The tablet of Destiny, including the ME Super strength and fundamental Forces the the world — and also Goodness to know What El

The most sought-after can be fried prize in prehistory, they have actually been nicked, stolen, chipped, dropped, snitched and also snatched much more often 보다 you might imagine.

And no wonder, as anyone that possesses the tablet of Destinies becomes instantly omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and also omniultrasupereverything. This is basically the world’s very first ever MacGuffin. Not poor for a crumbling collection of clay lumps.

With Anzû and Inanna trying come grab the tablet from Enki and/or Enlil, it’s a wonder it ever before remained in one piece, or place. Fortunately Marduk, who was worried around the stability of the Universe, came along eventually and superglued the tablet of Destinies to his breast.

Where lock are currently is much more than girlfriend or me have the right to know.

In short, no-one has been able to keep tabs top top the tablet. Fragments can even be the Ten Commandments lugged under from the mountain by Moses.

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Tablet the Destinies Facts and also Figures

Name: Tablet that DestiniesPronunciation: Coming soonAlternative names: Tablets the Destiny

Gender: Sorry, us don't knowType: informationCelebration or Feast Day: Unknown in ~ present

Role: Unknown at present

Good/Evil Rating: Unknown in ~ presentPopularity index: 4278

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