Welcome ago, time travelers. If you’re favor me, then Spaceship Earth at Epcot holds a unique place in your heart. Since the dawn of Epcot’s opening in 1982, time travelers and also expedition seekers achoose have been fortunate sufficient to catch a glimpse into mankind’s past to see just how the development of interaction and technical advancements created the blueprint for the civilization we have actually this particular day. “Remember exactly how basic it was to learn your ABCs? Thank the Phoenicians – they invented them.”


History of Epcot’s Development

Before Walt Disney passed away in 1966, he had a vision for an Experipsychological Protokind Community of Tomorrow – shortened to what we now understand as Epcot. Walt said that Epcot would never before be completed, but quite reprimary as a “living blueprint” that gave recurring options to widespread troubles such as website traffic congestion and bad weather problems. This speculative city would home 20,000 citizens, every one of which resided in a climate-managed bubble that shielded them from Florida’s extreme humidity and rain. You have the right to most likely guess wbelow the impetus for Spaceship Earth’s shape came from.

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Hotels, shopping areas and a transportation hub were all contained in Walt’s original vision. This wasn’t a template park he was structure – this was a area where breakthroughs in modern technology would certainly proceed to enhance the inhabitant’s resides. Residents would even be urged to occupational on residential or commercial property to aid maintain it. While this day, we could look at this type of project as somepoint out of a horror movie, it was just an additional symbol of Walt’s wild imagination and brilliance, especially during the 1960’s.

Walt’s vision for the future was reimagined after he passed ameans. Deemed imhandy, Disney Imagineers reworked Walt’s principle of a utopian city, turning it right into an “educational” layout park — the second park to open up in Walt Disney World (and the the majority of expensive private building and construction job to date).

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Inspiration for Spaceship Earth

Often comically described as a giant golf ball, Spaceship Planet was originally intended to be a dome however was later reimagined to be a geodesic spright here – the world’s largest geodesic sphere, in truth. Spaceship Earth’s outer layer was designed through aluminum that served multiple purposes; throughout the day, the aluminum would certainly reflect the sky, however at night, it would come alive through the reflections of the World Showcase, stars, and planets.

In the original principle, Spaceship Earth was all about interactions, mirroring mankind’s advancement with indevelopment dissemination. This principle is still alive today, as guests’ time capsules take them through early on caveman illustrations, to the advance of the alphabet by the Phoenicians, to Neil Armsolid landing on the moon, telling those earlier home, “It’s one small step for man; one gigantic leap for mansort.”

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If You Can Read This…Thank the Phonecians

As among the many famous lines from the Spaceship Earth attraction that isn’t technically a part of the attractivity – “if you can review this, give thanks to the Phonecians” – has actually gained, in short, a cult adhering to. With t-shirts, tote bags, sweatshirts, wall plaques, and hats showcasing the famed expression, we think it’s essential to understand also the background of it. As we pointed out previously, the layout of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth had every little thing to perform through interaction and the evolution of it – and also the Phonecians played a far-ranging function in its advance.


In what we recognize as modern Lebanon and also Israel, ago in 15000 BCS, this region was recognized to the primitive Greeks as Phoenicia. Located near the Mediterranean Sea, the Phoenician civilization resided in profession cities alengthy the shore, but had actually swarms erected in Southern Europe and throughout the coastline of North Africa. Back then, the Meditteranean was a social hub. It was residence to the world’s first cities and also as such, wbelow spoken language was turned right into created language. The Phonecians spoke the Phonecian language, which was part of the Northern Semitic language – a language that its descendants are still speaking in the Center East this day.

Since the Phonecians were situated in trade cities throughout multiple locations, they often communicated with a variety of various cultures, all of which at the moment had actually their own distinctive language. Derived from the North Semitic alphabet, the Phonecians arisen their very own writing system that was spreview throughout the Mediterranean by traders.

The Phoenician alphabet included 22 letters, each of which represented a sound in their language. Unprefer the alphabet we understand now that is consisted of of 26 letters, all of which represent their very own distinct sound, the Phonecian alphabet was known as being consonantal, definition it didn’t contain any type of vowels as soon as composed. Those who would read the Phonecian alphabet would instead indicate the visibility of vowel sounds based on their very own understanding.

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Gradually, the Phonecian alphabet was modified. In 750 BC, the Greeks included vowels to it before it made its means over to the Romans, who included the letters S and F. In the third century, Latin manuscript rerelocated certain letters such as G, J, U, V, W, Y, and Z; while many of the letters got reinproclaimed once the Roman alphabet was introduced, certain letters such as J, U, V, and also W were excluded. When the Roman Empire made its way to Britain, they carried the Latin alphabet with them. Ultimately, those letters were all added earlier right into the alphabet, as we use them this day. Modern culture provides the Latin alphabet, which is the most commonly offered alphabet in the people. So, while we’re not making use of the exact same letters that the Phonecians used, they played a far-ranging role in the advancement of our contemporary language. That’s why we thank the Phoenicians.

Thank the Phonecians Shirts

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Thank the Phoenicians Hats

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Final Thoughts

The history of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth is fascinating, as is the story it tells on the 16-minute omnimover dark ride. Did you know the background of this ride already? Was there anything you were surprised to learn? Be sure to let us know dvery own in the comments and remember this isn’t the end…it’s the beginning….of your future!