In a 2017 survey by the nationwide Safety Council, a nonprofit advocating for rectal safety, two-thirds the respondents said they feel worn down at work. Fifty-three percent feel much less productive, and 44 percent have actually trouble focusing.

Things seem to be even worse now due to the pandemic, with our change schedules messing through our sleep.

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Naps seem favor an obvious solution come our brand-new sleep woes. If they deserve to help, lock not constantly the trick come a well-rested existence.

Read ~ above to discover the assorted benefits of good naps, plus how to take a nap that leaves you feeling totally refreshed.

What space the services of napping?

When done effectively (yes, there is a “right” method to nap!), yes nothing wrong v taking a nap. In fact, a brief siesta can rise your mental and also physical health. Let’s take a look in ~ the benefits.

1. Better cognition

Taking a power nap leaves you feeling more alert. In turn, your brain should function much more efficiently.

Research likewise shows that naps mitigate the level of adenosine in the brain. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter the promotes sleep and plays a duty in cognition.

2. Boosted memory

Naps might promote storage consolidation (the procedure where our mind turns information into a permanent memory). A an excellent nap right after learning something brand-new appears to help us retain that information.

In a small 2019 study, researchers divided 84 undergraduate students right into three groups. All of them invested 90 minute learning around crab species. Then one team napped for an hour, a second group spent one more hour finding out (i.e., “cramming”), and the last group watched one hourlong movie.

Then all of them had actually a final 90 minutes of crab school. After ~ a 30-minute break, they take it a test on what they learned and also took another test a week later.

The nap and also “cram” team performed much better than the movie group on the first test. The nap team outperformed anyone on the 2nd test.

Other research has uncovered that napping can help with perceptual discovering (being able come differentiate between various stimuli) and episodic memory (recalling certain events or experiences).

3. Boosted immunity

Although you should keep washing your hands and practicing physical distancing, continual napping may aid your immune system.

“Sleep deprivation boosts the release of pro-inflammatory markers and causes immunodeficiency,” says Natasha Fuksina, MD, a board certified internal medicine doctor. “Counteracting this v napping during the day for a duration of number of days improves the immune system and cellular function.”

For example, in a small 2015 study, 11 males slept for only 2 hrs one night. The complying with day, lock napped because that 30 minutes and also then obtained a complete night’s rest that night.

The naps assisted reduce levels of inflammation cytokines and norepinephrine, a chemical the helps control immunity.

You’ll desire to be like Goldilocks once it involves taking a nap: don’t doze because that too small or too lot time.

“For most people, the 20- to 30-minute ‘power nap’ is the sweet point out for an enhancing alertness and also focus,” says Jeff Rodgers, DMD, a certified sleep expert with the American board of dentist Sleep Medicine and also the American Sleep and Breathing Academy.

“Waking up just 30 minutes after fall asleep because that a nap ensures you’re in the early stages that the sleep cycle and won’t feel groggy ~ above waking,” he says.

Longer naps may also interfere v the quality of your nighttime sleep, add to Alex Dimitriu, MD, founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine, who is twin board certified in psychiatry and also sleep medicine.

“Some world can acquire into cycles that napping by day and sleeping poorly in ~ night as a consequence,” he says.

However, if you’re really struggling, Rodgers says a 90-minute nap might work. “This nap guarantee that whole sleep cycle has actually taken place, helping avoid grogginess,” the explains.

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For the best, most helpful naps, follow this advice indigenous sleep professionals like Rodgers:

Nap in between 1 and also 3 p.m. “These hrs are a natural slump time because that humans. If you try to nap previously than that, your body probably won’t be all set for much more sleep, and if you nap later than that, it have the right to disrupt her sleep at night,” Rodgers explains.Set up your environment as you would certainly for nighttime sleep: make it together dark, cool, and also quiet as possible. Try an eye mask or a white noise machine, if those aid you.You may want come nap top top a couch or cozy chair rather than in your bed. “You don’t want to end up being too comfortable and also sleep for too long, because this might make it daunting to wake up up,” claims Lauren Broch, PhD, a sleep psychologist in ~ Northwell Health.