to whole group assess. Choose a child to call out a shape, children pull their slider "til that shape is in the "window" and then hold it up. You can see at a glance who is having difficulty.

Use the 10 turkey shape cards in a pocket chart, for your word wall, or as a flashcard review.

Make extra sets and cut them up for puzzles or Memory Match and "I Have; Who Has?" games.

All of these fun, fall FREEBIES, can be found in the Turkey Shape Craftivities & Games packet. I hope you and your kiddos enjoy them.

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