Hassidic comedian provides a Satmar feel to Jason Derulo"s "Talk Dirty" - however don"t worry, it"s all clean.

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Ever wonder what American music star Jason Derulo would sound favor in Yiddish?

No? Neither had we - however apparently Hassidic comedian Mendy Pellin had.

"Talk Yiddish to Me (Nisht Dirty Parody)" attributes Hassidic Jews rapping in Yiddish and also English come the track of Derulo's (rather different) track "Talk Dirty".

Arutz Sheva caught up with Mendy Pellin to uncover out around the messages of "Jewish pride" i beg your pardon underline the humorous mash-up, rich v heimische nuances and also Yiddish references - and also performed through a real Satmar hassid!

It all began with one tweet, states Pellin:

"I heard the Jason Derulo track for the an initial time while I was in Vegas filming a video clip with Avicii. Right when I heard the Jewish flavor to the song, I believed of a good tweet.

"A little after that ns said, no this must be more than a tweet.

"I usage to be a referee on the Jewish version of American Idol - dubbed A Jewish Star... Among the contestants that I've been in touch through after the dispute is Menachem Weinstein. I believed he'd it is in the perfect guy to put the song together with me, so I referred to as him up... And we driven out the track.

"Originally that did the rap component but I want an really Satmar feel to the yiddish - so i asked the man that helped us compose the yiddish lyrics to get in the studio booth and also put down a track... He claimed he never did anything favor this before and also doesn't rap - however he go in there and I loved his mix of really R&B along with authentic B&H!

"Our director of Photography was awesome - Mendel Katz... Pretty lot everyone ~ above this job was indigenous the heimische world, so we were maybe to incorporate a lot of nuances the you wouldn't normally find in such a video. Favor the rain sheathe on the hat. That is pure ghetto!

"We filmed this for Jewbellish - i beg your pardon is an amazing humor way of living brand began by myself and also fashion king Jeff Rudes, Founder & CEO that J Brand Jeans. We developed this free APP where world can check to see exactly how Jewish they are. This video is a good lead-up to the relax of the brand-new version i m sorry will allow users to turn their challenge into a chasidishe guy with streimel/beard or girl v tichel and all."

"My friend in the chasidishe people really love it due to the fact that they appreciate all the tiny things in it. And my secular friends love it because it's very unexpected. But the consensus from anyone is that i should prosper out real lengthy payos and also start wearing a streimel. Anyone loves the look ~ above me.

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"My favorite line in the Yiddish rap: "I don't just have actually a consistent minivan... That comes totally loaded v a back-up cam"

"That's so awesome, due to the fact that in the R&B civilization they brag about their Bentley, etc., and also the yellow rims...

"But i figured if it's the heimishe world, instead of a Bentley it would be a mini-van - and also instead the rims it would be a back-up camer that he's bragging around to his girlfriend in the mikvah."
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