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C O N T E N T S:KEY TOPICSPOSSIBLY USEFULRANKED SELECTED SOURCESKEY TOPICS The Japanese samurai sword may have been imported originally from China during the Tang dynasty (唐朝) (AD 618-907), as well as many other weapons, which are similar in appearance to those of Tang China. <1> Chinese Tang Dynasty sword (or Tang Dao), the ancestor of Japanese swords, was one of the greatest inventions in Tang dynasty. <2>

Originally made of bronze, and later of steel and iron, the first Chinese swords are thought to have been made during the Shang Dynasty over 3,000 years ago. <3> The Profound Art of Chinese Sword (Jian) The Jian (Cantonese: gim), a narrow-blade, double-edged sword, has been respected as the "King of Short Weapons" in China for millennia. <1>

These skills arrived in Japan as early as the Sui and Tang dynasty China (AD 589 onward). <4> The Chinese dao manufactured by Hanwei looks very different from a Tang Dynasty dao (single edge sword) but those daos are from later dynasties (Song, Ming, Qing) which led to some confusion here. <5> I was watching this Chinese sword video that was linked in one of the "Chinese Sword" threads here and I guess during the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese smiths taught the Japanese and Korean smiths about putting a hard brittle steel for the edge and a softer but more flexible steel for the spine. <5> Chinese swords have many famous style too, including Han dynasty style swords and Tang dynasty style swords. <6>

Therefore, those who learn Chinese in China are told that Tang Dynasty was the peak of the dance in ancient China. <7> Butterfly Swords is set during a unique time period in the Tang Dynasty in 758 AD China. <8> Far ahead of their European counterparts, Chinese swordsmiths were masters of their trade in efficiency and technology, marking China as one of the greatest military forces during the Tang and Song Dynasties. <3> Outside of China, Chinese swords were also used in Japan from the third to sixth century AD, but were replaced with Korean and native Japanese swords by the middle Heian era. <9> Other than specialized weapons like the Divided Dao, Chinese swords are usually 70-110cm in length, although longer swords have been found on occasion. <9> What makes the study of the Chinese sword tradition a real challenge is that those who are studying it in our time must be explorers and pioneers, not passive consumers. <4> Perhaps the most famous Chinese sword, Goujian, is made of bronze and is estimated to be over 2000 years old. <3> The dao was separated into four categories during the Tang dynasty. <9> You are right that the earliest katana were direct ancestors of the Tang dynasty dao (single edge sword). <5> In recent discussions, the term miaodao is sometimes used to describe similar swords, Tang dynasty sources describe the changdao as being identical to the modao, but the modao may have been a double edged weapon unlike the changdao. <10> Dao during the Tang dynasty are straight swords but they only have a single edge and hence classified as a dao. <5> It is no surprise that some of the best preserved swords back in Tang dynasty were located in Japan. <5> When it came to Tang Dynasty, the sword dance had a further development. <7>

The lion-dog guard is fashioned after the shoulder guards of the Mingguang Armour, an important armour suit dating from the Tang dynasty, while the handle is wrapped in leather over ray skin in a traditional Chinese style for a superior grip. <11> Set in 758 AD, Tang Dynasty China, this is the story of the sixth child and only girl of the Emperor of China during the time. <8> I enjoyed the setting for this book - Tang Dynasty in 758 AD China - different than anything I"ve read before but everything else about the book was pretty generic. <8> Tang dynasty - The Tang dynasty was an imperial dynasty of China preceded by the Sui dynasty and followed by the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. <10> The coinage issued by the government mint in 119 BC remained the standard coinage of China until the Tang dynasty. <10> Jeannie Lin has written a historical romance set in 758 CE China during the Tang Dynasty. <8>

Certain Chinese sabers, far removed from the common Dao shape, had a geometry not too far away from katana, and Korea, which was frequently occupied by China, also had swords with geometry not unlike that of katana. <5> Teachers may also tell the students who study Chinese in China that sword dance may be full of aggressiveness because it is a kind of weapon. <7> Therefore, foreigners who study Chinese in China may know that different swords should be chosen in various dancing styles. <7> Students who learn Chinese in China should know that there was another kind of sword dance for the young people created by those travelling performers. <7>

Our Tang Sword is a Jian that exemplifies the artistry and symbolism in Chinese culture across many generations. <11> Double Edged Iron Sword Period: Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD) Total length: 84.1 cm Blade length: Tang length: Width of blade at guard: One of the earliest weapons from China was made in the Han Dynasty. <12>

Falx Rhomphaia Kontos The dagger-axe, or gee is a type of weapon that was in use from Shang dynasty until at least Han dynasty China and it consists of a dagger-shaped blade made of bronze mounted by the tang to a perpendicular wooden shaft. <10> According to legend, Chinese martial arts originated during the semi-mythical Xia Dynasty more than 4,000 years ago and it is said the Yellow Emperor introduced the earliest fighting systems to China. <10>

It was a long and powerful sword that played a key role in the Tang dynasty"s warfare. <13> I rarely read romances, but when I caught the words "Tang dynasty, butterfly swords, and woman warrior," I decided to give this a go. <8>

He built a 48 km long wall around Nanjing, as well as new palaces, Hongwu organized a military system known as the weisuo, which was similar to the fubing system of the Tang dynasty. <10> The dao was separated into four categories during the Tang dynasty, these were the Ceremonial Dao, Defense Dao, Cross Dao, and Divided Dao. <10> The period of Tang Dynasty was the period for the blooming of music and dance. <7> Although it first appeared during the Tang dynasty, the changdao later appeared during China"s Ming dynasty. <13> During China"s infamous Tang Dynasty, a time awash with luxury yet littered with deadly intrigues and fallen royalty, betrayed Princess Ai Li flees before her wedding. <8> One of the symbols of the prosperous dance in Tang Dynasty was the formation of the types of the dance accompanied by music. <7> In Tang Dynasty, there were two totally different types of dance formed, namely, the health dance and the soft dance. <7> Ok, need to clarify the meaning of Japanese Blade is just the blade, but the handle and furnishing are Chinese sword style, mostly single handed type of sword. <5> The earliest Chinese swords were, then, very long, necessitated both hands to wield and were designed not for cutting and slashing but as a weapon to stab and thrust at the enemy, just as halberds and spears had been used earlier. <14> Dao (sword) - Dao are single-edged Chinese swords, primarily used for slashing and chopping. <10> The miao of miaodao should not be confused with the Miao ethnic group, sword Chinese swords Dao Japanese sword Duan Ping, Zheng Shouzhi et al. Ma Mingda, Shuo jian cong gao, ISBN 7-311-01632-0, rovere, Dennis with Chow Hon Huen. <10> Chinese empire began to build swords from in 200 B.C. Chinese swords have multiple categories, including long swords, short swords, broad swords, hard swords and soft swords. <6> Just how long was the changdao? Reports indicate the iconic Chinese sword often measured over seven feet long. <13> During the Tang dynasty, the Changdao Swords were described as blades that were quite similar to the Modao despite the weapon being a double-edged blade unlike the Changdao Sword. <15> This specific version of the Changdao Sword eventually lost its demand right after the Tang dynasty yet eventually, the weapon reappeared during the Ming era. <15> Because of the weapon’s considerable size and length, the Changdao Sword became one of the indications of the elite infantry during the Tang dynasty. <15> Extra-Catalogue Contemporary rendition of a Tang Dynasty Sword with a double edged tip. <12>

Continue to watch the next part of the CCTV9 documentary series "New Frontier - Chinese Civilization" about the Tang dynasty. <16>

Dynasty which have army using sabre mostly are weak. look at how strong Qin is. compare to song and ming. Well u guys should know i am trying to mean. seriously. i dun think chinese swords or swordsmanship are that weak. Alot of things from history already prove how effective they are. <17> Swords made from bronze and stone have been utilized since the ancient times which is why a lot of bronze daggers were acquired from the tombs of various kings of the Zhou dynasty in 1000 BC. Chinese swords have also aided in opening up the Japanese sword-making industry before and in the years 794 to 1185 during the Heian period. <15> Chinese Sword Ming Dynasty Emperor YongLe"s Jian Folded Steel Clay Tempered 8 Side Twisted-Grained Blade FOR SALE You are using an old browser. <18> Japan as a distinct culture does not even come into existence for several centuries after the Zhou Dynasty (the first recorded instance of Chinese swords) until ancient Koreans migrated from the Korean peninsula to the islands and displaced the native Ainu. <17>

Yongle was a hero of the third Ming Dynasty emperor Yongle (1402-1424), who moved the Capital City of China from Nanjing to the present location of Beijing.This sword, equipped with a lion face design. <18> China, especially in the Tang Dynasty (AD 618—907) when —according to Wikipedia— they started exporting their smiths to Japan and Korea to teach them, has its own unique tradition of swords that would not be better served by sticking a generic katana in her hand, especially with how fiercely krisCrash is fighting against doing stereotypes like the tall, slim, big-boobed fantasy warrior chick. <19> Japan copied that from Chinese tangdao in Tang dynasty, which is 1200 years ago. not only sword. architecture, writing system, philosophy and everything. <20> A movie set on the Tang Dynasty, should have swords that resemble Japanese Katana, except its all straight with rings on the end of the handles. <21> The Changdao is said to have appeared first in the Tang dynasty and it was the preferred weapon of the Tang army’s elite vanguard infantry groups. <15> Tang dynasty painting of Yang Jian, the founding Emperor Wen of Sui. <16> Tang dynasty painting of Yuwen Yong alias Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou. <16> Emperor Wen and his son Yang Guang, hoping to solidify their new empire, then established a new institutional/administrative order and political structure that, though not prolonging the short-lived Sui dynasty, set the right conditions for the flourishing of the next dynasty - the Tang dynasty. <16> Continue to the next chapter to read about China"s glorious time under the Tang dynasty. <16> Unlike the common beliefs, the Changdao Sword is not linked to any ancient form of the double-handed Chinese swords from the much earlier dynasties; the Tian Gong Kai (the late Ming dynasty’s calendar) also states that the forging methods of the Japanese were unknown to the Chinese.

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<15> It"s just that Japanese swords have more rabid fanboys than Chinese swords due to the limited exposure to Chinese swords of the ancient, imperial and medieval periods, which by the way were NOT wobbly. <17> The first Japanese sword, the straight double-edged tsurugi, was taken from the ancient Chinese sword design from the early dynasties. <17> I did not in anyway state that ALL Chinese sword styles are better than ALL Japanese sword styles. <17> On a historical note about sword-making, as I am a East Asian Military Historian and an amatuer metallurgist, Chinese swords during most of recorded history (depending on different dynastic standards and econominc prosperity) were far superior to Japanese made ones. <17> Because of the numerous films, series, and books that depict the traditional martial arts and history of the Chinese, numerous people have started collecting Chinese swords. <15> For those planning to train in the Chinese martial arts, it will be necessary for practitioners to acquire Chinese swords that are fully functional and ready to use for training. <15> Short Jian Chinese Sword (Yudi jian) Damascus Folded Pattern Steel Ebony Scabbard Pure Copper Fitting Features:HanBon Forge Short Chinese Sword (Duan Jian)Hand forged 8-side folded pattern stee. $240.00 <18> This Chinese sword Jian(剑) is hand forged and hand sharpened using old Chinese method to create a perfect blade. <18> Find sources that state the definite fact that Chinese swords were based off Indian swords. <17>

The Dao has already begun transition as the replacement for the main Chinese sword starting from the Han Dynasty. <21> Originally less common as a military weapon than the jian - the straight, double-edged blade of China - the dao became popular with cavalry during the Han dynasty due to its sturdiness, superiority as a chopping weapon, and relative ease of use - it was generally said that it takes a week to attain competence with a dao/saber, a month to attain competence with a qiang/spear, and a year to attain competence with a jian/straight sword. <22> With the Mongol invasion of China in the early 13th century and the formation of the Yuan dynasty, the curved steppe saber became a greater influence on Chinese sword designs. <22>

Notice how the blade bears a resemblance to the katana? During the Tang Dynasty, many Chinese and Korean smiths emigrated to Japan where their metallurgical skills were in demand. <23> Man the Japanese appropriated their culture from tang dynasty china. <20> His father actually lived in present-day northern Vietnam which was part of China during the Tang dynasty. <24>

It would be more accurate to state that the import of Tang dynasty sabers were influential to Japanese sword design. <20> Liu Bang ( 刘邦 ), the first emperor of the Han dynasty ( 汉朝 206 BC 220 AD ), owned a sword with the Chinese characters chi xiao (赤宵) engraved on it. <24> Each Tang Dao is forged by our master smith in Longquan, a region that was central to sword production in the Song Dynasty. <23> During the Tang Dynasty (618-907) the single-edged Dao was a popular weapon, having superceded the Jian for military preeminence centuries earlier. <23> From the Han Dynasty on, and straight into the Tang Dynasty, the iron Dao gradually took over from the bronze Jian. <21> During the Tang Dynasty, dao were exported to both Korea and Japan, influencing the swordsmithing of both nations.The blades of Tang era dao are reminiscent of the Japanese chokuto. <22> As in the preceding dynasties, Tang dynasty dao were straight along the entire length of the blade. <22> During the Tang Dynasty, dao were exported to both Korea and Japan, influencing the swordsmithing of both nations. <25> Single-handed peidao ("belt dao") were the most common sidearm in the Tang dynasty. <22> Ge is a more common weapon during warring states and is easier to forge while Ji being much more difficult to manufacture and in some instances, I believe Ji actually came about only in Tang dynasty when the forging method are better. <21> Prince Teng ( 李元婴 ) was the younger brother of Emperor Taizong ( 唐太宗 ) of the Tang dynasty ( 唐朝 618-907). <24> He was only 26 years of age but his timeless poem, including the inscriptions found on this charm, is the legacy of one of the great poets of the Tang dynasty. <24> Dao are single-edged Chinese swords, primarily used for slashing and chopping. <22> To me Chinese swords are not katanas, I mean, the Dao there has a katana look with the single edge and lack of guard, but it still feels Chinese. <19> Now, it is far more likely that the Japanese based their swords on a Chinese sword, as, for a time, Japan was into all things Chinese. <20> Hilts may also be pierced like those of jian (straight-bladed Chinese sword) for the addition of lanyards, though modern swords for performances will often have tassels or scarves instead. <22> We specialize in Arms and Armor, Antique Swords, Islamic Oriental and European Antiques and Antiquities. including: antique Islamic swords, daggers, ceramic and bronze, antique Chinese swords, ceramic porcelain and bronze, Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Asian antiquities; we also have a selection of Pre Columbian and Tribal Art. <26>